i wish to start a sim league .. one game a week.. buy in .. prizes for top ten

Discussion in 'LG Madden Online Franchise' started by eks boks live, May 4, 2017.

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    it is a one game a week league. you play with your team as they are in the nfl (injuries are only those that happen in OUR league however) if your team makes a traded in real life thats a trade you MUSt make.. a player gets cut in real life YOU cut that player.. its 25 dollars to buy in..
    Prizes are.. super bowl champ/loser 400/200
    and every other playoff contender gets their buy in fee back except for the losers of the wild card games. i am hoping that people will play with their fave nfl team rather than one they think that will win... this is for madden 18 and will start the same day the nfl does. we will wait for the last roster update before the season to start..
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