HeadLine FNP Captain Sign Up - NHL/AHL - January 13th 2023

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    FNP Captain Signup Application:
    This week’s event is: Crossplay NHL/AHL - BRING YOUR OWN CLUB.
    (This week's tournament is open to both PSN and XBS)

    If you wish to become a captain for this week’s event, please fill out the application below. Not everyone will be guaranteed a spot as we will review all applicants and available spots.

    1.What is your LG Username?

    2.Which team are you signing up as (must be NHL or CHL teams)?
    Choose three teams in the event someone else has the same one. You can use any club you want, just choose a regular team for the site logo/tools. Failure to choose three teams or any team that is not an NHL or CHL will result in random team being assigned.

    3.Have you been a captain before?

    4.Do you have a full team ready to go?

    5.Do you understand the rules of FNP/SNP? This includes that players currently serving a ban are unable to participate in this tournament.

    Captains will be chosen around 07:00 PM ET on Friday, then messaged via PM. The tournament will begin at 09:00 PM ET. (Could see earlier start pending number of teams that sign up)

    By agreeing to become a captain, you also agree to be on time to your game(s) and gather your team in a timely manner. You will also agree to the rules and guidelines provided here - https://www.leaguegaming.com/forums...ay-night-puck-staff-rules-information.306927/

    Quitting or no-showing will cause the user to serve a one-week suspension from FNP & SNP.

    Please join the Discord to stay up to date with what's going on and communication for game nights as well.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/DKZvb7MxbW