Leaguegaming Official Account Policy (XBOX)

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    This is an official account policy that is 100% required to be followed by all LGHL-LGAHL-LGCHL players playing in official league games on the Xbox.

    #1 Maintaining A Gold Membership

    All Xbox players are required to maintain an official gold membership on their LG account to be eligible to play in the LGHL-LGAHL-LGCHL. All accounts that are gold sharing, or using a silver account will be flagged by the website's vetting system.

    #2 Username Must Match The User's Active GT

    All players whom are signed up for the LGHL-LGAHL-LGCHL are required to have their official LG username to match their current gold membership GT used on his or her's Xbox.

    #3 All Players Are Only Eligible To Have One Account

    Under NO circumstance are players eligible to have more than one account on Leaguegaming.com.

    #4 Account Recovery

    Under NO circumstance are players eligible to share Xbox Accounts for League games.

    All players are responsible for the security of their LG password for their LG account. Any issues related to a user in the situation where the user in question has shared his or her account will be deemed the responsibility of the account's official owner.

    #5 Maintaining An Up To Date Skater Name

    All players in the LGHL-LGAHL-LGCHL are required to ensure their EA Skater Name is update in their user profile.

    #6 How To Link An Xbox Account to A LG Profile

    Reference INFO Page

    #7 How To Change Your LG Username

    Reference INFO Page

    #8 Linking Your Official Twitch Account to Your LG Account

    Reference INFO Page

    #9 How To Vet Your LG Account

    All account vetting is handled by League Admin Ozzyng2.

    Please reference all his official post in regards to Account Vetting

    ** Failure to compile with this policy can result in; League removal, website bans, or the loss of playing eligibility. Each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis**
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