HeadLine Inside The 18: Brisan x6 2019-02-09

Check out my interview with the commish himself, Brisan x6!

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    Inside The 18: Brisan x6 - Check out my interview with the commish himself, Brisan x6!.


    INSIDE THE 18 IS BACK! Season 15 of the Leaguegaming Football Association is around the corner, with regular season officially starting on Sunday. So, today, we are sitting down with the man that revived this league, Commissioner of the LGFA, Brisan x6.

    Prince: Brisan welcome to the Inaugural edition of Inside the 18 for S15. Let's get straight to it. What motivated you to revive the league and be the head of the league? View attachment 26643 View attachment 26643

    Brisan x6: My motivation is the community. I’ve seen that the lack of a bidding league occurred and wanted to see its return. My goals are obviously much more wider than that but I enjoy what we have on LG. Currently, we may not be the biggest, but I see people start to come over one at a time. That’s all it takes. Not everyone starts off at the top, so I’m just happy to be back at the helm and hopefully bringing LG to the top of fifa glory.

    Prince: and i am sure all of the LGFA community is happy about that for sure! Moving on to the next topic, being, is there something in the works that you might want to share to the community now of the future of LGFA. More specifically, is there anything new you are planning, or being in the works right now?

    Brisan x6:
    Obviously my big goal is continuing to grow the LGFA and have the LGPL succeed. The LGPL is our clubs based league in which we are hoping to see a few more teams sign up before running our first season. As for the LGFA, I’m looking to invest some more of my time into media. Those that don’t know, I ran as Media Head for the NHL community seasons ago and ran some successful productions. I think the community will like what I have in store which is expected to have its first release this weekend.

    Prince: That is fantastic to hear. Anything to help make the league grow and cover the league will be sure to be a big help. Mr. Brisan final question of this interview. When this league was revived you and the staff wanted to get it running and make it successful. In Article 1 Section 3 there is a segment that talks about the LGFA Players Association and a head of the PA. Is this something your considering implementing in order for the players to have some type of representation?

    Brisan x6:
    Mr. Brisan, Lol. That gave me a solid laugh. The PA has always been a position that I’ve always want to see succeed but only few people can actually accomplish what I want to see. If someone were to come to me with the ambition to pull it off, I’d give that opportunity. PA has more or less, in the past, been a way for people to be “just another glorified staff member”. I don’t want the name to be tarnished so I wait till the right candidate approaches me. There are some people that I could name, but I don’t like putting that pressure on someone. I expect our PA to promote the league, run TC games to help expose our new players, and be incredibly active. PA also rules on Player Appeals which I’ve handled due to the missing position. Here’s to hoping that the right person comes along soon!

    Prince: Commish, thank you for the time it was a pleasure and good luck overseeing the league for the upcoming season!

    Brisan x6: Thank you for having me. Best of luck to the Wolves and everyone else in S15!

    Thank you to Brisan x6 for the interview. This series will be back up and running with different players from different teams as Season 15 of the LGFA unfolds.

    Keep an eye out for the next interview on Inside the 18!

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