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    EVENT 1:

    Due to there being no continuation of a 3 season, year long event leading to a grand finale, prizing will be handed out per event.

    $200x10= $2000 - 23% LG cost = $1540 total prize pool

    1st place @ 60% = $924.00
    2nd place @ 40% = $616.00

    LG Cut: $460.00

    Event 1 playoffs will be top 6 teams due to the lack of teams (9). Seeds 1 and 2 will get a bye round 1. Seed 1 will get to pick who they play in round 2 out of the winners from round 1. Seed 2 will play the other team.

    Event 2 will follow a different format and be a little more casual – designed for the PSN community. We will be testing out a format that we can hopefully use for the future of the ESHL over on Xbox. The schedule will also be removed for these events and a different system will be put in place, however there will be minimal promotion of these games as a result. A low buy-in and possibly a buy-in per player system will be used ($10-15/player?) as these test events will run in a tournament format and not guarantee your team a full season worth of games.
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