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Discussion in 'Leaguegaming Basketball Association (LGBA)' started by Nekski, Apr 20, 2019.

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    In game 5 of the Boston vs Toronto series, a player "Glory_grinder" had played on a tag that did not match what the player had associated on their LG profile. Management was warned that if they had another violation like this going forward, the team would forfeit any games played by the player with the unassociated tag.

    The final result of this will be a forfeit win in favor of Toronto by the score of 1-0. Toronto will advance to the next round of playoffs.
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    So in this clip you hear browness say you were supposed to pass to complex. Well complex is a player who was on the team who was cap banned 2weeks ago.


    From the same game as the first clip you hear the player using the devario account directing the Center how to set screens. That voice is clearly not the same voice of the player using the devario account from the stream below.



    Having been a person who as talked to Complex many times I can say with 100% certainty the voice in the clip is not devario and is in fact complex. This clip was also shared to multiple people who know and all say they can also verify the voice as complex.

    On top of that the extreme numbers jump from Devario is not justifiable as just “getting better” over such a short period of time.


    He went from a 2 a week player who averaged 10ppg and never had more than 10 shots in a game, all the sudden Complex is banned and Devario guy starts averaging similar numbers to complex (dropping 30 and 40 point games) and is playing max games.

    It also was taken into account that Devario went from SG to PG however he played 3 games at PG before and in those 3 games scored roughly 10 points per game while having around 10 assists and 10 shots.

    Recent jump of production include games of 26, 31, 41, and 46 points in the last 4 games at PG.

    On top of all that
    In this clip taken from the Bucks game you hear them clearly admit its not Devario and is in fact complex (as well as clearly being able to hear complex’s voice through someone else’s mic again)

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