HBB Rise's Players History Spotlight: A Sniper 13.

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    Before we begin, I'm going to be absolutely frank with you, I care little about if your feelings get hurt over anything I say in these, so yea. Let's begin.

    These are just some players I believe deserve a bit more credit based on how far they've come from where they started.
    And I'll make this a series.

    A Sniper 13. Where do I begin?

    This man started his LG career on what is probably the worst team in LG history. On a nightly basis the season 19 Memphis Grizzlies had TC and TC play because no one would show up, with loss after loss. That didn't stop Sniper though, who pulled through the entire season without quiting.
    The season after that? He made the mistake of accepting my first time around GM spot, and boy was that a shit show. The season 20 Celtics were inexperienced, didn't fully understand comp 2k and barely knew how to run a 2-3 zone, let alone 3-2. The fact that the sole pride of that Cs squad was that they werent as bad as Memphis shows a lot.

    Then came Snipers breakout season. The Season 21 Minnesota TWolves. The start of it all.
    In this season, sniper would go on to win all defensive awards, all nba awards, and be in the running for DPoY, while just emparrassing teams with his defense. (See Season 21 Kings collapse that dubbed him the King Slayer). This would also be the season he became an OP... I mean BoG, following the mass loss of staff.
    His line took the Wolves to the WFC, (and I mean his line, the second line didnt even get to play because the first line made that team fold in the playoffs), where the Wolves ending up losing to the Champs of that season, the Denver Nuggets, but not without his line stealing a game mind you.

    Then came season 22. Snatched by the Heat in bidding for 3 mil, Sniper would go on to average 15 points and 2 steals, while having a 14-6 record, and helping the Heat get to the 1st seed in the East. Come playoffs, he would go on and average 15 Points, 2 steal and a block a game, proving himself to not only be consistent with his regular season and play off performances, but also proving himself to be a super reliable lock and player for a championship contender.
    Ask anyone if they thought he could do that the season he was on the Grizzlies, I bet you'd get laughed at.
    Oh, and incase you didn't know, the Heat would go on and win the Championship, so this man got his ring.

    Did I mention that he also become the Deputy Commissioner of the league? Yea, just straight balling while keeping this league afloat.

    Now onto the current season. As of me writing this, Sniper has increased his level of play even higher than before.
    He's averaging 19.7 Points, and 3.6 steals a game, while maintaining a 12-4 regular season record.
    Time will tell if he repeats and wins another ring, but this man can ball out plain and simple.

    Heres some highlight performances of his to end it: IMG_0e0197fc-6241-40ab-bd49-e7350b40247f.png Screenshot_20200712-131923_Chrome.jpg
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    Love this
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    Well done!!!
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