* New * Holiday Season For Canada Day and The 4th Of July *Week 4*

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    Mass message to the entire community in regards to the next two weeks of play in the LGHL. Obviously this summer season having Canada Day and the 4th of July on two normally scheduled game nights causes some concerns and has caused a change to our schedule.

    Therefore here is the following information the community needs to know:

    • There will be no games scheduled on Canada Day and July 4th.
    • Week Four, which begins Sunday July 1st, will ONLY have games on the following days; July 2nd, July 3rd, and July 5th.
    • The schedule for some teams has been flip flopped whereby some teams may ONLY have eight games in week four, and end up with ten games in week five. For the ease of scheduling and to ensure we have no issues with incorrect rosters, subs, or line ups the league will be handling the schedule as if week four is a shorten week and week five is a longer week.
    Keep in mind that a week with 8 games, players are required to give three games availability, and MUST BE scheduled for a MINIMUM of two games! Goalies MUST BE scheduled for a minimum of three games!

    A week with 10 games, players are required to give a minimum of four games availability, and MUST BE scheduled for a MINIMUM of three games!

    Obviously with those two situations one line each week will end up playing an extra game.

    With this being summer time, and this week being a large celebration for both Canada and the US, as a player it is important to understand you are entitled to request two weeks IR from your team managers. Keep in mind that this is subject to League review and if your request is deemed circumvention of the scheduling process or just plain bullshit excuse not to play, it can be denied.

    Even by jumping ahead a year, summer season 2019, the 4th of July is Thursday next Summer Season which will help with some of this scheduling issues we are seeing now.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may occur.

    If you have any questions let me know!

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