LG TC TOURNAMENT #3 - 03/16-18/18 (FRI, SAT, SUN)

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    Hello all Training Camp members and management members (Owners, GM’s, and AGM’s) of all 60 respectable teams in the CHL!

    Below is information regarding the LG TC Tournaments that are run on the weekends including rules, regulations, and those who may play.

    Please be advised that these rules may be susceptible to change based upon collaboration, player involvement, and such other reasons

    Welcome to LG TC Tournaments on Weekends!

    Below is information about the TC Tourneys that will be run weekly in LGCHL.

    ● When: Tourneys will be played on Friday (night), Saturday (night), and Sunday (afternoon)

    ○ Friday
    ○ Saturday
    ○ Sunday
    ● Format: Tourneys will be played by the following format:
    ○ Night 1: Round 1: Round Robin between three different teams (Games: 3)
    ○ Night 2: Re-Rank from Round 1 - Single Elimination (Games: 3 or more)
    ○ Day 3: Best of 3-Game Series for the Championship (Games: 3)
    ● Time: Times of the games being played will be:
    ○ Round 1: Friday night - 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 PM EST
    ○ Round 2: Saturday night - 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 PM EST

    (May need games in between to compensate more teams playing during the tourney)
    ○ Championship: Sunday afternoon - 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 PM EST
    ● Whom: Tourneys for TC development will allow the following members to play game(s):
    ○ 1 Management member from one of the 60 respectable LGCHL PSN teams
    ■ Either owner, general manager, or assistant general manager
    ○ 5 TC members from the LGCHL PSN’s respectable team
    (Exception if team does not have enough TC's is to use the TC S7 Combine Discord Server - Exception will be if team only has 5 players, we will assign you a TC / player to fill last position)

    ● How: Signups as of right now will run through two members:

    ○ Message the above mentioned members and they will communicate with the management member who is requesting to play.
    * Teams MUST signup by their LGCHL PSN team, meaning there MUST be a management member involved with the team - we will accommodate those TC members who are part of a LGCHL PSN team that is not playing in the tournament as reserves to fill those positions that may need to be filled - PLEASE TC'S DO NOT MESSAGE US ABOUT PLAYING - WE WILL CONTACT YOU! *

    All rules for the TC tournament follow the rules and regulations of LGCHL PSN - you may access those rules and regulations under the forums pages of LG.

    Due to time constraints, the lag out procedures will be modified - instead of resetting, if there is only ONE lag out continue to play the game. If there is TWO OR MORE OR GOALIE LAG OUT, follow the same procedures as LG.


    Stats will be recorded very similar like LG games - 4 pictures will need to be taken - 1 of the box score (scoring by period), 1 of the game stats (general stats of the game), and 2 pictures of the player summary (need 2 pictures because there are several columns of stats) - refer to the LG stats forum to see what pictures need to be taken.


    Will consist of the following - 1 management member - either Owner, GM, AGM - and 5 TC members from that given team. If the team that is willing to play in the tourney does not get a full 6, below are the steps to fill that last position:

    ● If a team is missing a player, we will use the Discord TC Development channel to bring in
    another TC to play with the team

    ● If we are unable to fill the final position with another TC, we will message the management
    member and will notify them that they may use an Active Roster member from their team (only 1 AR is allowed other than management member).

    Rules Regarding the Extra AR Member

    An Active Roster member may be used when we are unable to fill the last position with any random TC. Regarding this, the Active Roster member may only play ONE game during each night. For instance, if there is one position not filled, an AR player may play the Friday night 8:30 game but cannot play the 9:30, 10:30 games that night. They may play the following night if the team moves on, but once again, only ONE game per night.


    * Championship game on Sunday CANNOT include any Active Roster member other than the ONE management member - we will accommodate those positions that need to be filled either by another of that team’s TC members or by a random TC player in the LGCHL PSN. *

    Format of Tournament

    The format will change from week to week. Format may include best of series, round-robin, and such other formats like preliminaries. Below is the list of teams that will be participating as of right now (this is subject to change - teams will be finalized on Thursday at 11PM EST).

    List of Teams Participating this weekend:
    1. Sarnia Sting
    2. Rouyn-Noranda Huskies
    3. LG TC RED
    4. LG TC BLUE
    5. Val-d'Or Foreurs
    6. Kootenay Ice
    7. Quebec Remparts
    8. Niagara Ice Dogs
    9. Everett Silvertips
    10. Baie-Comeau Drakkar
    11. Gatineau Olympiques
    12. Saginaw Spirit
    13. Swift Current Broncos
    14. Hamilton Bulldogs
    15. Portalnd Winterhawks
    16. Saskatoon Blades
    17. Seattle Thunderbirds
    18. North Bay Battallion
    19. Moncton Wildcats
    20. Acadie-Bathurst Titan
    21. Halifax Mooseheads
    22. Oshawa Generals


    Please advise any questions, comments, etc. to the following members:

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