How To: Entering a Match Pre-Patched

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    Note: This is to ensure all players are playing on the same level and is the only way it can be done. It is an extremely vital rule and one that players must always follow. There is no reason for any player to not follow this procedure and it is likely that any opponent trying to persuade you to skip this procedure is trying to cheat. If this happens report this to the staff IMMEDIATELY!

    1. Have Player One start TS4 normally and create the match lobby. Player Two will remain out of the game, or on the dashboard.
    2. Player One will send the invite to play and Player Two will accept from the dashboard. Once Player Two is in the lobby with Player One, Player Two will be successfully pre-patched.
    3. Player One now may exit out of the game or to the dashboard.
    4. Once this is complete Player Two will then send an invite to Player One.
    5. Player One accepts the invite from the dashboard.
    6. Once Player One enters the lobby with Player Two both players are now pre-patched and the match may begin.
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