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    I want to give a big thanks to @Rayqwan29 for allowing me to use his stuff he got together for his league. These are well made videos that he created for LGNFL that are short and easily understandable for us at LGBA. Please take a minute or 2 to watch the videos.

    Below are videos on how to do various things on this website. Please watch them if you don't know how to do them before asking for help.

    1. How to file a complaint

    2. How to add yourself or a GM to your locker room

    3. How to Remove a player from your team

    4. How to submit a trade

    5. How to get compensation for a trade

    6. How to put yourself on injured reserve

    7. How to navigate the website on LG

    8. How to sign up for games

    9. How to issue a warning

    10. How to enter in stats