ESports ESHL Tournament System - How To Signup - Player Points Explained

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    Hey Everyone,

    We've been working behind the scenes to create a new "tournament" season system for ESHL.This changes up how we've done things in the past to make it as easy as possible for teams and us staff.

    The best way to understand the system is, we are running one long season, and inside that one season are independent "tournaments", the stats and points from those tournaments add up all season long. So now instead of signing up, or buying into a season, you signup or buyin to a single tournament, each and every time you want your team to participate.

    To signup for a tournament, on the right side of the forum you'll see "Tournaments" section for all open or active tournaments, if you are a manager or on a team you'll see green signup buttons to signup for those tournaments.


    Once a team is registered, the staff will create the bracket and games will be played. After a tournament the LG Staff will assign "Player Points". Player Points work like this, depending on how far you get in a bracket (or win) the more points your team gets, those Player Points are then divided by everyone on your team who played a game (this is why stat entry is a must). So for example, lets say your team won 600 Player Points and only 6 players on your team played. Each player gets 100 Player Points. This way if a player moves to a new team, so do his Player Points and a teams Player Points are sum'd up by its players.

    A Teams Player Points will eventually lead to tournament seeding. We will be making updates to the site system to better display these stats as the season go on.

    Here is the break down for player points issued for a free 32 team event:
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