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    Special thanks to @TIN045 for the promo video!


    Here is a list of staff members to contact in case of an issue. You may reach them on the site via PM.

    FNP Staff - @Archon Assassin
    FNP Staff - @Sleemn

    • Make sure to assign yourself the FNP role to get access to those channels.

    LG FNP is a one-night league event that gets the community to come together and play some chel on a dead night for LG. Community members play some competitive and fun Friday Night chel on NHL 20.

    This event is only restricted to players who are have been the following criteria:
    • Not serving a current league ban and signed up for the current LGHL season
    • On a current NHL Roster
    • On a current AHL Roster
    • On a current CHL Roster
    • On a current CHL Training Camp Roster
    At the conclusion of each event, (if needed) a thread will go up and run until Tuesday 6:00 PM ET to help decide the next weekend’s event.

    The event can be any of the following types:
    • 3’s or 6’s Club Invitational
    • 3’s or 6’s Draft Selections
    • Arcade Threes
    • Restricted Positions
    • Larger Events
    • Double Elimination
    Once the event for the weekend has been decided, a captain signup thread will be posted sometime around Thursday at Noon. If a user is interested in running a team, they will post in the thread. Captain signups will reset every week on Thursday.

    Players will be required to play the position they signed up for the event. The means the following (soft-position lock):
    • Forwards can only play Forward (Left Wing, Center, Right Wing)
    • Defensemen can only play Defense (Left Defense, Right Defense)
    • Goalies can only play Goalie
    If the event is running as a Club Invitational, there will be no position lock. Only Draft Selection events will be run as a soft-position lock.

    • Player signups open on Wednesday at 12:00 PM ET and close on Friday at 07:55 PM ET.
    • Team Captain signups open on Thursday at 12:00 PM ET and close on Friday at 06:00 PM ET.
    • Team Captains and Brackets are announced on Friday by 07:00 PM ET.
    • The FNP Draft will start on Friday at 08:00 PM ET and run until the start of games.
    • Games will begin on Friday at 09:00 PM ET.
    • If there is a larger bracket (more teams), games may begin on Saturday at 08:00 PM ET. This will be determined by the FNP Staff.
    • If you are a captain for FNP and received a PM confirmation, follow the following steps for the team tools:
    • Go to the FNP landing page on Xbox -
    • At the top bar, you should now see the Manager tools (if not, refresh)
    • Go to the Front Office tool
    • Click on Add Player > Add yourself first
    • Then, add your secondary captain
    • Once done, you may click on ‘Owner” next to your name, then “GM” next to your manager
    • This must be done prior to the draft

    Once captains have been determined, the teams will be seeded based on the number of captains selected. The draft order will be randomized. The order will be announced in the site PM or Discord.

    Once the draft order has been set, the teams will be randomized once again to determine the order of the bracket. The bracket seeds will have the AWAY on the left and the HOME on the right. The order will be announced in the site PM or Discord.

    The draft will begin at 08:00 PM ET. Each team will consist of EIGHT PLAYERS per team. If the event is 3’s, SIX PLAYERS per team.

    Each team is required to have at least three forwards, two defensemen, and one goalie by the conclusion of the draft. Captains cannot change their positions after the draft. Captains may draft their team as they wish. It is encouraged to use all the draft picks as you never know if a team will need a utility player.

    If a pick is skipped during the draft, contact the FNP Staff team to assign you a replacement pick if needed at the end of the draft. The manager may choose from the remaining draft pool only. The player chosen must play within the position limits they have signed up as.

    ALL ROSTERS ARE LOCKED AT THE START OF GAMES! If a team needs to add a sub/replacement mid-event, contact FNP Staff to do so. You may not add players once the games have begun.


    All players who sign up for the event will be required to show up as needed. If a player is drafted and decides to not play, they will be issued a one-week suspension from the event. Repeat offenders could face longer punishments or permanent disqualification from the event for the future.


    All current LGHL rules are applied to the gameplay.

    Stats will be required to be inputted at the conclusion of the games via API. In the event the API crashes, you may submit pictures via PM, or enter in a 1-0 FF Win.

    To enter stats;
    • Go to "My LG" (located at the top) and click on "Input Score"
    • Select the game(s) listed
    • Enter in the club name, then find the game below and select it
    • Enter the period summary for the game, and if the game goes to OT, enter OT# and whichever team scored, a 1
    • Then, click submit
    Here is a useful link:


    Why am I not on the draft list?
    • As long as you signup prior to the deadline, of 07:55 PM ET, you will be on the draft list. The final draft list gets synced shortly after that time.
    Why did my award get removed?
    • Either the wrong team was issued the award or your manager added you post-games.
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