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    League Hierarchy

    Commissioner: @whiteb0y9o2

    BoGs: @Wzia @xZxKrazixZx @Sakic x 91 @Wesley Snip3zzz


    League Structure

    • The LGBA has a tentative length of 11 weeks (1 week Preseason, 6 week Regular Season, and 2 weeks of playoffs. Plus 2 weeks before the season to choose owners, and draft teams/players) each season, and consists of 8 teams.

    • Each team can have up to THREE players in management on their team (Owner, General Manager, and Assistant General Manager).

    • The Owner and GM are decided on before bidding, while the AGM is not chosen until AFTER bidding.

    • Owner: Has final say on all team decisions. Will be the one to communicate and be communicated with League Management. Any questions his team may have should be directed to him or his management team. Owner’s should be the management member to handle all roster actions i.e., Trades and Waiving players.

    • General Manager(GM): Should be in tune with the Owner as to what expectations are for the team. This member should be viewed in same light as owner as far as being someone the team’s roster can come to when having issues of any sort. The General Manager should then communicate with the owner. If an Owner is unavailable than it falls onto the GM to handle the role for as long as needed. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

    • Assistant General Manager(AGM): Should be considered a part of the management team but this member is more in charge of gameday issues. The AGM is like the “TC” of the management team. If a member of management needs someone to step up he needs to be there help pick up the slack for the night. Selected after the draft.

    • Active Roster: These members are the top 9 players listed on the roster. These are the guys who should be playing in the games on game nights. They are required to be playing regularly and showing up when scheduled or disciplinary action should be being handed out on them. These members can play up to 3 games a week. A roster player must give AT LEAST 4/6 availability for the week on their team’s game signup page in order to be guaranteed 3 games a week.

    • Training Camp Roster(TC): The rest of the roster falls into the TC Category. These members still deserve an opportunity to play if the Active Roster players are not showing up on game nights. If active roster members aren’t signing up for games but TC guys are than TC guys should be getting the confirmations to play.
    Teams and Players are chosen through a draft; the first of the two is the team draft.

    • The order of the Team Draft is determined through a Random Number Generator, while the order of the Player Draft is reverse order of the Team Draft. For example, if an owner gets the 3rd Pick in the Team Draft, they will have the 6th Pick in the Player Draft.

    • Classic teams from the ‘99-’00 season forward (as well as current teams) are allowed to be chosen in the Team Draft.

    • The Current Day Chicago Bulls are NOT allowed to be chosen in the Team Draft.

    • No franchise may be selected twice. If an owner picks the ‘11-’12 Oklahoma City Thunder, the Current Day OKC Thunder are INELIGIBLE to be picked as well.

    • The Player Draft order is the reverse of the Team Draft order.

    • The Player Draft will be SEVEN (7) Rounds, and will be a Serpentine Draft.

    • Management will have TWO (2) Minutes to pick players. If you do not pick within 2 minutes, your pick will be forfeited.

    • Games are at 10 PM and 11 PM Eastern on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.


    Roster Restrictions

    • Each team will have NINE (9) players on their main roster.

    • Each player on a team’s main roster can play up to THREE (3) games a week.*

    • A player will be able to play one position up or down from what they signed up to play.* For example, if a player that signed up to play SF can play SG, SF, and PF. However, this player is NOT allowed to play PG or C.
    Each player is allowed to change their position ONCE during the season.

    * Management (Owner, GM, and AGM) are excluded from these two rules. Owners, GMs, and AGMs are allowed to play at any position and up to FOUR (4) games a week.

    • Random Assignments will be automatically assigned to teams.

    • This makes keeping on top of your roster very important. If members are completely ignoring your Management team than starting doing disciplinary actions. This helps cut the guys out who aren’t helping your team and gives you a roster spot that can be filled by a new sign-up

    • Trade window is Friday 12 AM Eastern until Monday 8 PM Eastern.

    • Players may only be traded if all games they participated in have had their stats input.

    • You may only trade players for similar level players

    • League Management may override trades under certain circumstances. Try to keep trades fair.

    • Salaries are currently not being used, but once they are implemented than you can not exceed your team’s salary cap due to trade.

    • Players may request a trade at any time.

    • For a trade request in the LGBA you need to start a conversation in LG and include: Owner, GM, and 2 League Staff Members (Listed at top of post).

    • Players who request trades must be moved by the end of the following trade window or Owners are required to waive that player.

    • Players may not publicly state they are on the trade block if they use their trade request. Doing so will void the request.

    • Management may not publicly state their trade block.

    • Players may not message another management team in order to broker their own trade.

    • Management may only contact other managers to make trades. They cannot talk to a player on another team (regarding trades) unless given permission by that team’s management.

    • Trades are approved and denied by LGBA Staff.

    • Your Active Roster can not exceed 9 players.

    • If at any time your Active Roster is over 9 you must make proper adjustments before your next scheduled game time.

    • If your Active Roster is over 9 players at a scheduled start time, your game will be forfeit.

    • Player movement is available during the weekend.

    • Any player being sent down from the Active Roster must clear waivers before being sent to your team’s TC.

    • TC's are only allowed to play up to TWO (2) games a week. A TC may be called up mid-week in order to play a 3rd Game, but you must waive another player in order to stay at a 9 Man Roster.


    Game Night Procedures

    • Nightly lineups are due by 9 pm est the night of games.

    • Must have 5 confirmed players.

    • Members may only be confirmed for 3 games maximum.*

    • This is also the maximum amount of games a player may play in a week.

    * This excludes management, who are allowed 4 games a week.

    • “Manager on Call” must be set correctly. They are responsible for:

    1. Having the opposing MOC on his Friends List so he can send the invite in a timely manner.

    2. Having a lobby up by 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

    3. Getting all players into that lobby as soon as possible.

    4. Handling his team’s TC needs quickly.

    5. Making lineup adjustments and filing action centre reports on players who did not show up for games.

    6. Taking pictures of post game stats.

    • Games are scheduled to start by 10 & 11 PM Eastern.

    • An extension of up to 10 minutes may be requested before the scheduled start times.

    • After 10 minutes the game is a forfeit by the team not fielding enough players.

    • A reschedule may be requested. All reschedules are due by Saturday of that week.

    • The team that has all players ready is not required to take the reschedule request, and is allowed to take a forfeit if the opposing team cannot field a team of 5.

    • If you reschedule a game, a date must be agreed upon and sent to League Staff before Midnight Eastern.

    • If a reschedule is agreed on, then all game night’s rules will be in place for the rescheduled date.

    • League Management may request a reschedule at any time.

    • The league wants to see 100% of all games played. Numerous forfeits may result in:

    1. Suspensions of management.

    2. Blacklist

    • If a player is having issues connecting/staying connected a TC must be contacted and brought in regardless of time. Be prepared.

    • If a player lags out in the 1st 2 minutes of the 1st quarter all players must quit and the lobby restarted.

    • If you are the lagged out player take a recording of the screen. Those 30 second recordings can be used to defend a disciplinary action if people claim you quit.

    • If the same player lags out twice a replacement player should be found.

    • If numerous players continually lag out in 1st few minutes of a re-set up game than a new host must be chosen.

    • After 2 minutes, if any player drops out the game will be played out as normal.

    • If a 3rd player lags out the other team may take a forfeit win.

    • They must communicate with the other team that they will be taking the win or rescheduling.

    • Games can be played out still to acquire stats but it will not change the outcome of the game’s victor.

    • In some instances a reschedule may be required as per League management due to 2k’s servers.

    • Stats are required to be entered within 48 hours of scheduled game time.

    • Winning team is responsible for inputting all stats

    • It’s always recommended each team takes screenshots of the stats.

    • TWO (2) Screenshots are required after completion of each game.

    • Team Comparison. Found before quitting out of the game. [​IMG]

    • Gamertag Stats. These are found after you quit from the game and returned to the player lobby.[​IMG]

    • Stat entry is ultimately the Owner’s Responsibility to make sure they are completed in a timely manner.

    • They may assign them to whichever manager is on call of if one volunteers.

    • If this Manager fails to do so than an action centre should be completed on them.

    • If an owner has no proof of delegating this responsibility than the action centre will be done on them.

    • Forfeits will be entered as a 1-0 score.

    • All players positions need to be changed to DNS so it doesn’t affect per game averages.


    Gameplay Rules

    • Games will be played with SEVEN (7) minute quarters on Hall of Fame difficulty.

    • An NBA player can play one position up or down from their listed position.
    If an NBA player does not play a certain position in real life, they are not able to play it in LGBA. For example, Jabari Parker is listed as a PF in NBA 2K18. Even though he’d be allowed to play C based on LGBA’s position rules, he is not allowed to play C as he does not ever play that position in real life.

    • “Zig-Zagging” is not allowed. “Zig-Zagging” is defined as moving your character left and right with your left stick (Your player looks like they're entire body is turning left or right when moving). Zig-Zagging is NOT to be confused with a crossover.
    Cherry Picking is also not allowed. You must wait until your team has full possession of the rebound until you can run to the other end of the court.

    • The 5 Out Offense (Having 5 3PT Shooters on the court at once) is prohibited. 5 Out Offense is defined as having 5 players on the court at once, with all 5 sitting outside the 3 point Arch with no intention of moving off ball.

    • You cannot take a charge outside of the 3PT arch. Charges are only allowed to be taken on the inside of the arch.

    • A player is not allowed to set an Offensive Screen in the Restricted Arch. If you do not know what the Restricted Arch is, it's the half circle in the paint that's right under the basket.

    • Doing a full court press WHILE UP BY TWENTY (20) OR MORE POINTS is not allowed. If you are winning by less than 20 (or losing by any score), you are allowed to full court press.

    • Failure to follow these rules can lead to suspensions or even worse punishments if deemed appropriate.
    If you feel your opponent has broken a rule, file an Action Centre complaint. The best evidence to give is a saved stream of the game.

    NOTE: Just because something is not explicitly stated in the rules does NOT mean it's allowed. If a new exploit is found, the Commissioner and BoGs reserve the right to punish whoever uses them.


    Playoff Restrictions

    • Playoffs follow all rules above, with a few notable exceptions and additions.

    • Playoffs consist of FOUR (4) teams and TWO (2) rounds.

    • Round 1 (Semi-Finals) will be a FIVE (5) game series. Round 2 (Finals) will be a SEVEN (7) game series.

    • Games will be at 10 PM & 11 PM Eastern on Monday & Tuesday, and 10 PM Eastern on Thursday for Round 1.

    • Games will be at 10 PM and 11 PM Eastern on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday, and 10 PM Eastern Friday for Round 2.


    • For Round 1, any player is eligible to play Game 5.

    • For Round 2, you MUST schedule all roster players 3 times by game 6.


    Player Conduct

    • LGBA is a Defamation-Free zone. Trash talk is allowed until it becomes a negative towards league morale. Complaints may be filed if received through: Leaguegaming.com, xbox messaging, ShoutBox, groupme, etc.

    • Defamation is defined as the action of damaging the good reputation of someone.

    • Racially charged terms are not allowed in the LGBA. If someone makes a request for you to stop saying a term they find offensive than you need to be thoughtful of that.

    • They probably aren’t the only one offended, they’re probably the only one willing to say something.

    • If a losing team is trying to dribble out the clock near the end of the 4th quarter don’t pressure them on defense. They have submitted and are just trying to finish the game. Trying to pad stats creates poor morale and is just unnecessary.

    • Points acquired from forced turnovers from pressing will be overturned.

    • Owner’s should be communicating as much as possible through XBox/LG text messaging.

    • Quitting the league after the season has begun results in an automatic 2 season ban.

    • If you signed up and wish to unsign up you must message League Staff.

    • If you are asked by LGBA Management if you are quitting, and you respond yes, you are agreeing that you understand a blacklist request will be filed.

    • "Rage Quitting” or quitting near the end of a close game due to other league “priorities” will lead to an EIGHT (8) game suspension for management, and a SIX (6) game suspension for players on their first offense. A second offense will lead to a TWELVE (12) month Blacklist for management, and a SIX (6) month blacklist for players.

    • This is easily avoided if you do in fact lag out by utilizing the Xbox One DVR to record your loss of connection

    • Conduct unbecoming of a member may provide grounds to be charged with an Offense, based on sufficient evidence being provided within a filed complaint

    • Issues may arise where actions are happening that affect a team/league morale. League admins reserve the right to take any step necessary to correct any issues.


    Action Centre/Due Process/Disciplinary Actions

    • All complaints must be filed through the Action Centre for league management to act on.[​IMG]

    • Must have physical evidence(Video or Photo) for any investigation to start.

    • Do not post complaints of rule violations into the forums. This will not help your case and may hurt your case.

    • If you’re unsure what to file your complaint under, message league management for clarification.

    • Suspension is defined by missing the next “X” amount of games.

    • Forfeits do not count as a game counted towards your suspension

    • Blacklist is defined by instant removal from the league and inability to sign up for any leaguegaming.com leagues until the blacklist is lifted.

    • 1st Infraction of the rules will result in a THREE (3) game suspension

    • 2nd Infraction will result in a SIX (6) game suspension

    • 3rd Infraction will result in League Removal and Blacklist

    • Minimum length of blacklist will be 2 seasons (Current Season and Following Season as well).

    • Your blacklist will end after 6 months if the league fails to advance quickly for whatever reason.

    Rules and Guidelines are subject to change at anytime. A Leaguegaming post will be made if rules are edited.
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    Rules have been edited.

    “• Players may not publicly state they are on the trade block if they use their trade request. Doing so will void the request.

    • Management may not publicly state their trade block.

    • Players may not message another management team in order to broker their own trade.

    • Management may only contact other managers to make trades. They cannot talk to a player on another team (regardingtrades) unless given permission by that team’s management.”