ESHL European PSN Tournament

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    BUY IN/ROSTER DEADLINE: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 - 23:59 CET
    Tournament start: Week of Sunday May 6th, 2018

    We are very proud to announce the first ever LG ESHL European Tournament. I'd like to first add that if you have any issues or concerns to please include my self, @Tris10, and @hgSparty in the PM. Tris runs the website and will be able to answer all of your technical questions and things regarding site navigation, whereas I head the ESHL and @hgSparty helps as well.

    The European player base is heavily populated on the PS4 and we will be holding this tournament on PS4. There will be a 16 team cap on this event. We will give priority to the teams who signup first, if they fail to buy-in we will contact the next team on the list. If we get way more signups than expected we can expand this number, but for our first one we are looking to keep it neat and tidy.

    We understand that your NHL Gamer playoffs are currently going on. Please do your best to work with each other to schedule around that.

    Roster size - Min. 6, Max 9.
    Team Buy-in - €80 (There will be a special option to buy-in closer to the roster lock date)
    Prizing - 1st place: 70% of prize pool. 2nd place: 30% of prize pool
    Format - Best of 7, single elimination. Randomly Seeded.

    **Normally there is a fee in our money leagues due to pay pal charging a big fee based on international exchanges, however for this even @Tris10 has offered to cover all of those fees for you guys.

    If you guys use discord, please feel free to join our server: We will set you up with a special role and chat.

    Roster Signup Format

    Team name:

    7. optional
    8. optional
    9. optional

    Schedule - Sunday through Thursday. Teams will provide their availability round by round. If both team's availability matches we will schedule games for that time. If they do not the league will be forced to create a time in the middle ground.

    We will be running 1 round per week so please keep that in mind when providing availability. We will also not have any reschedules unless the league deems it is absolutely necessary due to reasons outside of our control.

    Teams will have 12 minutes to show up after the scheduled game, if they are not there the other team can call a FF. Be reasonable and communicate with the other team and give them time if needed.

    Stats: Stats must be completed after games. They are a requirement and if they are not completed correctly the league will need to intervene. League Gaming features an intuitive API stats system that makes taking stats easy. Please see this link to learn how to do them:

    For stats you will need the TOA and Powerplay (x/x) from the game, the rest is taken care of by the API.

    Rules: On top of the items listed above, please see some applicable gameplay and logistical rules we use here on LG:


    ESHL must be played 6v6 at all times. If a lagout happens, wait until the next whistle and pause the game. All players must back out and stats must be taken from this game. The challenge will be re-sent once both teams have 6 players in the DR again. If the player who lagged out cannot make it back and a team cannot find a replacement on their roster, the game will result in a FF for the team without 6 players.

    Once you are back in the game, you must run down the clock IN THE 1ST PERIOD to the time at which the last whistle occurred in the previous game. At that time the player who lagged out or the replacement will flip the puck over the glass and take a 2 minute minor.

    The game will precede from that point.


    NHL 18 is known to have a looping issue where it will sometimes discount a goal scored, reset the clock and pull the play back to a faceoff. This is out of our control. When this occurs please follow this procedure:

    Note the remaining time on the clock before the loop.

    Note the score. All goals scored before the loop are official, no matter if the game magically takes one away at some point.

    If the game can't recover from the loop, TAKE STATS and back out of the game. Who knows if the EA site will recognize a looped game, so take appropriate screenshots.

    Follow the same procedure as the lagout, minus the penalty once you get back in game.

    If the game seems to recover from the loop, run down the clock to the time of the loop and flip the puck over the glass NOT FOR A PENALTY, but to get a faceoff that remains 5 on 5.

    Remember to take screenshots of the stats after just in case the game does not record the looped game on the site.


    ESHL must be played 6v6 at all times and therefore there is no fighting as the AI must not be on the ice at all. If a fight occurs the team who accepted the fight will be charged with a 2 minute penalty upon the restart. Follow the lag-out procedure to restart the game.

    A goalie cannot fight a player or another goalie and the same punishment applies as above.


    The HOME TEAM is required to ensure EACH GAME IS STREAMED! If the home team CANNOT stream, but the away team can, that will be deemed acceptable. Please contact a league admin if this is not possible, however it is possible to stream directly from your console and should not be an issue. The reason this rule is in place is so that we can have at least 1 stream to work with in order to promote games. If there is an issue within a game that requires review this will also be used as proof. Please archive your streams.

    Thanks for your participation.
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