HeadLine LGHL S30 Team Reviews: Eastern Conference

Detailed look + song for every team before the puck drops tonight!

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    LGHL S30 Team Reviews: Eastern Conference - Detailed look + song for every team before the puck drops tonight!.


    This may go on record as one of the longest threads and also have the most images/videos from one post (GG Lou). Be sure to thank Leafy for taking time out of her schedule to bring back her awesome Songs of the Week post as well. Enjoy!


    *Disclaimer: I don’t know much rap music. Also, I realize some songs would appear to “fit” better with other teams (i.e. Summertime Blues for the Blues), but I tried to be more creative than that. - Leafy

    [​IMG] Carolina Hurricanes

    1. jyeti15s O (LW) A 1S 0R $0
    2. Johns l71l AGM(LW) V RA 1S 0R$1,000,000
    3. Lorenzo x 24 (LW) V RA 1S 0R$5,250,000
    4. Pabst 19 (C) V RA 1S 0R$7,000,000
    5. Puggeriino (C) VRA 1S 0R$3,750,000
    6. rG Breezyy (C) VRA 1S 0R$4,500,000
    7. K inG x NeymaR(RW) V RA 2S 1R$500,000
    8. Pabst 12 (RW) VRA 1S 0R$6,500,000
    9. T0xiC N1gHtMaRe(RW) V RA 2S 1R$500,000

    10. Potsy44 GM (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. Makar x 16 (LD) A RA 1S 0R$500,000
    12. Schweenster(LD) V RA 1S 0R$500,000
    13. Chief_Mucker(RD) V RA 3S 2R$500,000
    14. Leif Ender (RD) V RA 1S 0R$500,000
    15. Make Your Luck(RD) V RA 1S 0R$1,250,000

    16. l HEALEY l (G) V 3S 1R$1,000,000
    17. Winston Payne(G) V RA 2S 1R$1,750,000

    Spent: $35,000,000
    Cash: $0

    Carolina has not made the playoffs since Season 21, with many owners trying and failing along the way. This will be JYeti's first go around as a NHL owner but he had some good results as the Charlotte Checker's GM last season. He's taken a mix of good AHL talent coming up and established players for his forward core. The Pabst pair will always do well, and expect the likes of @Lorenzo x 24 to surprise many people even with that 5,250,000 dollar contract. Defensively is where they appear to have forgotten to spend any cap space there. Potsy is an okay player, but he's likely one of the worst people that will be on a top pair this season. They must be hoping for the elite duo of Winston and Healey to bail out this team, as both are starting quality and will hopefully keep their teams in it long enough for the offense to pile on goals.

    These Canes are gonna need a little faith to fall back on with their questionable defensive core. Song: Faith to Fall Back on - Hunter Hayes

    Carolina: B, C-, A-

    [​IMG] Columbus Blue Jackets

    1. KermieFinesse (LW) A RA 2S 1R $500,000
    2. Riven2513 (LW) V 2S 0R $2,500,000
    3. OrockOnYoutube GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    4. l S4K l AGM (C) V RA 3S 2R $1,250,000
    5. Knight x 26 (C) A RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    6. NHL JL 13 (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    7. Hey GBYD (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    8. UZI l93l (RW) A RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    9. Vachon x 19 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000

    10. Caminator66 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    11. LiLNickaI93 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $7,000,000
    12. TurboYuri (LD) V 2S 0R $6,750,000
    13. Vattyyy O (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    14. KLAK (RD) V 3S 1R $500,000
    15. Poooch (RD) V RA 1S 0R $6,000,000

    16. Ariasaki (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. UT75035 (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $34,750,000
    Cash: $250,000

    Columbus has been in need of a revival since the departure of Wags, and Vatty has likely put together his best team on paper yet. Granted that isn't saying a whole lot, but he's at least making the proper changes and not repeating the same things that have led to bad teams in the past. The top forward line is looking to be Riven/Knight/Uzi which to me is a good 2nd line. They may be lacking the top forwards but they do have decent depth with a third line of NHL JL, Kermie, and GBYD which won't stand out but also doesn't have any major holes. Defensively however they are stacked. LilNickai, Yuri, Pooch, and Klak round out an excellent top 4. Caminator and Vatty will be a question mark though, as both has struggled the past few NHL 18 seasons. In net you have @Ariaski getting the nod after a great AHL season and a interesting backup choice in UT. Will this be the season that Vatty has been hoping for?

    Vatty and his Jackets have high hopes for this season, aiming for a better experience than he’s had with previous teams. Song: High Hopes in Velvet Ropes - The Cab

    Columbus - C+, B+, C+

    [​IMG] New Jersey Devils

    1. I3rissette (LW) V RA 2S 1R $6,250,000
    2. iTsKingJayDee (LW) V 3S 0R $1,500,000
    3. o Crazy Legz o (LW) V RA 1S 0R $3,750,000
    4. S i M o N x 12 (LW) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    5. Skid Markie (LW) V RA 3S 2R $1,000,000
    6. Coach Denham AGM (C) V RA 1S 0R $6,500,000
    7. Gulash l4l O (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    8. HeatFan53 (RW) V 3S 0R $500,000
    9. PieR Talent (RW) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000

    10. ICExCREAMxTRUCK (LD) V RA 2S 1R $7,500,000
    11. XxSgtSketchiexX (LD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    12. SpectreGaming x GM (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    13. l Ristolainen l (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    14. MiNiNooch l3l (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    15. Skoden Stoodis (RD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000

    16. PHJ314 (G) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    17. VVqde (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $35,000,000
    Cash: $0

    Gulash has returned and partnered with Spectre to create a decent New Jersey squad. The forward core is well balanced with the likes of @I3rissette and @o Crazy Legz o being the likely points leaders for the Devils. @Coach Denham will be someone to watch as he was a productive forward several seasons ago, maybe the can turn back the clock for this season. Defensively @ICExCREAMxTRUCK got a hefty payday and probably a bit more than either him or Gulash wanted but it appears they were sticking with him. @MiNiNooch l3l could be one of the best d men under 1 million this season. In net are two long time veterans in PHJ and VVqde aka Lundqvist.

    Almost forgot about this Gulash guy. Song: Almost Forgot - Against the Current

    New Jersey: B, B, B-

    [​IMG] New York Islanders

    1. Fn Waz (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,250,000
    2. Gimme a Brewski (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. Kempe x I9I (LW) DP RA 2S 1R $1,250,000
    4. a1xFREAKx13 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. MasterAmerica GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    6. Bossy_22_ (C) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    7. Ezreal (RW) V RA 1S 0R $2,750,000
    8. FlowMaster Joe (RW) V RA 1S 0R $5,250,000
    9. silentsoljacuz4 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    10. BIG HARLEY x 44 (LD) DP RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    11. ItsWatkins (LD) A RA 3S 2R $2,000,000
    12. LordStanleyO4O (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    13. Buck McDowell (RD) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    14. Its a Full Send (RD) V RA 1S 0R $4,750,000
    15. lx Miller xl (RD) V RA 3S 2R $3,000,000

    16. Bcrippsx31 (G) V RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    17. Herringthefish (G) V RA 2S 1R $750,000

    Spent: $34,250,000
    Cash: $750,000

    The Islanders are looking like a middle-of-the-road team with their current lineup. They have good players throughout with a top line of Waz/America/Flowmaster looking pretty decent. @Kempe x I91I was a 70 point scorer in the WHL last season and he'll be lined up with some vets no matter where they place him. Defensively @lx Miller xl gets a great contract signed for the long term and should be a great top 4 player for them. The question will be their left side as @ItsWatkins may be their top pair guy which I don't think is what they were aiming for before bidding. In net BCripps always plays at an elite level on good teams and Herring is a great backup choice after getting pummeled for a season in Columbus and holding his own there.

    The Isles may have all the pieces, but we’ll see if they’ll be able to hang with the top Metro teams. Song: Can We Hang On? - Cold War Kids

    Islanders - B, B-, B+

    [​IMG] New York Rangers

    1. Im4thLineWorthy O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Shockz GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    3. y Snowy (LW) A RA 2S 1R $500,000
    4. Arctic Blur (C) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    5. IlFox (C) V 2S 0R $500,000
    6. Scumbag Jared (C) V 2S 0R $5,000,000
    7. CT 66 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $6,000,000
    8. Stoner x 95 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    9. xI STR8iNK Ix (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000

    10. DudeItsDevin91 (LD) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    11. ItsCOC (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. Optehic (LD) V 3S 1R $6,250,000
    13. Lingross x 88 AGM (RD) V 3S 1R $4,000,000
    14. Banak (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    15. BubbleKushZ (RD) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    16. GroceryStickl5l (RD) V 2S 0R $750,000

    17. BizyBounce (G) V RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    18. Crisper 19 (G) DP RA 2S 1R $500,000

    Spent: $34,500,000
    Cash: $500,000

    After a Stanley Cup 4thLine doesn't appear to be letting up. They may have one of the best forward cores in the league with terrifying depth and talent. Keep an eye out for @Arctic Blur and @y Snowy, two players who have had huge success in lower leagues and should transition very well to the NHL. Not to mention the CT and Shockz combo is together again. At defense they made a move for Optic who has chemistry with Shockz and CT. Lingross is also a stud who performed very well for Winnipeg in the playoffs last season. The question will be their depth which currently appears to be pretty decent but they must trade or waive one of them before Sunday. @BizyBounce will likely have another elite season with his prior team and made the right move signing a two season deal.

    I don’t know if 4th really cares what we have to say, he’s just out here enjoying the cup next to his name in the chatbox. Song: On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons

    Rangers - A, B+, B+

    [​IMG] Philadelphia Flyers

    1. Dxwny (LW) V RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    2. joshfearless13 (LW) A RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    3. vBack in Blackv (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    4. DeeSa Ali O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. SJUSoccer9 GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    6. HTH94 (C) V 2S 0R $3,250,000
    7. BDBeastx19 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    8. Cheez Whizzzzz (RW) V 3S 1R $3,250,000
    9. kcut (RW) V RA 1S 0R $2,750,000

    10. GETHESEHANDS (LD) V RA 2S 1R $5,250,000
    11. IMSLlMSHADY (LD) V 2S 0R $2,500,000
    12. Nuge (LD) V 2S 0R $8,500,000
    13. oSmokeol (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    14. Kazpor (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    15. ThatZachGuy (RD) V 2S 0R $500,000

    16. x NoDnArB (G) V 2S 0R $500,000
    17. Zer0 Tension (G) DP RA 2S 1R $1,250,000

    Spent: $33,500,000
    Cash: $2,000,000

    Going from one cup contender to another, Philadelphia is looking like an elite team on paper to start. @Dxwnyat 2 million is the steal of bidding and having a lineup that could show a 3rd line of Back in Black, HTH, and BDBBeast is impressive to say the least. You can't say anything negative about this forward core. Nuge makes a full return to the NHL this season to lead a very good Flyers defense. Carch and Dave did a fantastic job of finding affordable and effective defensemen in the summer season which is well known for a lack of talented defenders being available. Costa, Kazpor, and Zach will all do very well with their respective LD partners. Goaltending is still unknown with a roster spot open, but Brandon may be a questionable choice for the starter role after several average seasons. @Zer0 Tension will be someone to watch, as if he can perform like his brother (RoaringViper) then you got a respectable 1-2 to top off this contender.

    A respectful write-up and song choice for a team full of aids. Wondering if everything could feel this real forever. Song: Everlong - Foo Fighters

    Philadelphia - A, A-, B

    [​IMG] Pittsburgh Penguins

    1. Tb Toxic GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Chislett 19 (LW) V 3S 0R $4,500,000
    3. SamDelisle9 AGM (C) V RA 1S 0R $8,000,000
    4. Flow Sauce Chew (C) V 2S 0R $5,500,000
    5. Gerbe x 42 (C) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    6. stev (C) V 3S 0R $500,000
    7. THEE UNCLE BuCK (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    8. Lord x Finesse (RW) V 2S 0R $2,750,000
    9. xxIArmy0f0neIxx (RW) V 3S 0R $500,000

    10. BigintheBurgh (LD) V RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    11. Chunx (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    12. Hungry Ducks (RD) V 2S 0R $500,000
    13. brandovedo O (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    14. Auggy32 (RD) V RA 2S 1R $3,000,000
    15. Globes (RD) V 3S 1R $500,000

    16. Kingofny1983 (G) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    17. l Scopes x l20l (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $34,250,000
    Cash: $750,000

    It's Brando, you know this will be a playoff team one way or another. The question is whether or not the moves he makes during the season will turn them into the Season 27 Penguins or the Season 29 Penguins. Offensively they have a mixed bag in my opinion. They have a great trio of Tb Toxic, Sam Delisle, and Flow Sauce Chew to lead their top lines and also have Stev with ArmyOfOne coming back to keep their depth lines scoring. The question becomes what will the likes of Gerbe and Buck do? Gerbe has a history with Brando which is why I like the pickup, but their final few spots are big holes that really put them behind the leaders in the division. However the biggest thing that is going to hold the Penguins back will be their weak defense. Auggy and Burgh will be an average top pair in the league, and of course Brando will do just fine as well. Hungry Ducks is an improvement over Risto, but will he and Globes really be enough to compete? Their goaltending situation does look a lot better than their defense though. @Kingofny1983 and Scopes are going to be a great 1-2 punch for a fantastic price.

    As previously stated, we can only assume a Brando team is a playoff team. Probably only a matter of time before he starts wheeling and dealing. Song: Quit Playing Games - Backstreet Boys

    Pittsburgh - B+, B-, B+

    [​IMG] Washington Capitals

    1. Rehanek GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Ghostyy eX (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    3. PaulyChunks (LW) V RA 1S 0R $5,000,000
    4. McLxvinn (C) V RA 2S 1R $8,000,000
    5. realdemonX (C) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    6. o S m i i t t y O (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    7. Jakerbah (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    8. Polska_B0SS_780 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    9. XGeneral420X (RW) V 2S 0R $1,000,000

    10. Jack Bauer tuna (LD) V 3S 1R $1,000,000
    11. Leafy (LD) V RA 1S 0R $3,000,000
    12. Leddy (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    13. RockyRaccoon402 (RD) V 2S 0R $500,000
    14. Stieny (RD) V 2S 0R $500,000
    15. T1 Clamps (RD) V RA 1S 0R $9,250,000

    16. L Oohwayy L (G) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    17. Yantzer_84 (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $33,500,000
    Cash: $1,500,000

    The CAPS were one of the teams pre-bidding that really interested me. Smitty knows his guys and Rehanek is one of the best LWs out there. Although their bidding may not have went exactly how they wanted they still made several great pickups. @McLxvinn is an elite center, a position and role every cup team needs. Ghostyy and Pauly are also two good LWs to help depth scoring. The RWs however are a bit weaker with Polska B0SS being their likely 1st line option for the time being. @T1 Clamps is worth almost any price in LG as long as he's given a decent LD to work with. Those two options are @Jack Bauer tuna and @Leafy, both of which will be well suited to playing with top line talent. @Stieny is a great 2nd pair pickup for 500k as well. @L Oohwayy L is making his LG goaltending debut and for 500k he's worth a shot, meanwhile Yanzter has been long removed from the league but in the NHL 16 days was a reliable starter and is also worth a look.

    Who this song is about is open to interpretation. A lot of young beauties on these CAPS.Song: Young God - Halsey

    Washington - B+, B+, B

    Playoff Predicitions

    1. :team12: New York Rangers
    2. :team4: Phildelphia Flyers
    3. :team14: Washington Capitals
    4. :team78: Pittsburgh Penguins
    5. :team27: New York Islanders
    6. :team7: New Jersey Devils
    7. :team6: Columbus Blue Jackets
    8. :team74: Carolina Hurricanes

    The Rangers and Flyers are really in a group of their own at this point. You should be seeing those two teams compete for the the highest record in not only their division but the conference itself. Washington, Pittsburgh, NYI, and New Jersey all have the potential to mix with each other although I'd take the experience of Bando to maintain a playoff spot again. Columbus improved this offseason but it may still be a longshot for them. Carolina just does not have the defense to make consistent win streaks in my opinion, their goals are going to see a lot of rubber flying at them this summer.


    [​IMG] Boston Bruins

    1. JTavares l91l (LW) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    2. LADYxR3DxBUSH (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. OrangeChickn (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    4. ZacKrell (LW) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    5. Gilbzey (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    6. Potty l92l (C) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    7. Saucin Pucks (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,750,000
    8. Bureee GM (RW) A 1S 0R $0
    9. Duky (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    10. HazeeHype (RW) V RA 1S 0R $6,000,000
    11. Luzhayka (RW) A RA 3S 2R $1,500,000

    12. A Salty Sail0r O (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    13. brandonbramanti (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    14. Pattelite (LD) V RA 1S 0R $3,750,000
    15. Dannyy Briere (RD) V RA 2S 1R $8,750,000
    16. Giroux (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. Really Good Dad (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,500,000

    18. Buhcs AGM (G) V RA 3S 2R $1,750,000
    19. bmasker15 (G) A RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $37,500,000
    Cash: -$2,500,000

    It appears Boston is making a bold move and fielding 11 forwards for the season, however even with that many it's hard to really say they have any first line talent there. @HazeeHype will certainly be their top line guy alongside a cast of depth forwards. It's going to be tough for them when they line up against elite forward lines. Their depth may spare them against weaker teams though. Defensively they look much better with @Dannyy Briere heading the defensive core. @Pattelite got a big pay raise but he is going to be judged every game with that big contract hanging over him. Their bottom pair is likely BrandonBramanti and Giroux which should be a serviceable pairing. @Buchs aka Delosh in net is a good starter for any team and BMasker making the switch over from PSN will be someone to keep an eye on. Not a bad team here @A Salty Sailor.

    Welcome to the show, Sailor. Song: Welcome to the Party - Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump

    Boston - B-, B, B

    [​IMG] Buffalo Sabres

    1. NEMZER GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. AgentSooksta008 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,250,000
    3. At43 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    4. KEAPPS AGM (C) V 2S 0R $5,000,000
    5. x PAPI GONZALEZ (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    6. xKillzone99 (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    7. xNazzy19x (C) V 2S 0R $500,000
    8. Dork x22 (RW) V RA 3S 2R $4,250,000
    9. Hine 2 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $3,250,000

    10. Dalilaama (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    11. General Jobo (LD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    12. Jaw Ache (LD) A 2S 0R $500,000
    13. Trocity V (RD) V 2S 0R $500,000
    14. Wayshee (RD) V RA 2S 1R $3,500,000
    15. xD A L Y (RD) A RA 1S 0R $3,000,000

    16. conV Tipsy (G) A RA 1S 0R $750,000
    17. xCFx l GATOR l (G) V 2S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $32,250,000
    Cash: $2,750,000

    Buffalo was one of the unfortunate good teams in a stacked Atlantic division last season. @NEMZER, Dork, and Keapps will be a really good top pair in the East and you can expect them to rack up the points this summer. To have AgentSooksta and Hine on a 2nd line is also a major plus. And to top it off their depth forwards aren't too bad either. Defensively they are looking a bit worse. @Dalilaama hasn't played a full season since his goaltending days in S19 but he will be noticeable when he is on the ice. Wayshee is also going to do well for his contract as well as General Jobo. Their third pair of Jaw Ache and Trocity are a bit weak, but it's a summer season and they're 500k you can't be expecting a whole lot. In net Tipsy and Gator are both okay, but nothing special there.

    An oldie for this group of, um, “veterans”. Song: Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger

    Buffalo - B+, B, B-

    [​IMG] Detroit Red Wings

    1. D Jay ll (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    2. th4 x w4ll (LW) V RA 3S 2R $1,500,000
    3. cj142 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    4. Primetimme GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. Goostaav (C) V 3S 1R $500,000
    6. SmiTTy x 12 (C) V 2S 0R $500,000
    7. The MainEvent (C) V 2S 0R $3,000,000
    8. The Gr8 Haxby (RW) V 2S 0R $6,250,000
    9. XxNash61xX (RW) V 2S 0R $4,000,000

    10. il REX li AGM (LD) V 3S 0R $500,000
    11. BALLZY15 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $3,250,000
    12. stillalive06 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    13. Bc bud024 (RD) V 2S 0R $500,000
    14. Duggan (RD) V RA 1S 0R $7,500,000
    15. VVaGs82 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000

    16. EgoKiller43 (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    17. JDoolus (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    Spent: $34,000,000
    Cash: $1,000,000

    As a Red Wings fan it's sad to say that the best team the LG Red Wings have had in awhile is a transported Colorado team. From top to bottom they have talent all all the forward positions with chemistry as well. It feels like @XxNash61xX has been part of this forever and bringing on an elite player in @Primetimme for management makes the team even more threatening. Defensively you have great depth with Rex, Ballzy, Wags, and Bc Bud. All could be considered top 4 guys. Top it off with Duggan and you got a impressive summer season d core. @EgoKiller doesn't get talked about much but he's in the top flight of goaltending in LG and JDoolus is another PSN transfer who should fit in well over here.

    Colorado or Detroit, they’ve got same core. Just trying out some fresh jerseys. Song: Same Bitches (ft. G-Eazy & YG) - Post Malone

    Detroit- B+, A-, A-

    [​IMG] Florida Panthers

    1. POOPIE SNOOPY O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. ll SiZZLe ll (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. MeisterEXPLODER (LW) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    4. X Brandon VI GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. Jelly x 35 (C) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    6. sh4rpshooterrr (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,750,000
    7. Breaky (RW) V RA 1S 0R $3,500,000
    8. Kevn x 7 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    9. Lethalsniper007 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    10. BlueLineKing7 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $7,250,000
    11. Josh l96l (LD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    12. THRA5HER5 (LD) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    13. Ballistik ICE (RD) V RA 1S 0R $4,750,000
    14. Dahlin x 8 (RD) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    15. x Lafond (RD) V RA 1S 0R $6,500,000

    16. keatsauce (G) A RA 1S 0R $750,000
    17. King Natzu (G) V 2S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $34,000,000
    Cash: $1,000,000

    The Pooper Snooper has taken his talents to south beach and will be looking to get the Panthers into the playoffs for the second straight season. Offensively there are quite a few unrecognizable names, which is hard to really do at the NHL level. @MeisterEXPLODER is a good pickup at 500k, but that isn't going to be anything more than a depth player. A projected top line of @ll SiZZLe ll, @X Brandon VI, and @Breaky isn't really going to cut it. They threw their cap towards defense and does look a lot better than their forward core, however there are questions of overpaying most of them. @BlueLineKing7 is good, but $7,250,000? You also look at Lafond at 6.5 and Ballistik Ice at 4.75 and you got to wonder if they are going to live up to those contracts. They will do well in a 2nd pairing, but that's a heavy cap investment for those positions. In net @King Natzuis a good pickup for 750k and should be serviceable as a starter.

    I think the song title speaks for itself, but who knows, maybe poopie has an inspired group.
    Song: Summertime Blues - Alan Jackson

    Florida - C, B-, C+

    [​IMG] Montreal Canadiens

    1. Foote (LW) V RA 2S 1R $1,250,000
    2. RaiN l 87 l (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    3. skyre5 GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    4. Ethos Jinx AGM (C) V 2S 0R $5,250,000
    5. Ksw (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    6. Troak 25 (C) V RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    7. SouPerSaiyan O (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    8. l Lanctot l17l (RW) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    9. Tha Party Poopa (RW) V 3S 0R $1,750,000

    10. blaker029 (LD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    11. Luusky (LD) A RA 3S 2R $4,000,000
    12. GONGSH0W (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    13. i BeLeaf x (RD) A RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    14. Luffy Qc (RD) V 2S 0R $4,000,000
    15. trevwings (RD) V RA 1S 0R $3,750,000

    16. Big Wet May (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    17. Tex243 (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000

    Spent: $34,000,000
    Cash: $1,000,000

    After a horrifying season 29 SouperSaiyan will be looking to rebound. Offensively they are lead by @Ethos Kinx and and @Troak 25, both are good PSN transfers and will form a decent top line. Their depth is also there with the likes of Ksw, Foote, and Poopa. Defensively they went in big for @Luusky who after a poor showing last season is going to want to show he's worth that 4 million dollar deal. @Luffy Qc and @trevwingsmake a great 1-2 punch on the right side as well. In net they have one of the best tandems in the East with @Big Wet May and Tex, both of which are starting caliber. Their heavy investment into goaltending will have to pay off for them to clinch a divisional seed.

    The Habs will be looking to improve on last season’s disaster. Song: Begin Again - Taylor Swift

    Montreal - B-, B, A

    [​IMG] Ottawa Senators

    1. Po1andsFinest GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Antonucci x 15 (LW) V RA 2S 1R $2,250,000
    3. Boany (LW) V RA 1S 0R $2,500,000
    4. ScaryJoeyy O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. Axey19 (C) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    6. vish baby (C) V RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    7. donnybrah (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    8. Girgss (RW) V 2S 0R $3,250,000
    9. Iebren (RW) V 2S 0R $6,000,000

    10. Attree x I33I (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    11. Ceeg87 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. Pandaleupagus AGM (RD) V RA 1S 0R $6,250,000
    13. Full_melt707 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    14. JTRx91 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    15. Suter x 20 (RD) V RA 2S 1R $6,500,000

    16. CjC Cobras (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    17. GregxWhite (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $34,500,000
    Cash: $500,000

    Ottawa on paper has one of if not the best forward lineup in the league. Their top line would compete in the invite division, their depth lines would be pieces of several other teams top lines and they all have chemistry with each other. The main forwards to keep an eye on are @ScaryJoeyy for the top line and @Antonucci x 15/@Axey19 for the depth lines. They will be filling the net this season. Defensively they definitely missed out on a few people but found replacements late in bidding. @Pandaleupagus will likely have another Norris caliber season and @Suter x 20 is also an elite player. Past those two they are really going to depend on Ceeg and Attree to step up and improve for them to compete with the likes of Detroit defensively. Another solid 1-2 punch in @GregxWhite and CjC Cboras. Both are coming off of disappointing seasons but you can expect them to really improve with such a solid team in front of them. Cobras went 14-3-0 during his period with the Sharks ran by his current management in Poland and Panda.

    These sens.
    Song: Paradise City - Guns N’ Roses

    Ottawa - A, B+, A-

    [​IMG] Tampa Bay Lightning

    1. MarkyMeatball (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    2. Marshall l68l (LW) A 2S 0R $500,000
    3. x Horts (LW) V RA 2S 1R $1,250,000
    4. Der Panda71 (C) V RA 1S 0R $7,250,000
    5. FtB x Sauce (C) V RA 2S 1R $3,000,000
    6. Josh55777 (C) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    7. T lR lM (C) V RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    8. l Volcom x 28 l O (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    9. Manship x 91 GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    10. KuroiTaiyou (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    11. DUTCHLOVER44 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    12. FUNGUSxAMONGUS (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    13. Leclerc x 8 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    14. Costa l53l (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    15. MagiikStix (RD) RV 2S 0R $500,000
    16. PARKINSON SNIPA (RD) V RA 2S 1R $3,250,000

    17. DirtyJerrz AGM (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    18. shutthegate (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000

    Spent: $33,250,000
    Cash: $1,750,000

    Not much is expected out of a Volcom-ran team but he's made a decent team. Offense is going to be their weakness, as it already sounds like @Der Panda71 is not happy to be in Tampa and also so expensive. He's really all they have in terms of top line players, and most of their talent lies within their centers. Their LWs are especially poor, as they all are average at best. It's going to be tough sledding in the offensive zone with their current lineup. On defense they have a lot of good contracts. @DUTCHLOVER44 is a banana league hero and will do well. Costa, MagiikStix, and Parkinson are all reliable 2nd pair guys on great contracts. But like their forwards they are missing that elite player. In net they do have a great duo in @shutthegate and DirtyJerrz, they will not be a liability for what on some nights may be tough against top lines.


    Song: Let the Flames Begin - Paramore

    Tampa Bay - C+, B, B+

    [​IMG] Toronto Maple Leafs

    1. riorio56 GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. lxl MLGesus lxl (LW) V RA 1S 0R $4,750,000
    3. xTheos l7l (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,750,000
    4. Double_brah (C) V 2S 0R $2,000,000
    5. Gladulov (C) V RA 2S 1R $6,000,000
    6. MxnsteR 95 (C) V RA 1S 0R $5,000,000
    7. Karmuh x 86 O (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    8. Geno x I71I (RW) V RA 1S 0R $3,000,000
    9. slammerama (RW) V RA 2S 1R $750,000

    10. I HDC I AGM (LD) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    11. James HetfieId (LD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. Taeezster 85 (LD) A RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    13. Daigle x 97 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    14. Fiber I21I (RD) A 2S 0R $1,250,000
    15. Fireph03nix46 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    16. JABB3R (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. MNWebby (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $35,000,000
    Cash: $0

    The only French safehaven in the East a more balanced mix this time around. @Gladulov, Riorio, and Karmuh is a great top line. To have Theos, Mxnster 95, and MLGesus as depth players shows how deep they could potentially be. Keep an eye out for @Geno x I71I as the guy had an impressive 15-7 record on a average Edmonton squad last season. Defensively they are really lacking a top line player. Former 1st overall selection @Taeezster 85 hasn't lived up to the CHL hype but may have his opportunity here with a decent partner in Fireph03nix46. After HDC things do look rather thin however. In net the combo of Webby and Jabber should do just fine, but they shouldn't expect them to bail out their weak third pair.

    A bit ironic that the eastern conference home for the French is in Toronto.
    Song: My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

    Toronto - A-, B-, B

    Playoff Predictions

    1. :team20: Ottawa Senators
    2. :team10: Detroit Red Wings
    3. :team1: Toronto Maple Leafs
    4. :team18: Buffalo Sabres
    5. :team5: Montreal Canadiens
    6. :team2: Boston Bruins
    7. :team23: Florida Panthers
    8. :team21: Tampa Bay Lightning

    Like the Metropolitan you can expect Ottawa and Detroit to be leading this division for most of the season. Toronto is in a position superior to the likes of Buffalo and Montreal but are lacking the defense to compete with the top 2. You expect to see at least one wild card from this division with the likes of Florida and Tampa giving out some extra points to their divisional opponents which will help the likes of Buffalo and Montreal to clinch a spot. Boston is the last team I could potentially see making the playoffs but any chance is still a chance.

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