OFFICIAL LGHL Participation and Seasonal Ban Policy

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    It is important for all players to understand that IF a player has an outstanding ban on his or her account from ANY league offered here on LG, that ban will prevent a user from signing up for any esport event, or league that currently has open signups.

    If a player is issued a ban in the LGHL on Xbox or on PSN, that ban will remove the player from BOTH leagues. No other league bans are currently linked together thereby will not remove a player from a current season or live event.

    The ban in question can be appealed, OR the fine associated to the ban can be paid to grant access to all leagues and events again.

    Ban fines ARE NOT eligible to be bought out within the same season the ban is issued!


    As a player in this league, it is paramount to know what is expected of you when you sign up to play in the LGHL. Setting clear expectations of what is considered the "basics" ins and outs of the league will allow a better experience for all users here on League Gaming.

    Responsibilities of a player or manager who has signed up for the coming season:

    1. You are required to give a weekly availability in your team's locker room [on the site or via the mobile app] for the MINIMUM number of game required on a weekly basis. The deadline to submit your availability to ensure you are scheduled based on said availability is Saturday of the coming week of play at 11:59 PM est.

    2. You understand that you are signing up for an eight- or nine-week season [depending on what tier you play in] followed by a potential four or five-week playoff. You are required to remain active the entire time during the duration of the season which does include the playoffs. If you have a personal or work conflict that prevents you from playing for a short period of time, you are eligible to request a two-week IR which allows you to sit out without the consequence of being removed from the league.

    3. You understand that the League Gaming Code of Conduct [hyper link] applies to every league-related interaction you have with one another regardless of platform is used. You also understand that as a member of this platform you are considered an ambassador of League Gaming therefore the morals clause outlined in the Code of Conduct allows site admin to remove a player from a league or an event for misrepresenting League Gaming in any form of media or on any platform.

    4. You have read and understood the terms outlined within the League Gaming Terms of Service - Privacy Policy [hyper link] and are aware that:
      Exhibit A: #10
      "10. Company reserves the right to terminate your Service with or without notice and without liability or penalty to itself in the event that Company determines that you have violated these Acceptable Use Policies or any other term of the Terms of Use."

    5. You understand that the LGHL is a simulation league that is designed to simulation the journey from the CHL, to the NHL and all of the possible stops along the way. Team selections are handled by a bidding system where players are assigned a set value based on scouting or past league experience. Demanding a trade to a specific team, refusing to play for an organization, throwing games on the ice or even playing in a manner that is not your best effort to win, are all examples of extreme violations that will result in the maximum punishment the league can issue a player.

    6. In the LGHL, if a player is issued a season ban, that ban is NOT eligible to be bought out within the same season the ban is issued in. That means if a player is not granted an appeal, the player must sit out a MINIMUM of one season prior to being eligible to return to action via a ban buyout.

    7. All players do have the right to appeal a ban they have been issued. All appeals need to be filed with appropriate proof in the Action Center [hyper link]. If you have any follow up questions regarding your ban appeal, you can send a message on the website to @LG McDonald

    LGHL - LGAHL - LGCHL Seasonal Ban Policy
    While participating within the LGHL - LGAHL - LGCHL on either console players need to be familiar with the seasonal ban policy and procedure. Below are examples of each ban that can be issued by league staff if an appropriate complaint is filed:

    One Season Ban

    • single-season bans are ONLY given to the CHL Training Camp players who become inactive or do not respond back to the 72-hour warning. An appeal will be granted to players who want to return and play.
    Two Season Ban
    • All standard bans in the LGHL-LGAHL-LGCHL are two-season bans.
    Three Season Ban
    • All standard league bans issued after the Official League Trade Deadline are upgraded to a three-season ban.
    Capital Bans
    • Based on the information listed above a Capital ban [CO ban] is issued for serious league violations.
    • CO bans require a player to serve the FULL THREE SEASONS of the ban AND pay the $100 fine associated with the ban in order to return to play.
    • Paying the $100 dollar fine PRIOR TO serving the three seasons DOES NOT end this type of ban early!
    • Reference the CO Ban policy updated from 2018 via Tris10's update post.
    In January 2018 we updated our ban buyout policy based on the most commonly received feedback from management and players. The 2 most common requests are
    1. Increase buyout for repeat offenders
    2. At a certain point, the length of the ban should be served and can not be bought out
    3. No chat mute buyouts for certain lengths
    These 3 requests will be part of our new policy, as well as a new classification of "Capital Offense".

    The capital offense will replace the old site ban system. Here is a brief point form of the changes

    • Moving all currency to CAD from USD
    • Tiered Ban Buyout Amounts (over a 5-year span)
      • 1st Offense - $50CAD
      • 2nd Offense - $75CAD
      • Capital Offense (3 or more in a 5-year span) - $100CAD. Below are points for anyone with a capital offense
        • MUST Serve a min 3 season ban, regardless of when the fine is paid.
        • Includes a 6 month chat mute
        • If it's a ban for the LGHL, can not play in either the Xbox or PSN until the min 3 season ban. However while this person is serving a capital offense they could buyout and play in other LG leagues (ie FNP, ESHL, CanAm, LGFA etc)
        • Must pay the ban fine of $100 to ever be allowed to come back and play in any league at LG.
        • Capital offenses do NOT expire over time, even after the three seasons have been severed.
    • Any chat mute that is 6 months must serve 2 months of that mute that can not be bought out.
    • The only situation whereby a site ban is issued is when a player who is currently serving a CO ban, is issued an additional CO ban, a one-year site ban will be issued as well.
    • *When a player accumulates more than three bans within a five-year span, every ban including the third ban will be a Capital Offense ban issued to the player.


    eSport Hockey League Ban Policy

    Players who have an active ban on his or her account from ANY of the LG leagues or events or an active Capital Punishment will be required to buy out that ban prior to being eligible to participate in an any of the Esport events offered on LG.

    LG reverses the right to revoke a player's eligibility to an Esports event based on the request of the host sponsor. Sponsors will be given a list of players currently on a league ban or serving a punishment for code of conduct violations with a recommendation from LG on which players to avoid and possibly exclude from future events. These players will remain on the last for a MIN of one year from the date of his or her's violation. The list can be referenced here:

    Any ban questions related to esports can sent to @ShortyxLOSE, @LG McDonald and @Tris10.

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