HeadLine ESHL Event 2 NHL 18 - Offseason, Announcements, Rule Changes

Announcements and changes for the offseason leading into Event 3

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    ESHL Event 2 NHL 18 - Offseason, Announcements, Rule Changes - Announcements and changes for the offseason leading into Event 3.

    Thank you to those who helped make Event 2 of ESHL NHL 18 run smoothly. Thank you to @l1l Bones l3l, @Scheckel29, @Odieeeeee, @Scheckel29 @JmOnEy2436, @hgSparty, @Nuge, and @SweeT 9 LoU 84 for helping out as a part of the ESHL committee. Thanks to @Tris10 and @LG McDonald for allowing this event to be possible.

    Going forward, for all ESHL related issues and roster changes you must at always include @jonlol in the PM, but are encouraged to also include @hgSparty, @Scheckel29, and @JmOnEy2436 as well.

    In this post you'll see our standings, our rule changes going into Event 3, and any other important announcements.


    ESHL NHL 18 Awards [Event 2]





    9th Wonder

    Death Wish

    9th Wonder


    RUNNING POT TOTAL: $1622.00

    1. Big Baller Brand - 27pts
    2. Composure - 20pts
    3. Delusions - 19pts
    4. Turning Point - 19pts
    5. Raw Talent - 15pts
    6. Rated R - 15pts
    7. Prophecy - 14pts
    8. Continuum - 9pts

    ---[Top 8 Qualify]---

    9. Time 2 Pound - 6pts
    10. Simplicity - 5pts
    11. Hidden Potential - 5pts
    12. Immunity - 4pts
    13. 9th Wonder - 2pts
    14. Death Wish - 1pt

    EVENT 2 Tournament Point Breakdown

    1. Prophecy - 14pts
    2. BBB - 13pts
    3. Complicity - 12pts
    4. Turning Point - 11pts
    5. Delusions - 10pts
    6. Continuum - 9pts
    7. Rated R - 8pts
    8. Composure - 7pts
    9. Time 2 Pound - 6pts
    10. Raw Talent - 5pts
    11. Immunity - 4pts
    12. Simplicity - 3pts

    13. 9th Wonder - 2pts
    14. Death Wish - 1pts



    Below you will find the rules we changed, the rules we'd like to re-iterate (no changes), and some new rules. These are effective immediately.

    Roster Rule Changes & Reiterations:

    1. Roster changes must be submitted and valid to an ESHL admin (currently just me) 2 hours prior to games.

    New In-Game Rules:

    Goal posts must be a dark colour - preferably red, but can be another colour as long as there is good contrast between the ice and posts. Anything deemed to be deceptive will require the team to back out, re-colour their posts, and take a penalty.

    Offensive player and team names must not be used - specifically racist, sexist, or hateful. If a team is using an offensive name they will be required to back out, change their name, and take a penalty. If an offensive player name is used on an ESHL promoted broadcast, on top of the above listed punishment, a team will be fined their whole FF deposit.

    Team logos and names must not be subject to copyright infringements.

    **Clubs with copyright names who participated in ESHL Events 1 and 2 will be grandfathered in for the rest of NHL 18. They must change to a non-copyright logo, but they can use the club name for the rest of the NHL 18 events.


    The final NHL 18 Invite division will carry over to NHL 19 using whatever roster rules the league deems fit. This is subject to change and the league may or may not opt out if there is a drastic format change or gameplay change.


    ESHL Commentator Spot

    We are still actively seeking a commentator for Event 3 and beyond. I have contacted a few people already to gauge their interest and we will be accepting applications via PM (@jonlol, @Scheckel29, @JmOnEy2436 , @hgSparty). We will start by getting one main host to do the bulk of the commentary, but we would ideally like to get a 2nd person to act as a duo on air.

    Please see this thread for a full explanation of what happened in Event 2 with our broadcast:



    Event 3 will open for signups shortly (aiming for next week). This is the final buy-in league event for ESHL in NHL 18. Following this event, the top 8 teams in tournament points will compete in the ESHL End Year Tournament (branding not yet determined lol). Rosters will be locked at the end of the regular season and teams participating in the final event will not be granted any more roster moves after the final game of the regular season of Event 3. We will once again be holding a qualifier as per our rules. The number of spots, length, and format will be determined by our signups and buy-ins.

    We are attempting to complete our year of ESHL just before or just after the Stanley Cup Finals in order to not have games played into the summer when people have lost interest or are busy. We will be looking to hold a buy-in style tournament or two under ESHL throughout the summer just to keep people who still play competitive. These tournaments currently will not have any affect on the status of your team in the ESHL and you will not be forced to play with people on your current ESHL roster if you do not want to. There will be no association whatsoever other than it is being held under our branding.

    The current Invite division looks like this:

    1. Prophecy
    2. BBB
    3. Complicity
    4. Turning Point
    5. Delusions
    6. Continuum
    7. Rated R
    8. Composure
    9. Time 2 Pound
    10. 9th Wonder
    11. Death Wish
    12. [Available Spot]
    Although some of these teams listed are rumoured to be splitting up, we cannot make any assumptions until we see the final rosters for buy-ins. You’ll notice Raw Talent is not listed as an invite team despite placing 10th, here is the explanation for this situation:

    Under our rules if a team FFs enough the league can removed their spot from the Invite division. Raw Talent forfeited at least 4 times and has lost their spot.

    In our format, 1st place of Open (9th Wonder) gets auto promoted. 2nd place of Open (Death Wish) plays 10th place of Invite in a relegation series to determine who gets that spot in Invite. Due to Raw Talent being removed, Death Wish now takes that spot by default.

    The remaining spot will be determined by a qualifier. The seeding for this qualifier will not consider PS4 teams for seeding as it was a one time deal due to the league being cancelled after their first event. The rest of the seeding criteria from last qualifier will still be used.

    Thanks to those who participated in Event 2 and good luck moving forward to Event 3.​

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