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    Below are the rules and set up for LG Friday Night Puck

    LGFNP (League Gaming Friday Night Puck) is a one night league that is to get the community involved in a dead night for LG and play some competitive/fun Friday Night 6s on NHL 18. (This is for the Xbox One)

    The week of the Friday Night Puck, a captain sign up thread will go up for those interested in being a captain for the night to sign up.

    Sign ups will reset for each Friday Night Puck. We are going to make it mandatory that the position a player signs up for, they must play it.

    Friday Night Setup:

    Draft will go from 8pm-9pm eastern

    Each team will consist of 8 players per team. Each player is not required to play; however it is strongly encouraged.

    You have the option to appoint an alternate captain, once this player has already been drafted. Please do not add anyone to your roster without approval.

    The number of rounds will depend on the amount of Captain sign ups and player sign ups. The bracket will be single game elimination.

    Captains may name their team and use any Logo that's available in NHL 18 and LG.

    Seeding and draft order will be randomly seeded after all the Captains have been selected.


    All LGHL Rules will be applied for gameplay.

    Position lock is in affect for ALL players, INCLUDING CAPTAINS!


    Only stat taking required will be the final score.

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