HeadLine Inside The 18: JaysWays

Interview with the All-time LGFA leader in tackles!

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    Inside The 18: JaysWays - Interview with the All-time LGFA leader in tackles!.


    On today's edition of IT18, we have a prolific player who has already made his mark in the record books in LGFA. 2x League Champion, 3x Team of the Season member and the record holder for most tackles in the history of League Gaming Football Association. The Stamford Bridge man, JaysWays.

    Prince: JaysWays, you hold records for multiple teams. Anywhere you have been you have planted your flag and made your mark. Which season is the most special to you and why?

    JaysWays: I have a great memory so I remember every season pretty well. My first season was quite unique considering I'd never played pro clubs 11's before. Also, because the management on my team had to be replaced midway through the season. So just from starting out in LGFA I was immediately given the AGM role on my team. Things move fast I guess. Season 9 was also special because it was my best 'tackle' season and still is today. I don't really care for records but breaking the tackle record allowed me to get my first Team of the Season appearance. But easily, the best and most special season was Season 13. It's for obvious reasons. My team was nearly invincible the entire season and we won everything there was to win. The famed 'quadruple'. Funny enough it was probably one of my less productive seasons but the team was so solid and complemented each other so well, we managed to keep winning.

    Prince: Looks like you were thrown into the fire your first season! JaysWays currently you are on Chelsea FC. How has that season gone in your opinion?

    JaysWays: Anyways................. To put it in simple terms.

    Prince: Got it! What is one thing you personally enjoy about playing in LGFA?

    JaysWays: Although I'd rather play with, rather than against, my friends is something I do enjoy in LGFA. It happens in other leagues but not as often. Since I play a defensive role and most of my friends in the league are offensive, I usually pay extra special attention to them. I don't usually man-mark but I make exceptions. Playing against them is fun enough, but playing with is obviously much better. Hopefully next season they won't be cheap me out over $250k! Especially when they have $5.5mil extra left over! That's crazy.

    Prince: The rivalries with friends are a fun aspect for sure playing in the league. Final question Jay. Your TOTS, GO!

    JaysWays: 3-5-2 because that's all anyone can do. Lazer and Cryo up top. Brisan at CAM. Money at LM. KC at RM. walker and whoever the DM from Wolves is idk. Pavard, Peanut and Moreno at CB. Bauer in net even though he gets banged on.

    Prince: JaysWays thank so much for the time and good luck to you and Chelsea!

    JaysWays: We need it. All of it.

    I would like to thank JaysWays once again for the great interview. very insightful on his past seasons and what he enjoys about the LGFA! Give the interview a like and comment! Keep an eye out for the next edition of Inside The 18!

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    I’m bad owner sorry hays I love you