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    To all NHL eligible players,

    Many of you were eligible to be claimed by a team during the NHL Bidding this past week. And by our counts, many of you players went unclaimed.

    This message goes out to all the remaning forwards leftover from NHL Bidding that think their Season 3 hopes may still be alive thanks to AHL Bidding: The numbers are not on your side. Amongst the 355 players eligible for AHL Bidding, 210 of you are signed to play a forward position and only 150 AHL forward slots to fill!

    Listen, the league has spoken. Maybe nobody placed a bid on you during NHL Bidding because you might not have the skills to compete at the highest level of play, and nearly 30% of forwards won't even make the cut in the AHL and are bound for the training camp roster. How long would you want to wait until your chance to be an ECU for a game?

    The ranks of unclaimed forwards are encouraged to consider a Pre-Season Position Change to play either defense or goalie. Not only will your chances of making a full-time AHL roster spot drastically improve, so too will your chances of playing full-time on a NHL roster this season.

    This is an opportunity to prove yourself and build the reputation and relationships that will carry across many seasons of LG. If this is the right move for you, please request a Pre-Season Position Change using the request form on the Action Center (link provided) before Sunday, October 9th by 5:00 PM EDT.
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