How To : File Formal Complaints

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    First step is to select your League shield to access the forum section.


    Second step is to access the Action Center. Regardless of which League forum section you enter, the Action Center is located in the forum tool bar.


    Once the Action Center loads, select the "complaint" option. From there, there are a few different sections to choose from.

    In Game : Anything that happens on the ice
    Management : Anything that normally Managers would handle
    Player Rights : For players who have issues with their managers
    Staff Complaints : For players who have issues with the League's Staff
    Other : Anything not listed in the other options.


    Providing proof of the issue you are complaining about is a MUST.

    In game issues require video footage, and all other complaints require photo evidence.

    It is recommended to use photobucket to host your images, then post the image URL links into the "message" box in the Action Center.

    The only exception to the proof rule would be complaints about incorrect stats, since the option to link the game in question is required in order to file the complaint. Also complains in regards to disconnection procedure do not require video footage, but it is HIGHLY recommended to include a video if possible!

Thread Status:
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