E-SHL PSN Pre-Season Power Rankings (1-19)

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    #1: JAM JAM JAM

    This team has shown all year that they're the best team in the game. With the best Center arguably on both consoles in CCPiper and with the trio of Jaq/Skillz/Kerns behind him they should have no problem finishing 1st.

    #2 No Stopping Us

    A lot of people seem to think that having Chaskin on the back end is gonna hurt them but he's been playing with these guys for years so I personally don't think it will be an issue. NsU seems like they're ready to prove everyone wrong and I think that will lead to them being right up there with JAM at the end of the season. Hopefully Novak can continue to play good on RD and Gun/Bone can provide them some goals because they're going to need them to perform against other top teams in order for them to be top3.

    #3 Composure

    Lots of talent on this team and I love the mix of PS4/Xbox players but I believe that half the team is west coast and the other half is east. If they don't have any connection issues they should be able to sneak ahead of Common Kings to crack top 3. S4 Cup winners JDHeagle, Odiee and Tendy will be a huge part of this teams success.

    #4 Common Kings

    Not sure how long these guys have been playing together but they should be able to easily finish top 5. KingKonz will steal multiple games for these guys vs top teams and they have 2 of the better RWs in the game in briere/kush as well as a solid D core. I wouldn't be surprised if the Common Kings made some noise this season.

    #5 Check Six

    Xbox squad led by LoL. These guys will make playoffs for sure and could fall anywhere from 4th-8th. If Nuge plays D over frwd and LoL plays every game then they should finish 4th-6th.

    #6 Any Given Day

    BigJayAyotte always puts in a team that's near the top of the standings so I also see these guys making the playoffs. I'm assuming him and Jay6219 had some good chemistry this past LG season so that should help them get off to a strong start. Also, some xbox guys on this team I don't know a whole lot about but they'll definitely be right there in the 4th-8th range.

    #7 Knights

    Eastons will provide a majority of the goals up front. Bernatchez, Tom and Baris should be able to lock it down on the back end. This team will also be in the 4-8 range. I feel like they're going to have a lot of close games which could lead to OT points which is why I have them at one of the last playoff spots.

    #8 Scouting For Goals

    Having this team at #8 just goes to show how competitive this season is going to be, especially between the top 10 teams. Ptp will lead the way for SFG and hopefully scott young and AJ rockers can get back to there old gen ways in order for this team to compete with teams like JAM.

    #9 Crowd Control

    Another solid team that will be fighting for a playoff spot. Voltep and Kraz will lead the way up front and Desjy/Zdball should be a strong defensive pair.

    #10 Immortal Six

    This team will heavily rely on there offense. If they can score 4 or more a game and Crofto has a good season in net they'll be right there fighting for that 8th spot final week.

    #11 Electric Factory

    these guys have been playing together all year and with Matt in net they'll definitely be able to pull off some upsets. I'm pretty sure Amazing said they came 3rd last season so if that's the case then there experience/chemistry could lead them into one of those final spots

    #12 Father Son Measuring Contest

    These guys should be in the middle of the pack all year. If they can win most of there games in regulation and can bring some top teams to OT then they might have a chance to squeeze into a playoff spot.

    #13 Borough Boys

    my team

    #14 The Usual Suspects

    If Dynomike plays as good as I know he can then this team could be in 10-12 range

    #15 Roll One and Enjoy

    not sure why I put these guys at #15 but they have a good all around team and a solid Dpair in Sedinpower/circle

    #16 Ld Valdor Foreurs

    bonjour mon ami's

    #17 Hold my beer


    #18 US of EH

    Kamakaz is a great goalie and iachoku/cuban are good as well but idk anyone else on the rest of this roster

    #19 Unknown talent

    Thanks for Reactionz. Not sure why you got chief but GL this season lol

    Anyways, those are my rankings and good luck to everyone this season!
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    Keep doubting us
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    Hold my beer henny
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    "Thanks for Reactionz. Not sure why you got chief but GL this season lol"

    To score hat tricks against you? :)
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    [5/25/2017 12:32:26 AM] Anthony (Chief) - Dallas Stars Owner: A moment ago - stay_at_homed : "Thanks for Reactionz. Not sure why you got chief but GL this season lol" - Henny
    [5/25/2017 12:33:13 AM] Henny -: Charmop sucks
    [5/25/2017 12:33:26 AM] Henny -: Got shutdown by you and they kept forcing it to me lol
    [5/25/2017 12:33:37 AM] Anthony (Chief) - Dallas Stars Owner: Sad you talking smach
    [5/25/2017 12:33:38 AM] Anthony (Chief) - Dallas Stars Owner: smack
    [5/25/2017 12:33:46 AM] Henny -: Blow me
    [5/25/2017 12:33:58 AM] Anthony (Chief) - Dallas Stars Owner: thought we were pals
    [5/25/2017 12:34:00 AM] Anthony (Chief) - Dallas Stars Owner: shame

    too ez
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