LGBA PSN Week 4 Recap

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    Before this starts, I'd like to thank @Furix24 for collaborating with me on this.


    1) ORLANDO MAGIC (16-8, Streak: L1)
    Week 4 was good for Orlando, only dropping the final game of the week. The biggest of these wins was a 67-46 win over TOR, with EasyMoney6259 dropping 20 on a 7/10 line from the field. EasyMoney leads their side in scoring, with just under 20 points per game and solid efficiency numbers. Royaltyx860 is another big scorer for the Magic, averaging 17.5 points per, and had a good few games against solid competition this week, dropping 29 twice. He also shot great from beyond the arc, at 9/10 and 7/11 in those two games.
    Week 4 MVP: Royaltyx860, two 29 point performances v. ATL and CHI.

    2) CHARLOTTE HORNETS (15-9, Streak: L1)
    Charlotte had a decent week 4, coming out of the 6 games at 4-2. Coreypotter made a roster move by calling up ImNotPasq, who was more than ready to contribute, and he's now leading the Hornets in scoring. Their big win of the week was against Toronto, where efficiency was a big issue. L3GACYx27 has stepped up big time in his first season as a big man, and it showed with his performance against Toronto. 6 points, but 15 boards, 7 assists, 4 steals, and 3 blocks finish out the big's line.
    Week 4 MVP: L3GACYx27 for filling out the stat sheet.

    3) TORONTO RAPTORS (14-10, Streak: W3)
    Toronto comes out of Week 4 only winning half their games, putting them at .500 in their last 10. They did beat MIA 83-51, led by VJustDifferent who dropped 38 and 9 assists with a 12-17 clip from deep, solidifying his spot as Toronto's second best scorer. Different also dropped 30 against CHI.
    Week 4 MVP: VJustDifferent, 2 30+ point games against MIA and CHI.

    4) INDIANA PACERS (13-11, Streak: W3)
    Week 4 saw Indiana go 4-2, with a HUGE win over Charlotte. DATBOYJOHNSON led his side with 27 and 10 assists and good efficiency. ComeCheckMe- had 18 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks, and shot 8/13 from the field.
    Week 4 MVP: ComeCheckMe-, Double Doubles v. CHA, ATL, MIA.

    5) MIAMI HEAT (13-11, Streak: W1)
    Miami dropped 4 games this week, putting them at 5 even for their last 10. A solid start has sputtered out for the South Beach side, dropping games to TOR, ORL, CHA, and IND. Their lone wins came against CLE(FF) and BOS, so not exactly ideal in fighting for a better seed. NOVA_Balla856 balled out against tougher competition this week, with 32 points against IND, 16 and 14 assists against BOS, and 19 against CHA. xKenraqs- also had 27 points against Boston.
    Week 4 MVP: NOVA_Balla856, solid scoring against solid competition.

    6) CHICAGO BULLS (12-12, Streak: L2)
    Chicago was 4-2 in week 4, but those two losses were to East powerhouses ORL and TOR. A big win against CHA is the highlight of that 4. Cryptopowell90 had a huge performance, 22 points, 13 boards, 5 assists, and 4 blocks on 11/13 shooting. Chin Chin had 18 points and 18 assists, but 6 turnovers and 5/10 shooting. In a tight midfield pack of the East, Chicago's gotta step up and fight for a better position. Clearly they can, as they showed by beating CHA.
    Week 4 MVP: Mr. Muted, good scoring numbers and actually passing the ball for once.

    7) ATLANTA HAWKS (11-13, Streak: W1)
    Atlanta went .500 in week 4. Karlitho954 heated up big time towards the end of the week, dropping 26 against top-seeded ORL. Also in that game, Tarius Hill was able to get 29 and 7 assists.
    Week 4 MVP: Tarius Hill, solid scoring throughout the week and good passing numbers.

    8) BOSTON CELTICS (10-13, Streak: L5)
    Boston comes out of week 4 on a 5-game losing streak. Tough.
    Week 4 MVP- DotNastyQ, good scoring in losing efforts.

    9) CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (9-14, Streak: L9)
    Cleveland is on a 9-game losing streak. Yikes.
    Week 4 MVP: the fans

    10) NEW YORK KNICKS (8-16, Streak: W2)
    New York exits week 4 dropping only 2 games. Kanyesnightstand is a big bright spot for a New York team that hasn't had all too much to look at this season. He's scored phenomenally well, and still distributes to his teammates.
    Week 4 MVP: Kanyesnightstand, 25+ in 4 games this week.


    1) PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS (16-8, Streak: W3)
    A 4-2 week continues the success for the top-seeded Trail Blazers. In an interesting roster move, Ezz has pushed away his best player yet again, with Tito leaving. Eric-KVLC has led this team in scoring in the Post-Blicky era, averaging just under 23, with 28 and 10 assists against HOU and 29 and 9 against NOP.
    Week 4 MVP: Eric-KVLC, 2 25+ point performances.

    2) PHOENIX SUNS (15-9, Streak: W1)
    Phoenix went 5-1 in week 4, with a huge FF victory over SAC. Their biggest win they actually played in was 58-46 over LAL. Jlm1410 dropped 18 with 7 assists in the winning effort, and Furix24 had 4 steals. Week 4 MVP: Furix24, 3 19+ point games, 21 steals over 3 games, perfect shooting v. LAC.

    3) SACRAMENTO KINGS (14-9, Streak: L4)
    Sacramento had a rough week 4, dropping 4 games. Of the two wins, one was against top-seeded POR. Some more interesting roster moves, as Parklock and MynameisNAJ are rumored to be leaving. Naj was able to drop 44, 7 assists, and 6 steals in what could be a farewell game.
    Team MVP: I-Thorpe-I for sticking around.

    4) HOUSTON ROCKETS (14-10, Streak: W1)
    Houston leaves week 4 winning 3 of 6 games. One of those wins was a blowout against SAC. Wetlikekylelowry dropped 43 points, 8 assists and 2 steals in the effort. Karlsson_MVP was right behind his AGM with 20 points, 6 assists, and 5 steals.
    Week 4 MVP: Wetlikekylelowry, 4 29+ point games with good distribution numbers.

    5) NEW ORLEANS PELICANS (11-13, Streak: W2)
    New Orleans leaves Mardi Gras and week 4 by only winning 2 games, one due to a forfeit. In their win over LAL, NEWFIEBOY94 scored 26, Scholz2k had a double double with 10 and 12 assists, but xGianTx really shined. He managed 18 points, 20 rebounds, 6 assists, and 2 steals in the win.
    Week 4 MVP: xGianTx, more than 11 rebounds in every game this week.

    6) MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES (11-13, Streak: L3)
    Minnesota went 3-3 in week 4. Minnesota also managed a win against SAC this week. In that victory, THEKIDDKEL had 22 points and 7 assists. MPLS Anderson had a double double with 12 and 14 boards. Week 4 MVP: MPLS Anderson, 2 Double Doubles and a Triple Double against LAL.

    7) LOS ANGELES LAKERS (10-14, Streak: L1)
    It's been a rough stretch lately for the Lake Show, but they were able to break a losing streak by beating HOU. Leading that game was ChrisfromDC with 32 and 11 assists. Oddly enough, the Lakers decide to move ChrisfromDC after this performance. RR_smooveJ also managed 4 steals and a 6/7 clip from the field.
    Week 4 MVP: ChrisfromDC, 16+ points in his 4 games this week.

    8) UTAH JAZZ (10-14, Streak: 6W)
    The Jazz had a fantastic week, going 6-0. It's been largely a team effort, with Owner DevilClutch1 leading the charge at 18.6 points and 7 assists per. In a fight for the last playoff spot in the West, the Jazz will need more performances from all 10, like RayyLaFLame's 41 against MIN. The second line's been a struggle, but RayyLaFLame and cerb-EXE have managed to pick up their scoring, the latter hitting a game winner over PHX. TC AyoWhiteBoy has shown up to be a dominant center for the Utah side in this second half. Will be interesting to see if he's called up for the coming weeks.
    Week 4 MVP: RayyLaFLame - 41 points in a win over MIN.

    9) Memphis Grizzlies (8-15, Streak: L1)
    Memphis went 3-3 in week 4 with 2 good in-conference wins over LAL and NOP in their 6 games this week. DTP-LockDown47- led the way over LAL with 24 and 11 assists. Chef_boyrgangsta with 17 boards shows some promise as a bigman. Ghostgang_Pharoh also had 20 in the win.
    Week 4 MVP: DTP-LockDown47-, great scoring for a 9-seed team.

    10) LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS (8-16, Streak: L3)
    The Clippers went 1-5 this week, the lone win being against MEM. TheOpenSharp had 34 points, 5 assists, and 2 steals with a whopping D+ grade. IamBuko also had 19 in the win. Unfortunately the Clippers did take a few forfeits this week, which is slightly confusing seeing the number of players they've used this season.
    Week 4 MVP: Adam and Stimzey for showing up.

    League Leaders - Min. 9 GP
    DotNastyQ - 36.1
    RPG: xGianTx - 17.2
    APG: Trckze - 10.3
    STL: Furix24 - 5.8
    BPG: Cryptopowell90 - 2.9
    FG%: Furix24 - 80.4%
    3PT%: Skorosty - 78.3%

    Thank you for reading. Good luck in weeks 5 and 6!
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    That moment u had 18 assists and 6 turnovers but they got every fucking pluck :confused:. Should do award ladders in conjunction with the recaps, atleast in the future, not sure how you can put charlotte in front of chicago when they had to double me to get close to stopping me (I'm 2nd line) and they still couldn't do shit. 5 wide baby nvm lmao i thought this was a power ranking
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