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    Hey there. I wanted to test something out for the final event of NHL 21 heading into NHL 22. I'm going to be trialing an EASHL Fantasy system similar to any DFS game that you would find on Draftkings/Fanduel etc.

    If it's your first time playing Fantasy/DFS, here's how it works:

    You'll be creating a lineup consisting of 2 centers, 3 wingers, 2 defensemen, 1 goalie, and 1 utility player to compete. A utility player can be any position as long as they stay under the salary cap. Each player will generate points depending on their scoring throughout the event. Each player will generate points depending on their scoring throughout the event. The scoring is as follows:

    - 5 PTS for a Goal
    - 3 PTS for an Assist
    - 1.25 PTS for a Shot on Goal

    - 8 PTS for a Goal
    - 6 PTS for an Assist
    - 1.5 PTS for a Shot on Goal

    - 10 PTS for a Win
    - 0.75 PTS for a Save
    - -1.25 PTS for a Goal Against
    - 8 PTS for a Shutout

    These numbers are a test run and are subject to change in the future. Each player is assigned a salary. The salary cap to fill out your 9 man roster is $50,000. You cannot exceed the salary cap. There is a lineup creator tool in the excel spreadsheet that will help you optimize your lineup.

    I'm using this time as a test run to figure out any kinks/issues heading into the new game. There are lot's of things that are in a trial basis, but at the end of the day it's all for fun.

    To see the players/submit your team, head to the discord at:
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