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    General League Rules & Etiquette

    This is a gentleman's league! We expect it to be a model of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect towards your playing partners.

    LGGT currently is a console only league, having both PS4 and XB1 players participate.



    Restarting an event, or not submmitting your score for a completed round will be considered a form of cheating.

    If you feel the that a player has cheated, please submit your concern (WITH Evidence) to @eMLBCommish and @Tris10. We ask that NO negative posts be made in the forum.

    Multiple Account Policy:

    Anyone submitting scores for multiple accounts during the same week in LGGT will be subject to review by LGGT Staff, and handled on a case by case basis. If it is considered to be a blatant act to game the system, the individual could be subject to a penalty, that could include a potential removal from LGGT.

    Please note that if you own a copy of The Golf Club on XB1 and PS4, you will be required to play on the console system for the season. If there is any reason you need to switch consoles, you need to bring it to the attention of LGGT Staff ASAP with the reason for switching.

    Policy on "Fair Play:

    What is a big concern in our league is usage of what is called "dead zone" controllers, or controllers that allow you to swing in a perfect line. Anyone found, with appropriate evidence, to be utilizing a controller that eliminates risks of standard gameplay (Always straight shooters, straight line on swing axis), like utilizing a Hori (as an example), will be subject to immediate disqualification, and can be subject to as much as a two season ban, or even a potential lifetime ban.

    Season Information

    The Season is 16 weeks long and broken down as follows,
    - We will vary the tournaments to attempt to evenly find courses from each of the available terrains.
    - For each week, everyone will be able to play 2 tournaments, but a special "Restricted" Course will be made available to play for anyone who's handicap on that course is worse than a +5.0 (Meaning 5 strokes better than Par/Scratch). The First Tournament is the Primary Tournament with 4 Rounds, and the 2nd is a Secondary Tournament that has 2 Rounds, and generally half the points. The Restricted Course will only be 2 Rounds. Every 4th week is the "Major" for the tournament. The Major is, of course, worth more "Points Per Player".

    For purposes of LGGT Points: Primary Events earn 100 Pts/Player. Secondary Events earn 50 Pts/Player. Restricted Courses only offer 40 Pts/Player, due to their limited access. Majors will be worth 200 Pts/Player.

    Event Information

    Events start on Monday at 8:00AM EST Events will conclude on Sunday at 11:59 P.M.

    Each tournament will be a week long, simply play your round(s) anytime that works for you. From time to time, a special extended event will take place, normally season kick-offs or season ending events.

    You are NOT required to play in every single event, much like real life golfers, you can take weeks off. But you will miss out on the chance to accumulate Points. If you played a part of a tournament, but did not complete it, you will receive partial points, but will not be awarded the same amount of points as players who complete all their rounds.

    All Events are played on default difficulty settings with Green Grids ON, unless otherwise stipulated in advance.

    Score Submittal

    We are in talks with HB to supply us with an API to automate this. I dont believe this will be ready for the start of our Tour. In the meantime, stats need to be entered manually. The stats we need is your hole by hole scorecard (ie 5 on 1st, 4 on the 2nd, 4 on the 3rd ect).

    Please note, there is only 1 chance to get your scorecard after your round, make sure you do not progress to the next round/tournament, and you hit "Y" at the end of your round to see your scorecard.

    From the mobile app

    Select the League (LGGT) from the gear icon on the app home
    Select the tournament you wish to enter stats for
    Select the "More" Tab > "Input Stats"

    From The Website

    Goto the Leagues Forum page
    Click on the tournament Image
    Click "Input Stats"


    Events can be found under the LGGT Tour. Go to Play > Play Tour > All Tours > Search "LGGT" > Select the current season and week

    Note: The Restricted Course will be found in the Tournaments menu! Follow the above, but in Tournaments instead. For LGGT, it will be marked with HDCP (Ex: LGGT S3 W1 HDCP) to identify the restricted course.

    If a player finds himself in a position where he cannot escape and reaches the stroke limit, it is within his right to request review of his score on the hole.
    - The player must have some form of video evidence that clearly shows the situation in question.
    - If it is deemed that the player was in the position due to a bad shot, the stroke limit will most likely not be overturned.
    - If it is deemed that the player was victim of a glitch in the game, they may have their score adjusted to a bogey/double bogey, dependant on the situation; At the discretion of league officials.

    Clubs to use on Green: AS OF SEASON 3,Chipping/Flopping on the green is NOW a violation of the rules, and will be monitored! A 1st violation of this rule results in a DQ from the tournament the offense was committed. A 2nd violation of this rule results in a DQ from the entire week of play. A 3rd violation of this rule results in a suspension of the player from the LGGT for one full season. Penalties may be reviewed and adjusted accordingly on a case-by-case basis.

    LGGT Cup Information

    The player with the highest point total at the end of the season will be crowned the Tour's seasonal champion.

    LGGT Points Breakdown:

    We have a custom algorithm, Each tournament will have a "point value" and every member that plays in that tournament adds that value to the Tournaments total pot. From there we divide out the points.

    Each time someone plays in a tournament, they add "X" points to the purse. So if that value is "50" and there are 100 players, That tournaments total purse is 5000. We then spread out the points from 1st to last. To give the leaders a noticeable difference, we add a 7% bonus to be split among the top 10.

    Regular Tournaments will most likely start at 100 points per player, the 2nd tournament would be 50 and Majors would be 200.

    LGGT Points Calculation:

    We have a custom algorithm, Each tournament will have a "point value" and every member that plays in that tournament adds that value to the Tournaments total pot. From there we divide out the points. For example if the tournament is worth "50 Points Per Player" and there are 200 players, the tournaments total pot is "10,000". From there we curve the points down to the last place player. Everyone who plays will get points , reguardless of the field size so don't get discouraged if you have a bad round or two.

    Policy Additions:

    We are able to consider updates to policy on a case by case basis if there is any need to protect the integrity of LGGT as a whole.
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