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    I've seen people here do a League Prediction, I am just very lazy so I went ahead and did just that, but use a tier list to associate the 16 clubs in the league as I've seen them in pre-season and with the week off. These views are just that, my own and no-one else. Be in mind that I will try to still list the reasons for each of the club's and their placements.


    Order of clubs are from left to right:


    1. AC Milan

    @AchiIIes-sV always sets his team up to be in the top of the conversation, and after winning both the league and cup last season, how do you even put them anywhere else but at the top? Sure, this season sees 4 new teams and talent spread further apart... but, this team is prepared for all challenges that come their way.

    The key loss to their team would have to be the retirement of @ballofmoney and having to fill the CB role with a player as crucial as him, may leave a vulnerability for them to contend with, but they're always a team who always seem to be prepared to be with the ball or look to rip the opposition apart on the counter with the frontline duo of @KiXSTAr-sV and @D-Saboteur. Be very afraid of the fluidity of a side who will spare no expense to score.

    2. Crotone

    @xGoom- snagged @ColombianGerman to help him manage to bring his team through the bidding process into the fray. A team who with the chemistry they have are prepared to break apart the monopoly @AchiIIes-sV has on the league. A team who can also grind games out to try to win, the lack of knowledge and readiness brings back vibes that helped Real dominate the league in S11. Will they find a way to break into the LG World and stamp their authority as the best team this season?

    3. Napoli

    @cupid55 , taking over the team from his owner after S11 has found ways to keep the sustained success afloat, all while managing to make excellent trades to tool the team even further. They have shown that they will fight to pull a result and a way to make the other top teams frustrated at how difficult Napoli are to break down. @Fabian I. Rodriguez playing ST for the first time since early S10 will also be an interesting watch if he's able to regain any of the prowess that made him once LG's most feared forward.

    4. Inter Milan

    I hate having this club here. The GK, the DEF and the DMs remain largely unchanged from the team who gave up only 13 goals in 33 games and came within the cusp of snatching the title away on the final day. Adding the Rookie of the Season @xPacher should provide them that offensive support to finally be able to get the goals that they desperately needed last time around. Bidding wasn't the best for @Ash_bae94 as they tried to keep their players from that run and didn't seem to retool for the lineup up top, but maybe that was the plan all along?

    5. Genoa

    @KevinSLB1302 . 35 Million. I didn't think @Goes171 had it in him to do that, but he knew... he needed a top tier attacking option and he spared no expense on the 4-time TOTS, 2-time Ballon D'Or winner. He elevates this team from being giant killers in S12, to a team that under the right circumstances, can put up a serious title challenge. The question remains if the other players can elevate their game day in and day out to help out in the department. Gaining @Z-69-C-del-G to help in the middle of the field and @Goes171 finally settling back to a position where he claimed back to back TOTS and a Beckenbauer, plus adding the likes of @Armando_3266 to the keeper position puts them in a powerful position.

    6. Lazio

    This is a team who I feel honestly won bidding in S13, even with how many teams were going in to bidding. They were able to pull players under the radar and with reasonable prices and seeing how they formed into a team that reminds me of Genoa last season, except with the added threat of scoring goals off the back of @Bhooper182 and @GirthyXL . The worry I have is that if things begin to falter, will they be able to rebound? Or will they slowly fall apart? Watch this team, I will not be surprised if they break into the next tier at the seasons' end.

    7. Atalanta

    This is my team. A boost to a defense in adding both @Gireud and @VibeMerchant , and keeping the midfield and front 3 will certainly be a boost. Will their defense be able to keep the ball away from @Javier 's net? They'll need to if they wish to push themselves into the title contenders section or else a decline will be in the orders of a team @Cosminnn4 has ran for his 7th consecutive season...

    8. Roma

    @Destiny why? :( Ok, besides the point, this team is lead by two defensive juggernauts in @guardado238 and again @Destiny , but it's also a redemption arc for @GK_Carbajal90 as he tries to solidify himself among the GKing elite with his reputation pretty much on full display. The worry I have is that besides the TOTS man himself @TTV-TheManBerto , I don't see where they will get their goals from, and that may play to their benefit or spell their demise...


    9. Udinese

    This team, well. It was interestingly constructed. Expenses were not held back, as @YNWA-17- uses his negotiating tactics to always win on players coming in and going out. I do express a small fear on this team in terms of cohesion as a few poor results in any stretch may de-rail their entire season. Defensively, adding the two time TOTS winner @Devil_Clutch1 with @KingFetz and @Fear-Pique-4 to solidify the CB pairing.. Having @J-Bohemian and @xblasphemee supporting the front line can be a big boost to the team who will find their challenges a little different.

    10. Torino

    Brand new team thanks to the TOTS winner himself @Thunderaxx_ , he finds himself learning how to build a team in LGFA, which is usually always a challenge when coming into the league. He's seems to have embraced the term #ThunderStrikes, which would be a dream for me, except I would watch my team quit on me after Pre-Season. Will they take the mantle of being possible giant killers this season? Or will they try to stabilize themselves as the new team on the block...

    11. Sampdoria

    @Central153 , no disrespect for you, I think your team will do well for what it is at the moment. I just need to see how you will find a way to break the stigma of holding the ball and doing nothing with it. It will be nice to see the midfield of @TENNESSEE-B , @ram_ram_ and @Quickdraw203 form together, but you'll need to have productive goalscorers to make this prediction wrong. Prove me wrong.

    12. Fiorentina

    Spent 8.5 mil on 13 players. Proceeds to spend 19 mil on @MONSTER-MK-9 and @mangulal . I mean, fair play in looking to get forwards to help you score. @manleyFGC will have to pull the bootstraps together to keep this team going again, but at least it's his team instead of being put in a position of caretaker manager. They can be a team to ruin a few teams gameweek, but will that be all they will be? Or can they find a way to keep the morale going with worrying midfield that has to glue the defensive and offensive line.

    13. Juventus

    Hey! Before I go about this, I know that I will upset people, but someone's gonna be here at the end of the season. Remember that as you continue to read it.

    @djalbanian looks to rebuild from a rough first season as owner, and he's pulled some players from bidding that should help them show progress. Problem is that so did the majority of the league. And with that, I feel like they could find themselves in the middle of the table, but the talent in display, may have left them in the dust.

    14. Parma

    Midfield. The midfield is vital to control the game from going into madness. They have a rocksteady defense and a front two who can find ways to score goals, but it looks to be Route One football from these lot. @Rmd_Speedy will have his work cut out from him, and maybe they accept the role of a pragmatic approach to the game? Who knows.

    15. Cagliari - 16. Sassuolo

    I mean these two can flip flop in positions, and I am worried about the state of the clubs. I can trust that @xARROW40x and @CadarianTV will find a way to keep the morale of the club high, but being the newer clubs with little knowledge of the league will lead them to being in the bottom of the pit. I wish them both luck in the season, and hopefully they come to prove my predictions wrong.
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