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The Palace man speaks with IT18

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    Inside The 18: LB211288 - The Palace man speaks with IT18.


    Here today on Inside The 18, I'm with someone who has been pumping life into lowly side Crystal Palace. The man from Manchester, England, LB211288!

    Prince: LB welcome to IT18. Being from the United Kingdom and playing in a league that is tailored more to the North American players, how is it staying up until 2a.m GMT to play games?

    LB211288: Cheers Prince! And well since I started this new job my availability has been poor but I've enjoyed what time I've been able to give to it! I must say it's challenging to play ball with people who prefer other sports! But I've had fun with the Palace lads!

    Prince: So in the FA Cup, before the last matchday, Palace was looking like it would progress. 3 points and they were in. You scored a first half hattrick. 3-0 to Palace over Liverpool. What was the reason for the collapse, ultimately drawing 3-3?

    LB211288: 2 words DO DO! Hahaha! No really the team got complacent and over excited at the hat trick if anything and with Liverpool being a great side they fully took advantage! Plus we had a mismatched team with players out of position but we had a full 11 and had a good go at it just unlucky in the end! On a personal note tho I was glad to give certain people the works who doubted me as I was randomly assigned for being a newbie!

    Prince: It sure wouldve been a sight to see the Soldiers of Sellhurst Park make it out of the group with two giants being there!

    Overall, the season at Palace has been, well, a disaster to put it lightly. Is there any positives you or the other players could take out of this season?

    LB211288: Yeah course it would! who doesn't love an upset! Unfortunately we couldn't cause one that night to advance but that's how the seasons gone for us, I've only made 2 season and 4 Cup games this season ive missed the majority of the games so my only positive is the buzz we had in them cup games, shows with the right players turning up and in the right positions it wouldn't of been such a harsh season but that's football! As a team we can take from it that availability was our worse enemy! plus losing sniper didn't do us any favours prince!!! Hahaha!

    Prince: LB thank you so much for your time. The floor is yours now. Anything you want to say to anyone at all now is the time!

    LB211288: Yeah cheers I will say one thing yeah i look forward coming face to face with a couple of traitors next monday night/Tuesday morning so to sniper,echo and mort points mean fuck all in this game to me im coming only to send you boys for hotdogs and don't think your getting away with it either prince I'll drift left to see you at RB bro so take note I have ketchup on my hotdogs yeah! Hahaha.

    A big thank you to the always entertaining, LB211288! Tune in to the next edition where we talk to Unlucky Dustin of Arsenal! View attachment 27620

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    I Fucking love ya Bradshaw lol
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