LGBA S20 Starting Soon

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    Are you tired of NHL 19 and its turd shot mentality? Tired of the skill gap being non-existent? Sick of dominating a team only to have them get a lucky bounce and win 2-1? Hate sitting in the box for tripping penalties all game? Well I have news for you! LGBA will soon (start of may) be starting up its second season since moving away from the old "team up model" and into the myplayer 5v5 set up.

    The league is now run with everyone using their individual mycareer players so you get to customize your player to fit your game style which as opposed to "Team up" where you would use actual NBA teams and 90% of the league would have to play with role players.

    Last season we ran with 8 teams and by seasons end we had 215 people signed up (or enough for 16 teams) and we would like to keep those numbers growing. We're currently about to start the conference finals next week, with the finals getting underway the week after. So if you have any interest I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out and sign up for next season so we can continue to build and have fun playing a game that continues to get better year after year as opposed to NHL which seems to get worse.
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