HeadLine LGFA S15 Bidding Top 3 By Position Bids

A breakdown of the Top 3 paid players by position of S15 Bidding

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    LGFA S15 Bidding Top 3 By Position Bids - A breakdown of the Top 3 paid players by position of S15 Bidding.


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    Hello LGFA!

    I hope you enjoy this read as I break down S15’s bidding results and go over the Top 3 by position by price. Some positions may have more than 3 if the last price has a tie. Some players may have been moved because their position were changed. Enjoy the read and good luck to everyone in S15!


    :team266: Unlucky Dustin :team266:

    With a shortage of top playmakers, it’s no surprise to see Dustin at the top of this list. With the majority of the league’s top scorers from last season mostly taking management (Criminal Lazer, x Mbappe, The Mastro, etc…), it’s no surprise that we have Dustin being the highest paid forward. Dustin’s long experience throughout the years brings not only a prolific scorer/creator to the pitch for the gunners, but also establishes a veteran leadership to the forefront. Can Dustin capture hardware for the first time in either of his previous two qualities?

    :team266: M3NIN :team266:

    Our next top paid forward goes back to the same team that has won Dustin, the gunners! Arsenal clearly favoring that offense wins championships, menin brings a versatile ability to the team. His capability to play anywhere on the pitch and improve the team speaks volumes. Menin has the experience (not as much as Dustin) but the recent time he has spent on FIFA in the past few years has really brought up to higher echelon (see his bidding price for reference). This marks as Menin’s biggest payday since S8 on Bournemouth.

    :team285: Ticket Man Volz :team285:

    When you compare the top paid Forwards in this bidding, Volz stands out as LG’s top tier when it comes to hardware. Previously a ballon d’Or, golden boot, team of the season(s), and multi time league champion, Legit Deigo knew he had to make a play to make the Spurs a contender this season. Snagging a consistent success in LG, look for Volz to carry the Hotspurs attack and be on the forefront for scoring and aiming for his 2ndGolden Boot/Ballon d’Or.

    :team268: DoX Thibeault :team268:

    This final and which might be the most confusing for those that might know him, Thibeault joins the reds and the already deadly attack with Criminal Lazer up top. Thibeault has not found the success in LG like he has outside of LG. For those that don’t know, Thibeault has captured Golden Boots and competed with the best as an outside league’s top premier striker. The only question is, can Criminal Lazer and DoX Thiebeault work cohesively together as a unit and share the spot light?


    :team270: DueY I 1 I :team270:

    As everyone’s favorite Deputy Commissioner (Well, only Deputy Commish), Duey peaks as the highest paid midfielder in bidding. As he likes to let everyone know oh so often, he has a large trophy case and loves to flaunt about it. Multiple league titles, manager of the season, and TOTS, Duey is one of the best pressuring Defensive Mids in LG. Currently holidng the record for tackles in a season, can we see Duey pass 103 Tackles?

    :team470: You Don’t Vape :team470:

    What happens when your first season in LG goes undefeated and tops off with a FA Cup and EPL Title? Well, it’s simple, you become the second highest paid player at your position! Vape has the capability as one of the most versatile players in LG to play anywhere on the pitch and play it well! Vape is still a newer face to the LG scene, but has various league experience outside of LG. Vape primarily sticks to the mid, but look to see him float around if Everton’s needs outweigh at another position.

    :team470: A1Buzzkill :team470:

    Some of you may look at this player’s profile and think, “Um, but why???” Well, just like some of the previous mentions, Buzz has made his living in other leagues. Joining Vape on Everton, both of these players have found their success in PCN. That popularity has carried over and caught the eye of a few of our managers here on LG. Everton looks like they value possession and transition play with paying out top money for the league’s 2nd and 3rd highest paid midfielders.


    Mort Ragnarsson

    LGFA wouldn’t be anything without Mort breaking the barrier of fianances and going obsurdly high once again! Crystal Palace got themselves a steal with the discounted Mort with $3,750,000 off his previous contract! Finding his first glimpse of success last season with West Ham and capturing his first trophy as a part of S14’s Team of the Season, look for Mort to carry that momentum into this season and add more to his collection!

    :team285: TIN045 :team285:

    Returning LGFA BOG, TIN045, returns to the LGFA scene in a big way with a high payday! Providing the much needed help the Hotspurs are going to require from him on the backline, Tino looks to lock it down. With ¼ of the team’s finances being put into Tino, all eyes are on the BOG to perform at the highest of levels and take the team to the next level.

    :team470: Austin l 33 l :team470:

    Although previously mentioned that Everton was pouring a lot of money into their midfield, they still had quite a bit of change to drop on a decorated Center Back! Austin makes the 3rd spot on highest paid defenders and with good reason. Austin has captured two cups, multiple tots, one league title, and formerly the Franz Beckenbauer winner(LG’s best defender). Is Austin primed to capture his second league title and claim perhaps another Beckenbauer? He has the supporting cast to do so.


    :team270: Dude Got Jimmy :team270:

    Highest paid goalie and never played a game of LGFA? Must be some outside league success then? Of course! Jimmy has been involved in various leagues and was the admin of the best league in North America. Jimmy now primarily focuses on NBA but still has the time to play lock up in net for Newcastle this season. Despite Jimmy’s low overall, he still has the capability to shut down opposing attacks and showed that in previous Friday Night FIFA tournaments. If Jimmy can show to the majority of games, look for Jimmy to not only contend for titles with Newcastle, but also submit his name for this season’s Golden Gloves.

    :team285: Shenanigan10 :team285:

    Shenanigan cracks number two on our top three paid lists as a goalie after what was less than stellar season on Manchester City with only playing 12 games (11 in net). Tottenham spent money evenly from Volz (FWD), Tino (Def), and now Shenanigan to finish off the squad from front to back. If team mate TIN045 can captain the backline, Shenanigan shouldn’t have a problem holding his value for the Hotspur this season. Look for him to regain his form from S13 where he was apart of a Valencia that captured three titles that season alone!

    :team268: BIGgirlsNEEDlov :team268:

    This name needs little to no introduction with a gamertag like BIGgirlsNEEDlov. A gamertag like that at least warrants a $2,000,000 bid alone. Another top 3 player by position with no previous LG experience. BIG is a part of a team in PCN Late Night in which various members across LG know his capability. At the end of the day, Pavard was able to reel in the upcomer and what they feel is to be the next big name in net. Look for BIG to make BIG impressions, especially with a solidified backline captained by 3x Beckenbauer Winner, Pavard.

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    Nice to see some newer faces up there! Great read.
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    Biggest overspending goes to Leicester for bidding on yours truly at 6.5
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    Mort going for a crazy amount has become a meme of itself.
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    I’m the best fucking striker ever.
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