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    LG Smite members,

    The LG Smite Staff have reached out to Hi-Rez (Yes, that's right, that Hi-Rez) regarding partnership for this coming "Season 1" which will actually be a tournament format, but we'll get to that in just a second. Season growth has gone slower than anticipated and for that reason, @l HowieDoo l was kind enough to reach out to Hi-Rez to lay out our vision and propose a potential partnership. They responded quickly...

    "We don't traditionally support League systems ... with the chance for it to be volatile ... We'd like to do a trial run. We will support two open bracket tournaments with Gem prizing, review, and move forward with continual support if everything is in line."

    1st Place - 4000 gems / Team
    2nd Place - 2000 gems / Team
    3rd Place - 1000 gems / Team

    If all goes well, we will begin discussing further partnership with Hi-Rez in a league setting for the future. So this is the time. If we want this to be a continuous place to play competitive Smite in a league setting we all need to be 100% on board. All we need is participation and dedication, and the LG Smite Staff will handle the rest. Please tell a friend, a recent player, or even your Mom if she's down to play ( you're hilarious @Deebo l13l ) that they need to come sign up.

    The tournament dates, times, formatting, etc information will be updated on the Rules Thread (can be found here).

    ** IMPORTANT **

    We have a plan so that teams of people who play together aren't stacked against teams of strangers. But to do this, we need Owners. Ownership might seem intimidating and a lot of work, but it's really not as scary as it might seem. We will make sure your team is ready to compete at the start but we need people to step up. Please contact us on LG or Xbox if you're willing to step up and own.

    ~ LG Smite Staff ( @Scrub RD @Deebo l13l @l HowieDoo l @sD tHa MenTor @SweeT 9 LoU 84 )
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