Gatito Interviews: Oldest_Ranger (RB Leipzig Owner) Season 18

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    (Gatito) - Let’s get to know you first Ranger, how long have you been on the pro clubs scene as a whole , and where are you based out of? What position do you play and how would you describe yourself as a player in terms of style and or a real life comparison?

    Oldest_Ranger Replied:

    “I'm relatively new to competitive clubs. I got into my first EU team around October time on fifa 22. I'm a CB based out of a small town just outside the Queen's capital, London.”

    “I try to be a ball playing CB, who’s always in the correct place when I can be. I like getting involved in play where it's smart to do so.”

    ~Ranger likes to get involved with ball movement, side to side and back to the CBs to relive the pressure of his Midfield. A quick touch possession based gameplay.~

    (Gatito) - Being a first time owner, what was the hardest thing you had to do in order to get yourself adjusted to ownership, but most importantly what was your thought process going into bidding and for the players you won, what is the style you wish to implement and showcase this season?

    Oldest_Ranger Replied:

    “I've owned in other leagues but the rules in LG are alot stricter. I really had to watch everything I did as to not cross any lines. During budding I wanted to go for lesser known players (EU and NA) and have a balanced team. I tried to go base off stats for certain players to add strength in my draft.”

    “For the players, I wish to implement good ball movement. Smart decision but definitely adaptability (based on strategy).

    With all the teams we will face this season that will be needed for sure.”

    ~Ranger hasn’t had it easy at all so far, from bidding and early trades to reinforce his new team. As we dive into shortly. However Ranger is sure to implement a simple yet effective style of futbol. The X pass.~

    (Gatito) - Obviously there is always trial and error at the beginning of any long journey but I have a hunch that this isn’t an error but more of a critical decision, and with that said the hot topic right now was the recent trade of ElPibeFran and GKNasty, decisions like these won’t please everyone, however that doesn’t matter if the ownership is happy with the outcome, what can you share with us, that makes you the winner in this blockbuster trade?

    Oldest_Ranger Replied:

    “Some decisions are forced upon you and you have to try make lemonade out of the lemons given. Yes, this trade will be seen as an “L” for some, some will not like it but I believe this deal works out for the player in his future goals, it’ll help the other team in there short term and us (Leipzig) in strengthening positions and our long term strategy to compete with the best teams last season.”

    “I am happy with the trade and believe this will only help us push ourselves and other teams to the limit.

    I have complete faith in the guys coming in and expect nothing but their best at all times.”

    ~We can suggest that the trade wasn’t anything personal, just business to benefit the club in the long term, also implying Ranger wants to make his impact in LGFA and be a mainstay in this community.~

    (Gatito) - The competition level grows drastically season after season, what are your exceptions and goals for season 18? And what message would you like to share for any team that faces Leipzig this season?

    Oldest_Ranger Replied:

    “Season 18 sees greater talent and a load more of games than previous seasons. My expectations for us are to remain competitive with all teams and separate ourself from those we should do so against.”

    “I have great intrigue to see power rankings as most of RB LEIPZIG are unknown so we most likely will be placed low on everyones lists. Nevertheless, all I would say is 'dont judge a book by its cover. You'll be surprised what happens at the end.”

    ~Yes, new team, new owner, it won’t be easy but all roads lead somewhere. With a solid base, and a foundation of players on the same page. Ranger and RB Leipzig have a mountain to climb to get to the top. Simple tactics, non-toxic club and a reliable group of players. I’d say Leipzig will do just fine.~

    Special thanks to Oldest_Ranger for sitting down with Gatito and friends for some chit-chat. A huge thanks to the LGFA PSN STAFF!
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