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    Pokemon Showdown allows users to customize their settings to their own preference. In order to change those settings, one should navigate their cursor to the top right of the main menu when logged in and hit on the gear button to open up the settings menu. If you have chosen a name, you can register your account from here.

    A preview of what the settings menu looks like.



    The teambuilder is a large part of Pokémon Showdown and enables users to create their own teams from scratch, import other people's teams, or edit any of their currently existing ones. Some formats on the simulator will not require you to create a team and let you jump straight into battle.

    We will be using the 'OU' format as its the best possible option at this time. In order to create a team, click on the 'Teambuilder' button in the main menu.

    Teambuilder on the main menu


    Building a team is fairly self-explanatory with the teambuilder guiding you along each stage of the process. You can select a Pokemon's Item, Ability, Moves, Stats, and other details such as its Level, its Gender, Happiness, and whether or not it is Shiny. Keep in mind that some sets may require a Pokemon to have particular attributes. If you attempt to enter a battle with a moveset which doesn't abide by these rules, you will be prompted to alter it before you battle.

    Preview of the Teambuilder menu



    Setting up a battle on Pokémon Showdown is a very easy task to do. To challenge a specific user, make sure you have their correct name. Select your format (OU) and team in the top left hand corner using the drop-down boxes. If your team is accepted and deemed legal by the server for that specific format, your challenge will be sent to your opponent.

    Challenge Window



    After each match you have the option to 'Upload and share replay' Copy and paste the link to the replay in the designated thread each week.

    End of a match