OFFICIAL Ducks Event - Cross Play & Contingency Plan

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    This is our official Cross-play plan for the Ducks event, and what we will do in case it is broken by EA.

    First, note games this week are Tues & Wed because of American Thanksgiving!

    On Saturday, I will generate the Week 3 Tuesday games. These matchups will have all the teams in a single division, so there should be some Xbox vs PS5 matchups. I will then create a "backup" schedule where its console based. These backup standings will have Wednesdays date, the cross-play schedule will of course have Tuesdays date.

    If by Tuesday at 9:30, there are serious, or broken issues with EA's cross-play, we will delete the "Tuesday" cross-play games and play the “Wednesday” games instead for Tuesday. The played games on Tuesday would be undone and not count. We will evaluate the following week if in case it continues to be broken. In the absolute worse case scenario, if cross-play is "broken" throughout the entire event, we will be forced to split the prize pool and run separate playoffs by console.

    If everything works as intended, the final two weeks of this event will be complete cross-play and there will be one single 32-team playoff bracket to get us our Ducks Gaming event champion!

    Thanks and Good Luck to everyone!