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    Q. How do I verify my gamer tag?
    A. Settings > Edit Linked Accounts. Direct Link:

    This video explains how to verify/link your xbox gamertag, to upload LG if you've changed your gamertag (once linked) and how to change your LG username (for free and automatically) to your xbox gamertag

    Q. Why do i need to verify my Xbox Gamertag?

    A. Because there was never a way to verify that the user on LG had anything to do with X Gamertag. Basically anyone could say they were anyone else or create a bunch of fake accounts. With this system, users will be who they say they are.

    Q. My Windows LiveID doesn't work

    A. If its not working for you, simply goto and try logging in there, once you get logged in as the correct gamertag, make note of that Windows LiveID then try again on Leaguegaming. If the popup window doesn't ask you for a windows Live Login and password its because Microsoft's site auto logs you in. A quick fix is try again on a "Private Browser Tab", or try closing all browser tabs to kill that Windows LiveID Session.

    Q. Why is LG asking for said permissions and is it safe?

    A. Yes, we are using a certified Microsoft service and doing so via the
    oauth protocol. Notice that the popup login window is not on leaguegaming but on Microsoft's web servers. This service is the same type of service you see on the web where you would see "Login to my facebook/twitter" account on non facebook/twitter sites. Oauth is a service where once the user logs in, Xbox sends us a token value that we can use to make calls on that user, example to read that users gamertag, game list or any other public info.

    Q. Will LG ever update my Xbox Account?

    A. No, its actually impossible to update your Xbox Account info, MS would never let a partner do that. We also do not have access to any sensitive non-public info like your CC info, name or address. Again MS would never , ever allow that out or access to said info. The "update" they are mentioning is if we were a game partner. For example if we had an xbox game or app, we could trigger on your account that you've unlocked X achievement or done "X" stats ect.

    Q. How do i find the Windows LiveID on my gamertag?


    Q. How do i recover my Windows LiveID if i've forgotten its login and or password


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