LGBA PSN Mid Season Report

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    LGBA Mid Season Report
    Eastern Conference

    1. Charlotte Hornets 11-7 // PF: 1256 – PA: 1186

    Charlotte leads the east in point
    differential and has so far had a solid season. They’ve hit a bit of a rough stretch as of late but they have the personal to get back on track here. They lead the league in assist and steals per game and are top 3 in 3pt% and blocks. My expectations for this squad the rest of the way is a probably 10 or 11 more wins, and finishing in the top 4 of the east.

    Team MVP – Yahboiaa – 9-2 17.3 PPG/ 9 Ast / 2.5stls

    2. Miami Heat 11-7 // PF: 1127 – PA: 1085

    Miami has so far also had a solid season under new ownership this season. They sit atop the east in a 4 way tie at 11-7. Can they keep it up? I’m honestly not too sure, they sit in the Bottom half of the league in every stat this league tracks. Does this mean this team is bad? Absolutely not. But they aren’t worthy of being where they are currently, based on the statistics. That’s not to say they can’t turn it around and make their underlying stats match their record. My expectations for this squad going forward is .500 or a little over .500 basketball and to finish in a spot between 3-6.

    Team MVP – NOVA-Balla856 7-4 19 PPG/ 9 Ast

    3. Orlando Magic 11-7 // PF: 1161 – PA: 1158

    Orlando started off slow, but has gone 11-3 ever since that slow start. They would still be my pick for the best team in the east if the season ended today. Like every team they aren’t without their faults. ASAP has had a tough season so far, I’m sure he’d admit he hasn’t been his usual self, maybe it’s the shift to PF, he did just drop 24 though so maybe its sign he’s turning a corner. My expectations for this squad is they keep their hot streak going and finish 1st in the east.

    Team MVP – Royaltyx860 8-4 16.3PPG/ 3Ast/ 2Stls

    4. Toronto Raptors 11-7 // PF: 1177 –
    PA: 1133

    What a peculiar season for the former league stompers in the Toronto Raptors. This team is going to about as far as Browness takes them. In this league you need 1 line come playoff time, if you have a line that doesn’t lose, you’re going to win the championship because they can play 60% of the games and on that 1 line you need a PG that can win you games. Browness can win you games. He took a back seat for a while and let Vjustdifferent run the show for a few games then came out and dropped 45 and 53 against the Bulls and hawks respectively. This is what the raptors need if they want to be successful. I expect Browness to revert back to his usual ISO self (the raptors are in the bottom 3 of the league in assist) lead the raps to a top 2 seed and then anything goes come playoff time.

    Team MVP – Browness- 6-4 28.5PPG/ 5.8Ast/ 1.7Stls

    5. Boston Celtics 10-8 // PF: 1215 – PA: 1170

    What a wacky season it’s been for Vamp and the funky bunch. If you looked at the definition of top heavy in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Vamps Celtics. Vamp is sporting a 1-7 record, yet his team is 10-8. Quick math will tell you that he’s been a part of 10% of their wins, and 88% of their loses. So undoubtedly he hasn’t been good, but you know what he has been good at? Scamming the league. He got his not so great GM to quit, and then put one of the better players in the league in Bumpylock onto a free contract, found a diamond in the rough in DotNastyQ (more on him later) and has this other line just beating everyone. Kudos to him. My expectations for this team is another 10-8 2nd half and a 4-6 seed in the east.

    Team MVP – DotNastyQ 9-3 40(!)PPG/ 9.5Ast/ 1.7Stls

    6. Cleveland Cavaliers 9-9 // PF: 1205 – PA:1194

    What a roller coaster season it’s been for the Cavs. Bumped quit, and Evildestiny(?) took over, not worth a free contract but he’s keeping the boat afloat. Well he’s not, but Chinua6 is. Remember him? The guy who was accidently bid up to 10m, well its turning out he might have actually been worth that price as he’s having a hell of a season up to this point. My expectations for the squad the rest of the way are realistically pretty low, they have a boatload of cash. Could they actually use it? Who knows, but the roster right now won’t get them far and if Chinua isn’t playing 4 games a week this team is going have a hard time winning games and they could miss the playoffs.

    Team MVP – Chinua6 6-2 35.8PPG/ 9.Ast/ 1.9Stls

    7. Indiana Pacers 9-9 // PF: 1110 – PA: 1054

    A team that I initially seen after bidding and pretty much mentally dismissed, they’ve surprised me thus far and are holding tight at 9-9 and look like they may have better odds to make the playoffs rather than the Cavs. They’ve had a pretty inconsistent seasons, with 2-4 / 3-3/ 4-2 weeks. Looking at the stats, this team isn’t in the top 10 in any category outside of steals. They also have zero guards averaging over 20 points, they are certainly an oddity in terms of the distribution of their scoring and I believe they may be winning on chemistry and defense. My expectations for this teams 2nd half is probably a 8-10 or 9-9 finish, maybe possibly squeaking into the playoffs as an 6 seed.

    Team MVP – jjcortez256 6-4 21.3ppg/5.2Rpg/3Ast/2.5Stls

    8. Atlanta Hawks 8-10 // PF: 1056 – PA: 1210

    This team has really turned around in a good way, after starting the season 1-5 this team has gone 7-5 since then, not earth shattering but very solid in this league which thankfully is starting to show a lot more parity then seasons past. So what happened to turn their season around? Well just some dude named Tarius Hill. I have no clue who this guy is but he has been the heartbeat of this team ever since being called up, he has really led this club and brought them up from the ashes of the east and made them into a Legit playoff threat and good for them. My expectations for this squad moving forward, well I just hope they play Tarius as much as possible and hopefully they can squeak out a 10-8 maybe 9-9 record and it might just be enough for an 6 seed.

    Team MVP - Tarius Hill 7-2 26PPG/ 9.7Ast/ 1.8Stls

    9. Chicago Bulls 8-10 // PF: 1096 – PA: 1113

    This is the team that has surprised me the most, and not in a good way. If I told you “Hey I have this team, with a 31 PPG PG and a former MVP on the same team “ you’d be like wow they would be good, eh? Well No, they haven’t been great. This team could easily be 11-7 or 10-8 as they have lost some very close games, and like I said they have some great players, but even their statistics aren’t great as they finish outside the top 10 in the majority of all the major statistics. The Chizzy at PG experiment also hasn’t worked IMO, I believe he’s more suited SF.
    My expectations for this squad are to finish very strong and finish in the playoffs, their roster is just too skilled to not.

    Team MVP – Kingdeydey_ 6-5 31.2PPG/ 8.1Ast/ Stls

    10. New York Knicks 4-14 // PF: 970 – PA: 1266
    Somethings just go together real well, peanut butter and jelly, Sports and cold beer, Browness and screens and the New York Knicks and sucking. If the multiverse were true Id bet the knick’s would be ass there to, ass in every universe. James Dolan PhntmShark returns again this season, sadly the results haven’t changed. After starting 1-11 though they did manage to have a 3-3 week this week with an impressive win over the east leading charlotte hornets, so maybe their turning a corner? My expectations however, is that they don’t have the pieces to contend every night.

    Team MVP – GzeusChrist 9.3PPG/ 7.6Rpg/ 1.3Stls/ 1.4Blks
    Western Conference

    1. Sacramento Kings 13-5 // PF: 1349 – PA: 1045

    Hands down the top team in the league by quite the margin, by margin though I mean point differential because personally I believe some other teams have more depth then this team. However clearly they are the Kings of the league at the moment no pun intended (well maybe pun intended). They are at least top 5 in every major count statistic in the league outside of blocks, which is a pretty useless stat imo. They have an elite scorer in both lineups, in the form of Naj and Thorpe. I feel their game 5 lineup could beat any line in this league when the game is on the line and realistically like I said before that’s all you need in this league when it comes to the playoffs. My expectations from this team is another 3 weeks of 13-5 or 12-6 basketball and a clear finish at the top of the west.

    Team MVP – Mynameisnaj 9-1 29.6PPG/ 9.7Ast/ 1.8Stls

    2. Portland Trailblazers 12-6 // PF: 1309 – PA: 1168

    3 weeks of 4-2 gets you the trailblazer’s current record, so if anything they’ve been consistent. Statistically they’ve also been consistent, and the fish they got this offseason in Tito has been worth every penny. He’s really been the driving force of this team which is really hard to do at the position he plays. They did have a dude dropping 50 a game but he’s gone and I feel no need to even mention his name however they have Eric now playing very well for them at the PG position in his absence. My expectations for this team is they may drop off a bit but I still feel they have high enough talent that they will easily make a playoff spot, probably a 11-7 or something along those lines going forward.

    Team MVP – Saytito99 8-2 16.8PPG/ 12.6Rpg/ 7.3Ast/ 4.1Stl/ 2.2Blks

    3. Houston Rockets 11-7 // PF: 1121 – PA: 1079

    After starting out 5-1 in the opening week of the season, the rockets have simmered down with going 6-6 over the past couple weeks. Only beating 1 team with a .500 or better record over that span (rip my suns). However this team is very deep, has two competitive lines with two very competent PGs and a very good C. My expectations for this team moving forward is they probably post something almost identical to what they’ve done so far, were probably looking at a 10-8 or 11-7 finish to the season for these guys. Which is good nonetheless.

    Team MVP – WetLikeKyleLowry 6-3 28.3PPG/ 8.2Ast/ 2.2Stls

    4. Phoenix Suns 10-8 // PF: 1160 – PA:1004

    Alright, here we go once again with trying not to be biased. The suns starting off cool with two 3-3 weeks before grabbing a 4-2 record last week. They have had a pretty consistent season so far but the record could be way better with their second line losing 3 games by 5 or less points. My team has only been beaten by more than 13 points once all season and even when losing has been remarkably competitive. Statistically the Suns have been great, leading the league In FG% and being top 5 in other major categories such as steals and assist. My expectations for the remaining 3 weeks for my team is to not have a week worse then 3-3 and probably will finish the final 3 games with a 11-7 record or something similar to that and make the playoffs in a 3-6 seed.

    Team MVP – Furix24 7-2 20.8PPG/2.6Ast/5.3Stls

    5. LA Lakers 9-9 // PF: 1185 – PA: 1104

    Consistently Inconsistent. That’s what the Lakers have been so far this season, which is unusual of this team after how Burghs Lakers last season were one of, if not the most consistent team in the league. I honestly think this team could be in trouble, their higher priced player in Jay is not having a great year by the standards of his salary, and they are shooting the ball abysmally. The one thing they have going for them is defence, which obviously as the saying goes, wins games but I don’t think the defence will be enough with the lack of depth and lack of top play this team is getting from everyone not named Gee5ive. My expectations for this team is they continue to play mediocre basketball and will fight tooth and nail for the final west playoff spot.

    Team MVP – GEE5iVE04 7-4 28.7PPG/6.5Ast

    6. New Orleans Pelicans 9-9 // PF: 1213 – PA: 1188
    Based on pre-season rankings this has been probably the surprise feel good team of the western conference. After starting the season 2 and 5, the Pelicans have gone 7-4 over the past 11 games, crawling their way out of the basement and into a playoff spot. Newfieboy managed the scheme his way into receiving the uber talented guard Scholz out of the clippers and looks to have the makings of a good game 5 lineup. My expectation for this lineup is that they fight hard against the lakers for the final playoff spot in the west, and finish with probably a 9-9 or 10-8 record in the final 3 weeks.

    Team MVP – xGianTx 8-4 7.9PPG/ 17.5RPG/ 6.3Ast/ 1.8Stls/ 1.3Blks

    7. Minnesota Timberwolves 8-10 // PF: 1101 – 1097
    Wtf? After starting the season 5-1 the wolves gone on a terrible 3-9 mark in the past 2 weeks, and an even worse 1-5 last week. I don’t know what the full story is to what’s happening here in Minnesota but they have some of the higher skilled players in the league, are they might just not be meshing together well or if there some sort of availability issues or something I’m not sure but I fully expect them to bounce back just based on the talent they have but it needs to start soon.
    This team should be in a top 4 seed by the end of the season or this would have been a mess of a regular season.

    Team MVP – THEKIDDKEL 4-5 31.6PPG/ 8 Ast

    8. LA Clippers 7-11 // PF: 784(FFs) – PA: 913 (FFs)

    How the mighty have fallen… and then got back up? After losing 2 of the best players in the league to commitments in other money leagues, the clippers lost 8 in a row, with 3 of those loses being forfeits. Since then? 4 wins in 5 games, kudos to the new clipper management and getting bodies and coming out to play, and win at that. Will this continue and will they make the playoffs? I still find that pretty doubtful but this could turn into a great story and a lesson for new managers that all it takes is bodies and a will to win and you can be great in this league.

    Team MVP – I don’t really want to pick someone statistically here, the MVPs of this team are Adam and Stimezy who will assuredly have their options of owning options next season after the job they’ve done so far with the cards they were dealt.

    9. Memphis Grizzlies 5-13 // PF: 1003 – PA: 1151

    I really thought this season was going to be where Deadlyone’s team broke out like Shookz and ManEaters teams have done after lurking in the basement, however it basically ended when they opened the season with 12 losses in their first 13 games, with the only win coming via FF to the clippers. However in the games after that bad stretch they’ve gone 4-1, however this is a pretty deep hole to dig out of, they’re really going to need keep winning from here on out to contend for a bottom playoff seed, as currently they are 4 games out of the final 2 spots. My expectation for this team finishing is that they will be a .500 team. I believe they will finish 9-9 or 10-8 and play some very competitive basketball, but the losing streak really made this season a wash.

    Team MVP – DTP-LockDown47- 4-6 23.7PPG/5.7Ast

    10. Utah Jazz 4-14 // PF: 1039 – PA: 1316

    Well, the jazz were one of the higher ranked teams just based on their management prior to bidding. But well that was prior to bidding and bidding was a disaster for this team, actually that’s an understatement, bidding was a nuclear catastrophe. I don’t want to get into the rumours of why it was a disaster, it could have been because someone was sleeping, someone just spent the majority of the bidding up-bidding players they didn’t even want, who knows but all I do know now is that the Jazz stink. Their top players are more great complimentary players rather than stars of a team, and this team is lacking a true star. I expect this team to probably go 5-13 or 6-12 the rest of the way.

    Team MVP – Whoever kept bidding up Furi, so I had a chance at him when I lost out on Tito.


    League MVP – SayTito
    DPOY – Furix24
    ROY – DotNastyQ
    MIP – MyNameisNaj
    GM of the Year – Twitch Dirk

    All NBA PG – DotNastyQ
    All NBA SG – Newfieboy94
    All NBA SF – Furix24
    All NBA PF – JJCoretez256
    All NBA C - SayTito
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    Ktwice was great. Shut up. Also Tito Dpoy
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    If toronto is relying on me... we not going far it seems
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    People be sleeping on the Knicks. We haven't rolled over and we are going to keep blacking some eyes until we get some respect. :)
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    You're 8 games out of the tournament. In a 3 way tie for the worst record in the league. There are 7 somewhat competitive teams in the east, atleast by LG standards (Indiana is gonna get shit on), and 5-6 in the west, but they have sacramento so quality over quantity. If you don't want to get slept on then actually fucking do something, rather than shitting the bed
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    Thanks man I really appreciate it I’m just tryna do whatever to help my team win
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