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    Season 18 CHL Management Criteria

    Previous managers no longer grandfathered


    Players who hit ANY of the following criteria are ineligible to to be a Free Contract Manager or a Pre-Bidding AGM (Pre-determined value of 3.5mil)

    Minimum Games Played at Either Level for stats to be considered: 20
    (if this is not met, then staff will not look at player stats; therefore, most likely making most people management eligible)

    Total NHL Win Percentage 55% or higher (Last 6 Seasons)

    Total AHL Win Percentage 60% or higher (Last 6 Seasons)

    NHL PPG (Last 6 Seasons)
    - Forward 2.0
    - Defense 1.25

    AHL PPG (Last 6 Seasons)
    - Forward 2.0
    - Defense 1.25

    - NHL win percentage above 60%
    - AHL win percentage above 65%
    - GAA below 2.25 [In the NHL or AHL]
    - Save % above .800 [In the NHL or AHL]

    ESHL win percentage .699 or higher (both consoles)
    Won an ESHL championship in the last 12 months (Oct to Oct)*game cycle


    Players who have been won in CHL Bidding ONLY are ELIGIBLE to be a Post-Bidding AGM at their Contract Value regardless if they meet the above criteria.

    They will be ineligible to be promoted to a Free Contract Management Position if they meet any of the above Criteria.

    OWNERS ONLY: Exceptions MAY be made if any of the above criteria is made. Reasons for exceptions can include:

    • Best interests of the League
    • Overall potential Management skill
    • Number of Applicants who test/interview (not just apply in the thread)
    • If owner(s) step down mid-season, exceptions can be made for those willing to take a step-up, this is PURELY CASE-BY-CASE and League Staff will have final say.

    We will look to not have to utilize exceptions but MAY for a number of reasons, not limited to the above.


    Players coming off a Ban in Season 18, received a Capital Punishment in the last 7 Seasons or who are on the No Management List are ineligible.

    Players who were management in AHL or NHL in S17 are ineligible.

    Players who won the Stanley Cup or Calder Cup in previous season are also ineligible.

    Once you have accepted a Management Position, you are locked into the role for the entirety of the Season. Removal from Management results in a Seasonal Ban.

    The same applies to GM/AGM's in the CHL. Once you have accepted you are LOCKED INTO THAT POSITION.

    Owners: Think carefully about who you wish to have on your team, ensure you have the same goals and visions/tactics.

    GM/AGMs: Think carefully about anyone asking to be on their management team, ensure you have the same goals and visions/tactics.

    League director reserves the right to refuse management.
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