HeadLine LGFA S16 : Team of the Week #1 2019-04-29

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    LGFA S16 : Team of the Week #1 - Conversation Starter.


    Hello all!
    Welcome to season 16 of LGFA. I see a lot of new faces, and a lot of familiar faces! Welcome to LGFA, and welcome back to our returning members! TOTW will be released once a week, and will be a starting 11 and 6 subs. If you are interesting in helping or doing other media articles please send me a dm!

    Without further ado, here is week 1 TOTW!


    Congratulations to everyone who made W1 TOTW! If you would like your card please send me a dm on discord!
    @CM9 PT @LxmiTLesS @Strikers98 @Vanquish I 8 I @Shamrockslax24 @DueY I 1 I @Reroot the III @Wanyamaaa @Austin l 33 l @Huskers4lif3 @lL A lK lE @llraylew52ll @daniellelouxox @Soul Wallyson @A1BuzzKill @Bendtner x @DoYouLewyBro

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