FIFA eLeague FIFA 17 Calendar

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    Below is our FIFA eLeague FIFA 17 Calendar
    The Open Bracket will be three weeks of a Swiss-Style tournament. More details will be explained on how a Swiss Style tournament works. The first day of the Regular Season will be May 30th.

    June will mostly be regular season with a week of the Mid Season Invitational. All Teams are invited to participate in this tournament. If you do not wish to participate, you do not have to but the top placing teams will be rewarded with a good amount of points that can make up for having a poor start.

    In July, we will take off the whole week for the Fourth of July. I do not want to cause any run-ins with family time and our schedule completely allows for this hiatus. July 18 will be the week of playoffs. The top 8 teams in each division will play for the title of Playoff Champion. July 25 will be the week where we hold our Promotion/Relegation Gauntlet. This will be a fun and interactive week with the community.

    August is very itinerary in terms of what we want to do, but this is the current idea. We will host ANOTHER player combine on the 1st of August and then follow it with a Rule testing league. We will basically nominate rules to be implemented or changed in the league and the community will decide on three. We will play this season out with those rules and then evaluate their effectiveness afterwards.
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