ESports ESHL Grand Final, Event 3 Wrap-up, Future Events

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    Thank you to those who helped make Event 3 of ESHL NHL 18 run smoothly. Thank you to @Scheckel29, and @JmOnEy2436 for taking the majority of the load this season while i was away and making things way easier.

    Thanks to our committee.

    Thanks to @Tris10 for supporting our league and handling the finances, finding us a broadcaster, and hosting the event. This would not be possible without you.

    A huge thanks to @F5 Penguin, @FieldersChoice and @JmOnEy2436 for running a pristine, professional, and much appreciated broadcast. Your work was outstanding. I apologize for the things you had to deal with from our community, they do not understand the amount of hard work, dedication, and hours that went in to producing such a high quality broadcast. They are too entitled to see that. Your work was greatly appreciated by all of the staff and a lot of the non-toxic community members.

    Thanks to @TheGreech for providing us with written coverage of ESHL. Our condolences go out to you and your family and we understand why you had to take a break.

    In this post you'll see our standings, final tournament information, and any other important announcements.


    ESHL NHL 18 Awards [Event 3]

    Ice Breakers ($1221.22)

    Hall of Fame ($732.73)



    Scrubs Can't Get No Love ($488.49)

    Black Ice

    Nations United


    EVENT 3 Tournament Point Breakdown

    1. Ice Breakers - 14pts
    2. Hall of Fame - 13pts
    3. Rated R - 12pts
    4. BBB - 11pts
    5. Adaptation - 10pts
    6. Turning Point - 9pts
    7. Delusions - 8pts
    8. Prophecy - 7pts
    9. The Underdogs - 6pts
    10. Common Kings - 5pts
    11. Composure - 4pts
    12. 9th Wonder - 3pts

    13. Scrubs Can't Get No Love - 2pts
    14. Black Ice - 1pts

    RUNNING POT TOTAL: $2415.00

    1. Big Baller Brand - 38pts
    2. Turning Point - 28pts
    3. Rated R - 27pts ***
    4. Delusions - 27pts ***
    5. Composure - 24pts
    6. Prophecy - 21pts
    7. Ice Breakers - 14pts
    8. Hall of Fame - 13pts

    ---[Top 8 Qualify]---

    9. Adaptation - 10pts
    10. The Underdogs - 6pts
    11. 9th Wonder - 5pts
    12. Common Kings - 5pts
    13. Scrubs Can't Get No Love - 2pts
    14. Black Ice - 1pt

    *** Note: Rated R and Delusions were tied for tournament points. We looked at the totals from the whole year to determine the final seeding.

    Average finish: Rated R - 6th. Delusions - 6th.
    Event 1: Delusions 6 Rated R 8 Event 2: Delusions 5 Rated R 7 Event 3: Rated R 3 Delusions 7
    (Obviously why they are tied, just showing the math)

    H2H Points - Event 1: Rated R - 6pts, Delusions 0pts. Event 2: Rated R - 4pts, Delusions - 2pts. Event 3: Rated R - 1pt, Delusions - 5pts.

    Totals: Rated R 11pts vs Delusions 7pts.

    Rated R takes higher seed.​


    ESHL Grand Final ETA

    The Grand Final will aim to start as soon as possible. We were trying to dodge the NHL Stanley Cup, but if we start after that, we hit Canada Day and July 4th - no bueno. We will be sending out avail PMs ASAP.

    We are going to require the top 8 teams to check in to confirm they are playing in the Grand Final. We ask that if you know you will not have enough people interested, or your team folded, that you let us know ahead of time so we can fill in the team with the next highest tournament points.

    This tournament was meant to have no buy-in. The prize pool is pretty average and we will only reward 1st and 2nd place teams, however if all 8 teams unanimously agree to have an extra buy-in for this last event we can do that. It has been determined that there will be no buy-in as of Monday June 4th due to at least one team not wanting to buy-in.

    There will be no roster moves leading to this event. Your final rosters from event #3 will be locked in and no additional moves can be made.

    The current matchups look like this:

    [8] Hall of Fame vs BBB [1]
    [7] Ice Breakers vs Turning Point [2]
    [6] Prophecy vs Rated R [3]
    [5] Composure vs Delusions [4]

    The Future of ESHL

    The original plan was to run some buy-in tournaments throughout the summer where any team could register with any roster and it would not affect their ESHL status. That meant that it would be outside of the official ESHL league and you could submit a roster of any combination of players without hurting your current ESHL roster. We thought these would be fun little tournaments to give people a break from the absolute grind of the year long format and give people a chance to play with other people without harming their Invite status. It would be considered as a possible format for NHL 19 as the year long format did not work. I would have liked to have switched to a tournament format, but once we started the year long format it was difficult to abandon it since people's money was involved right from the beginning.

    However, since I will no longer be volunteering my time to this league or the community (read: stepping down) and the current administration has said they have no interest in running the league due to the amount of work it takes and the amount of entitlement and toxicity from the community, there is currently no one to run ESHL. I'm sure Tris will either find someone to do it, do it him self, or end it completely. He has been extremely supportive of this league and it would be sad to see it go.

    I am not looking for a pat on the back or someone to say I did a good job or a bad job. The time commitment is not worth the stress involved. It was getting extremely tiring trying to squash rumours started by trolls, trying to keep the committee from leaking every thing posted in the chat, and dealing with people who did not have the full story on what happened, why things happened, who made what decision etc. etc. The league wasn't perfect, but it was improving. I welcome and encourage someone to step up and take over and run their own thing and wish them the best of luck.

    Remember that when we created the format for this year, there was no form of eSports for NHL. This is all we had. The NHL had not announced any type of GWC nor had EA talked to any of us about a possible event. We were trying to build something from scratch so that our community could have nice things like an official tournament - sponsorship - a reason to play all year long - have an official broadcast team to help create hype for the players and the league, etc. etc. etc.

    With the NHL announcing the GWC, there is now something much more valuable to play for, despite it being versus. The community has shown that they do not care to build something on their own and it is evident there will be no legitimate 6s eSports unless it is through the NHL, EA, or a business (ESL, WG, MLG, etc) that can offer a prize pool through their current funding.

    At the end of the day all anyone wants is competitive 6s to succeed. If anything, ESHL has shown that there is a legitimate player base for 6s and that there is big interest within the community. If there is any form of 6s eSports ran by someone in the future, then this league has succeeded. Hopefully the GWC attendees can put in some work for the community and convince the NHL that there is enough interest for a 6s event.
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    Dealing with people, especially alot of the people on here is a thankless difficult position. Thank you for your time man
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    Thanks for the kind words and all your effort Jon. I'm currently working on a playoff recap for ESHL Magazine that I hope to get out soon. If anyone in the Invite Division that made the playoffs has some screenshots of your team (any screenshot will work as long as you are wearing your ESHL jerseys) - please PM me on LG and I'll pull them down from your XBOXDVR.
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    More time for long toss.
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    Thank god, hopefully Tris can bring in someone who knows what they're doing.
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    new commish here
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    Hire me you won’t be disappointed @Tris10
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