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    LG Pick Up games, or scouting games as many players call them play a major part in a player's success throughout their career. Each season new players join the League and there isn't any real way to show off their talent unless they scout!

    Scouting is encouraged at all level, and is used differently by each League. At the NHL level, scouting plays an important role for those players whom are draft eligible to show off their skills. Also, players whom change positions during the off-season would benefit greatly from scouting.

    At the AHL level, a ton of up and comers can make a big time splash. Since prospect players are ineligible for AHL play, those players whom go undrafted in the NHL entry draft, as well as unbid on during NHL bidding become the crop for the AHL. There are so many moving parts in the AHL due to the fact it is the middle League in our three layer system.

    Finally at the CHL level, scouting is EXTREMELY important! The CHL is the only League where brand new sign ups(prospects) are eligible to play therefore it is extremely important for those new members to get seen, so they can be picked up in CHL bidding! It is also important for those new members to show off their skills because after their first season here on LeagueGaming, those new players become draft eligible to the NHL!

    How Does Scouting Work?

    Below the chat box, Team GMs from all Leagues can create a scouting lobby. These games can be found under the "LG Pick Up Game" tab!


    Once a lobby is created, players are eligible to sign up for that game. If a player's name shows up in Green, that player is confirmed to play in that scouting game!


    There is also a new feature for the GM who is running the scouting game to send an Xbox message to all members involved in the scouting game.


    What League Should I Scout For?

    As stated above, depending on your current experience in the LGHL, that will determine what League you are eligible for.

    Brand new members to the website and to the LGHL are only CHL eligible for their first season. Therefore new players should be scouting for CHL teams!

    Any player whom has experience here in the LGHL before, are eligible to scout at any level!

    What Position Should I Play?

    The LGHL and LGAHL both have positional locks. Therefore it is EXTREMELY important that you scout for the position in which you signed up for.

    At the LGCHL level, you are eligible to play multiple positions therefore it maybe in your best interest to play several positions to show off your ability to be used in different situations.

    Those are the major points in regards to scouting for the LGHL. I'd like to take this time to welcome you to our website and League and wish you the best as you make your way through the Leagues during your virtual hockey career!

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