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    Hello everyone, SilkyandSmarsh Media team here for LGHL PSN. We just finalized our NHL and AHL show for the season to wrap up our games for Season 17.

    Congratulations! to the Vegas Golden Knights and the Toronto Marlies

    We have a great schedule coming up for the SilkyandSmarsh Show

    a highly anticipated interview with Brodie (AKA @LG McDonald).

    Please in this forum or the other forum post we have around. Comment a question you would like to have answered from the Commissioner of LG himself. We will pick a range of questions so we can get as much as we can answered.

    We will be doing the award show for the NHL and AHL respectively. You can find our stream schedule for upcoming week below and our twitch link.

    Please go give us a follow as it will inform you to when we go live. We hope to have given the LGHL PSN community a platform to enjoy and create an immersive experience and in depth analysis on the season.


    WEDNESDAY 9/15/21 (Interview LG McDonald)

    @ 8:00 PM EST / @5:00 PST

    SUNDAY 9/19/21(NHL & AHL Awards Show, w/ coverage of CHL Memorial Cup)

    @7:00PM EST / @4:00PM PST

    After that we may cover rest of Memorial Cup but that should follow the rest of the streams until Season 18. We will keep everyone updated regarding that. You shall expect to see us ready to go for draft and bidding. We are trying to add earlier streams into the mix, warranting we get access to certain ideas we have thrown out to Tris.

    Thank you to all of guests that came on the show and made the show more exciting. and a special thank you to all the viewers, who followed and people who chatted with us on a consistent basis. You guys give us fuel to keep this going and we wouldn't be here without the reception that we have got. We love to see everyone enjoy the content and be apart of the media on LGHL PSN.

    Twitch link is here---------->

    Please give us a follow, if you enjoy the content and would like to better informed on when we go live this is the way to do it. Ask any question below in the comment section for any questions you would like brodie to answer. Also any ideas of future show recommendations will be accepted via DM and PMs to Silky or I, you may also comment below and suggestions. We may be looking for an extra host and possible recruiting some members to make a smooth process to the stream and create a bigger operation out of this. We appreciate all the love and reception we have got from doing the show. We have enjoyed every single show. We are only just getting started. Our discord is also open for community members to share their opinions and that is a good way to get in touch with us.

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    Question for McDonald:
    LG is at a crossroads on the PS side due to a number of issues. There are players who can’t and/or won’t be signing up going forward because of the cost associated with purchasing a cross-gen NHL 22. There are additional players who don’t plan on signing up because of the evolving second tag issues; 1 tag banned in the quarterfinals, 2 in the semi-finals rendering the Mem Cup final unnecessary. What steps will be discussed to ensure the league’s integrity remains intact? Why isn’t the league more transparent with its findings to void rampant pontification? I understand the league’s popularity has increased in past seasons, but at what cost to the future of the league?
    Thank you.
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