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    LG Fortnite is a one night tournament style league comprised of a maximum of 32 (2 Player) Teams. Join us for a night long event on Fortnite Battle Royale for Xbox One!

    Each Thursday night a maximum of 32 team “captains” will be chosen and are responsible for finding a duo partner.

    Each week in the LG Fortnite Forum there will be a captain signups thread similar to FNP or SNP.

    In the early stages all tournaments will be held on as a form of bracket and scorekeeping.

    Discord Server Conduct:

    The Official LG Fortnite Discord will enforce and follow the League Gaming Code of Conduct guidelines found here:

    Start Time and Day

    The one night tournament will be Thursday nights with round 1 starting at 8 eastern.

    How do I get a team?

    A thread will be posted in advance in the LG Fortnite forum where you will post your gamertag as well as the gamertag for your duo partner.

    How do I know if i received a team?

    You will receive a confirmation PM confirming that you are good to go on the day of the tournament roughly 2 hours before round 1 starts.


    Teams will play TWO Regular 2v2 Squad Match

    Both teams will host ONE game each

    Kill Based after 2 matches are played

    The Duo with the most kills after 2 matches is deemed the winner and advances to the next round.
    Match 1:

    Duo A: 5 Kills

    Duo B:3 Kills

    Match 2:

    Duo A: 5 Kills

    Duo B: 4 Kills

    Winner: Duo A with 10 kills
    In the event both teams are tied after 2 matches the tie will be determined based on a 3rd match played. The team with the most kills in the 3rd match is deemed the winner.
    If the kills are tied after a 3rd match a 4th game will be played.​
    Taking Stats/ Proof:

    Lagout Procedure
    In the event of a lagout the match will continue with the team playing down a man.


    The following criteria will be considered sabotage and is subject to tournament disqualification if violated.
    • Breaking opponents built structures causing them to fall or miss shots
    • Interfering in any way with opponents ability to get a kill and/or knock down
    • The use of Boogie Bombs on opponents
    • Impulsing your opponent will also not be tolerated.
    Match Forfeit Criteria:

    The following criteria will be followed and enforced when attempting to take a forfeit.
    • A forfeit is valid if and when the opposing team states they cannot complete the match​
    • If sabotage occurs the entire round will be forfeited by the violating team​
    • No shows will be deemed a forfeit after an allotted time of 15 extra minutes after the bracket is correctly advanced and you have an opponent. (This will be extended in the trial run period to keep games being played)​
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