LG Pre-Season Predictions - ft. Stun Gun: CB, Pundit, Legend

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    Hey guys, it’s Stun Gun, finally back in LG, and home from college! It’s time for me to make some predictions that will probably age so poorly that you might as well call me the Irish Guy from HITC Sport (and no, I won’t be making predictions with bets that leave me getting a tattoo saying Cerb is my daddy while playing the violin.)

    Let’s start!

    16. Sassulo

    Another team with a lot of unknowns. Rex, Vonney and Chain will be great, but apart from them, there are question marks. I think they’ll be last but they certainly won’t be as bad as previous bottom fodder teams. I think every team has some levels of strength, and from 12th place and above, there will be close fights.

    Key Players: Vonaey, Jchain

    15. Cagliari

    Yes. I play for Cagliari, yes, I put them 15th. This team is just a big question mark. There’s a lot of unknowns, and it’s hard to tell exactly how they’ll do. They’re simply 15th because of a lot of strong competition, but if this team can get things working well, including MJ’s internet connection ;), I imagine they’ll get into the midfield fight, possibly stealing points from the top from time to time. They’re boom or bust, and I’ll make sure it’s boom.

    Key Players: FB_DGaming, Kevvin488, Stun G- jk, unless? We’ll wait and see ;)

    14. Lazio

    Is it just me that doesn’t see a lot of good things in this team? Jorsilva in the midfield and Girty, Vonnagy, SJ, and Bhooper look great in attack, but you need the other players to be solid too. I think this will hurt them, making them a Juventus but worse in the back.

    Key Players: Jorsilva, Bhooper, xSJ_9

    13. Sampdoria

    They’ve got some decent players in Quick, Dub and Philly, but they spent cash in the wrong places and don’t look very menacing. A largely unproven team too...I’m not very confident about them. But they can prove me wrong.

    Key Players: Quickdraw, Dubcity

    12. Juventus

    Great attack with Dj and Pheonixx, but apart from that there are questions everywhere else, especially in defense. It’ll be a lot like Leeds, scoring 6 and conceding 4 in wins. Entertaining but leaky. Jake will have to work a lot in goal!

    Key Players: djalbanian, pheonixx

    11. Roma

    They’re strong in the midfield, but the attack looks like it might be weak. The defense will be carried by Destiny and Guadrado, and carbajal is a solid GK. They’re down in 11th since the league is so strong. They should be good but I wouldn’t expect a top 4 finish.

    Key Players: Bertinhoooooooo, Guadrado, Destiny

    10. Udinese


    This team looks to also be strong all over the pitch, but my big question is in the GK and in depth. If they get things working well though and play at their potential, they also can be fighting up top.

    Key Players: DevilClutch, KingFetz, Finkleberrie, JBohemian

    9. Fiorentina

    There are a lot of balanced teams in LG this year, with a lot of possible threats. They can do well, although I think they’ll simply be best of the rest. They also didn’t spend a lot, which is great planning for the future.

    Key Players: Manley, Optimus, Fear_Alisson

    8. Crotone

    I don’t know any of these guys except Colombian. They’re a new unit to LG...but apparently they did well in a tournament against LG teams? Teams with previous chemistry are very dangerous, and if they are as good as feared in other rankings, they could be a title contender.

    The way I see it, they’ll either go all the way and win/fight-for the title, or flop and be a bottom feeder side.

    7. Parma

    Another balanced team with strength all around but especially in defense. If Breed and Speedy get cooking on attack, too, this team could make a run for the title.

    Key Players: Knifey, Scrumz, Inferno

    6. Torino

    Another good team, full of LG veterans, and they could very well be deadly. If the guys with experience help some of the newer players get stronger, then this team really could win it all. They’re a very strong dark horse for sure!

    Key Players: BroadwayCj, Thunderaxx, Naxvyy, Sheikh

    5. Genoa

    Any team with KevinSLB1302 is a deadly threat. Giving him Z, Barros, and other decent players to help him? Watch out LG, 40 goals could be coming from LG’s Cristiano Lewandowksi. ALSO WHY DID NO OWNER SEE SHEPPY GO FOR 500K?

    Key Player: KevinSLB1302

    Extras: z69, Goes, Barros*

    *(they’re also key players, I was making a reference to a show)

    4. Inter

    A very solid team with great depth overall, Albra, Wing, Benfica and Unblunt look great, and you can’t forget Athetiic and Pacher. I don’t think they’re at a level to push for the title, but they certainly should be up in the top 5.

    Key Players: BenficaFan, TacoBoy, littlewing, Ash_bae

    3. Napoli

    Another candidate to win it all. Mayor, Ref, Alonzi, Moodi, NY, Cupid and Fabiolo alongside the best GK in LG? My only question is if they can get it done. There’s tough competition but they will be in the hunt.

    Key Players: Fabiolo, Cupid, NY, Mayor, Azevedo

    2. AC Milan

    They look strong too, with a deadly attacking core and strong flex midfielders in Dattoo/Carlos. If their defenders play well and Marek keeps it lit between the sticks (ok AC me for that lame pun), this team should be up here.

    Key Players: Saboteur, Kix, Infinite, Dattoo, Youssef

    1. Atalanta

    The fact that this team was assembled shows that owners need to do better in bidding! Gireud, Cerb, Wilmas in defense, Blues, Cosmin, Gosling, Omar, Jack, and icy up top, and Callum not assigned a position? I’ll be disappointed if they don’t win the title! Elite talent here, and we know they can back it up.

    Key Players: Callum, Jackovasaurus, Blues, Gosling, Cerb, Gireud

    Well, that’s it! How do you like my predictions? Let me know what you think, and let’s have a great season on LG footy!

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