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    I'm personally done with managing this league, and my commissioners have stuck by my side on this decision. What I set out to do was to provide good quality, fun competition between the top players in the HUT community. Unfortunately the league has declined, because of competitive seasons, and many of the top players we used to see in previous seasons have abandoned the league. However, this was the smallest of major problems and is not why the league is coming to an end.

    One major problem is the lack of support, self-control, cheating and misunderstanding. People that actively play in this league talk bad about this league. The same goes for people who used to play in the league. People who lose games will rage, make false accusations and attempt to cheat their way to a win, or until something is done in their favor. Every season we see new people attempting to cheat their way to a playoff spot, and effectively cheat their way to free cards. Finally, I have lost friends over misunderstandings, because they were acting ridiculous in the shoutbox. I can't mute someone without it being personal or a violation of their "rights." It makes the league unmanageable and ridiculous.

    The very major problem is what occurs behind the scenes. I will not be posting names or going into detail, but the personal attacks have been unfortunate and scary at times. Most of them are private, but a lot has been happening on Twitch and other social platforms lately. This is something that doesn't just affect me, but it has affected all of my commissioners as well. I personally have received multiple attempts at blackmail and worse. Yet, I haven't even gotten the worst of it. In order to protect myself and my commissioners, I have to pull the plug because of this.
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