Gatito Interviews TJoint_Rebel LG Juventus Season 18 Owner

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    21BB698A-67F1-435C-BBF6-863FF60E52AF.jpeg 21BB698A-67F1-435C-BBF6-863FF60E52AF.jpeg LG INTERVIEW TJOINT (Juve)

    (Gatito) - Before we get into your team, season expectations and style of play, let’s learn more about you. What experience do you have in LG, Pro clubs, and managing as a whole and how would you describe your personal style of play?

    TJoint Replied:

    “I have no experience in LG aside from knowing people who have played in it. I've been managing my own Pro clubs team for a little over a year now, with representation and experience in European communities as well. Personally I'd describe my style of play as defensive minded with offensive awareness, I love to lock down opposing players and create vital counters as soon as I recoup possession.

    ~TJoint described what the very foundation of his game was, defensive prowess with a whole platter of Offensive awareness, the complete box to box midfielder.~

    (Gatito) - As a new team, and first time owner what was your strategy during bidding, and which style of fifa do you plan on showcasing this season?

    TJoint answered:

    “My bidding strategy was simple. I used my knowledge of the proclubs scene to scout and sign high skilled, low priced players, that other owners may have overlooked or undervalued, or simply didn't know about the certain player. Then, I pillared the team with high priced players in each block of the pitch. From GK, CB, Midfield, and ST, I plan on showcasing a very particular set of skills that will lead to us winning it all.”

    ~TJoint was keen on balancing out his squad, from signing lesser known players to snatching up names like GameGenius, Thunderaxxx and Paulo_SBK, even though Tjoint seemed reluctant to share with us what exactly his teams style of play and main formation was going to be, he seemed confident and ready to showcase it all on the virtual pitch and get the ball rolling finally, for Season 18 of LGFA.~

    (Gatito) - What is the hardest thing you had to do leading up to season 18, and what message do you have for any team that faces you?

    TJoint Replied:

    “Hardest thing I had to do was get myself organized and prepare accordingly. - My message to any and ALL TEAMS that face us.......I HAVE COME HERE TO CHEW BUBBLEGUM AND KICK ASS…. AND IM ALL OUTTA BUBBLEGUM!”

    ~TJoint is no stranger to COMP as he previously shared that he has a European background of fifa experience, TJoint is ready to show off, in what we feel is a humble yet explosive style of counterattack fifa.~

    Big thanks to TJoint for taking the time to sit down and chat it up with Gatito and friends, and a Huge thanks to the LGFA PSN STAFF.
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