HeadLine LGHL S30 Team Reviews: Western Conference

Detailed look + song for every team before the puck drops tonight!

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    LGHL S30 Team Reviews: Western Conference - Detailed look + song for every team before the puck drops tonight!.


    This may go on record as one of the longest threads and also have the most images/videos from one post (GG Lou). Be sure to thank Leafy for taking time out of her schedule to bring back her awesome Songs of the Week post as well. Enjoy!

    *Disclaimer: I don’t know much rap music. Also, I realize some songs would appear to “fit” better with other teams (i.e. Summertime Blues for the Blues), but I tried to be more creative than that. - Leafy


    [​IMG] Chicago Blackhawks

    1. Sejje 19 O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Koho (LW) V 2S 0R $1,500,000
    3. Kopi (LW) V RA 3S 2R $3,000,000
    4. Krejci l46l (LW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    5. Easy Macaroni (C) V RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    6. Merle (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    7. TVK (C) V RA 1S 0R $3,500,000
    8. STlCK GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    9. King Saffy (RW) V 2S 0R $1,000,000

    10. Cyantologist (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    11. lF0Xl (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    12. Duganator III AGM (RD) V 2S 0R $1,000,000
    13. Bomb2r (RD) V RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    14. Ghetto Nuns (RD) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    15. xRICKOSHAY (RD) V RA 1S 0R $7,500,000

    16. l Vezina l 1 (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. RoaringViper (G) V RA 2S 1R $1,500,000

    Spent: $34,500,000
    Cash: $500,000

    Last season's Presidents Cup winners are under similar management in Sejje and Stick. With that they have a mostly fresh forward core. @Kopi is on a fantastic 3 million dollar deal and will be a great 1-2 punch at LW. @Easy Macaroni hasn't played a forward season since Season 27 and will be an interesting player to watch. Krejci was in the talks for the Calder and will well outperform his 750k contract while being paired with Saffy. Needless to say Chicago is a well rounded team up front. Defensively @lF0Xl and @RICKOSHAY is going to be a fantastic top pair. Their depth is mostly the same from last season with the addition of Ghetto Nuns and Bomb2r, both of which are well suited for the 2nd and 3rd pair. @RoaringViper was one of the best backups statistically last season and will play very well in the starting role.

    A complete roster leaves Chicago looking win more than just the President’s Trophy.

    Song: You Wanted More - Tonic

    Chicago- A-, A, B+

    [​IMG] Colorado Avalanche

    1. Hxndry AGM (LW) V RA 3S 2R $6,250,000
    2. Tenacious RD (LW) V 2S 0R $4,750,000
    3. Givemedings16 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    4. Daddy Kaneee (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    5. mferra32 (C) V RA 2S 1R $1,500,000
    6. Unwxsted GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    7. l Mr Kaner l (RW) A RA 1S 0R $750,000
    8. Rockxt 97 (RW) V 2S 0R $1,500,000

    9. Beta Dreams (LD) A RA 1S 0R $3,000,000
    10. DurkRiot (LD) V RA 1S 0R $7,000,000
    11. Some Pylon (LD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    12. Colonel20 (RD) V 2S 0R $1,250,000
    13. Ragey23 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,750,000
    14. Swibz (RD) V 2S 0R $1,250,000

    15. Big Tony 16 (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    16. I KiLLTarTED I (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $33,750,000
    Cash: $1,250,000

    The cup runner-ups moved out west this season and are looking to go the distance this summer. Their forward core like Chicago's is still similar to their Boston team last season except some big names ghaning places. @Hxndry will be their top line forward after he comes back from vacation along with Dings and Unwxsted, a solid top line for any team. Depth wise you're looking at some talent in @Daddy Kaneee and @mferra32 leading the second and third lines from the center. It is unknown who their 9th forward will be, but whoever they place will likely be the one weak spot in the lineup. Their defense is one of fantastic depth and chemistry. @DurkRiot would be an overpay on many teams but 7m for a Dings line isn't bad considering the chemistry they have. @Colonel20 at 1,250,000 is still one of the better contracts in the league and should show that again this season. In net is @Big Tony 16 's first season in net, the question will be will he adjust from the club gameplay to LG. He likely can being he's surrounded by people he plays with regularly. Killtarted is a great backup choice, especially for 750k.

    Dings has compiled this team hoping to claim the Cup that was stolen from his grasp last season.

    Song: Right Back At It Again - A Day to Remember

    Colorado- A, A-, B+

    [​IMG] Dallas Stars

    1. Schlemko x 17 O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Berube 18 (LW) V RA 2S 1R $3,000,000
    3. Evets (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    4. Eatchy (C) V RA 1S 0R $4,000,000
    5. ImxMrxSoLoDoLo (C) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    6. Stewkos (C) V RA 3S 2R $5,000,000
    7. Gilleh GM (RW) V 1S 0R $150 USD
    8. J a IMI e S x22 (RW) V 3S 1R $4,000,000
    9. Weldxr (RW) V 2S 0R $500,000

    10. Ay Dindu Nuffin (LD) V RA 2S 1R $6,500,000
    11. Darslow (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    12. uknome88 (LD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    13. Awe 2 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $3,500,000
    14. JaguarJeff13 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    15. xTOMMYxWINGELSx (RD) V 2S 0R $1,000,000

    16. l Thomps l (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    17. Reformed Goalie (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $32,500,000
    Cash: $2,500,000
    Actual Money Spent: $150

    Schlemko is showing us all that with the small investment of $150 you can actually build a team that doesn't want to quit on you in one week! The forward core is a great combination of talent and value. @Weldxr at 500k is a great pickup, @Berube 18 played very well on a poor Carolina team and will earn that 3 million this season. Meanwhile you got stars like Gilleh and Stewkos heading the top line which should compete with their divisional opponents. Also keep an eye out for James this season. Defensively they aren't as impressive. @Ay Dindu Nuffin is a good player and has shown that on good teams he will contribute on both ends if placed on the top pairing. Tommy Wingels is also 1 million well spent. The problem is their depth. JaguarJeff and Darslow should be okay but their bottom pair is looking rather weak. Expect their cap to be spent on upgrading there. Thomps in net is a decent choice and @Reformed Goalie is back after a long hiatus.

    Let’s see if it pays off.

    Song: Can’t Buy Me Love - The Beatles

    Dallas- A-, B, B-

    [​IMG] Minnesota Wild

    1. Sbass19 GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. ArMoRCoR13 (LW) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    3. Xx LoL xX 9 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    4. gundamfreedomx (C) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    5. JJ-Finesse- (C) V RA 1S 0R $7,000,000
    6. mfricha (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    7. Zincyyyy AGM (RW) V 2S 0R $500,000
    8. C0TES (RW) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    9. WolfxI29I (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    10. DDW4 (LD) V 2S 0R $8,000,000
    11. J4YGE (LD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    12. Ky Dotty (LD) V RA 2S 1R $5,000,000
    13. BacKLuND x 22 (RD) V RA 2S 1R $3,000,000
    14. Daga Booo (RD) A RA 2S 1R $1,500,000
    15. l Remiasz l9l (RD) A RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    16. How lts Dunne (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    17. l Murray x 30 l (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    Spent: $32,500,000
    Cash: $2,500,000

    After a disappointing winter Lol and Zincy are back and wanting to get into the playoffs this time around. They definitely loaded their top line with @Sbass19 as a GM and @JJ-Finesse- as another great center that can play wing if needed. Past them however it's the same deal as last season. Beyond @mfricha you're looking at a lot of cheap and rather bland forwards that are going to need to be carried. Defensively they keep @DDW4 as one of the best d men in the league and add two other top 4 players in @Ky Dotty and Backlund. Daga Boo is a good pickup at 1.5 and will fill out that top 4 well. In net Murray is a good starting choice and Dunne should be a decent backup option.

    Seems like the day that LoL learns how to build a team with depth is the day that never comes.

    Song: The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

    Minnesota- B+, B+, B

    [​IMG] Nashville Predators

    1. NINETY ElGHT O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Bushook (LW) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. DailySpitz (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    4. hatemakerr (C) V RA 1S 0R $7,500,000
    5. jared2112 (C) V 2S 0R $500,000
    6. P3k1ng DuK (C) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    7. jackD00P GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    8. justlax10 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $5,750,000
    9. TacTic MaRio (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    10. iTz x Luigi x AGM (LD) V 2S 0R $2,000,000
    11. goonderk (LD) V RA 1S 0R $7,500,000
    12. TKOxHelocentric (LD) V RA 3S 2R $2,000,000
    13. ButtaBorborygmi (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    14. daveydonuts522 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $1,750,000
    15. l T Nicholls l (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,500,000

    16. Dekeeee (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. l Wall x 31 l (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000

    Spent: $34,250,000
    Cash: $750,000

    The Nashville forward core consists of two people, @hatemakerr and @justlax. D00P is okay, but you can't say he's a top line player anymore and that's just fine. Ninety eight and Jared have good chemistry for a depth line, maybe add D00P to that duo. the third line is looking very weak but maybe Ninety eight knows his guys. On defense they really laid out the money for @goonderk, which is a questionable choice for 7.5 million given the players taken at that price range this bidding. Luigi and Nicholls are great new players on affordable contracts and should for a good pairing. Davey on a top pair would be questionable but may just have to be done, he should do okay. TKO and Butta on a 3rd pair is actually pretty decent for a summer season. Dekee and Wall in net isn't anything special, about middle of the road in terms of tandems in the league.

    I look at this team and can’t have much faith in their abilities, but maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

    Song: Prove It All Night - Bruce Springsteen

    Nashville- B-, B+, B-

    [​IMG] St. Louis Blues

    1. OFs (LW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    2. RoWsKi (LW) V 2S 0R $1,750,000
    3. YeLLa iL (LW) DP RA 2S 1R $500,000
    4. mR Hit DaT (C) V RA 3S 2R $8,000,000
    5. Mr SaWse (C) V 2S 0R $1,250,000
    6. OBrien x 8 (C) V RA 3S 2R $2,000,000
    7. Tendy GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    8. Gucci Giveaways (RW) V 3S 1R $500,000
    9. tuclwoB (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    10. I TeMoZ I (LD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    11. NlKx5 (LD) A 2S 0R $1,250,000
    12. Volt x (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    13. Nxgi O (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    14. l Stastny26 l (RD) V RA 1S 0R $4,500,000
    15. Odieeeeee (RD) V RA 1S 0R $9,250,000

    16. crofto40 (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. Tolvanen l11l (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000

    Spent: $35,000,000
    Cash: $0

    This is going to be an intersting team. Tendy and @mR Hit DaT will form a good top pair with an average LW, probably OFs. Rowski and Sawse have been a reliable duo in NHL18, so a good pickup there. OBrien should be a good 2nd pair guy as well but it will be interesting to see how he works with teammates he will likely have to carry. Defensively @Odieeeeee will be excellent with his Compsoure teammate. @NlKx5 showed he's a great player for his price. To have Nxgi on a depth pairing says they got a good setup on the backend. Tolvanen in net is a good choice but has a lot of expectations to live up to after his great run last season. Croft was an average tendy over on PSN and will have a good opportunity with a good defensive team in front of him.

    [3-24-18, 10:30 PM] Nxgi : I think Gilleh is a cocky little fucking 12 year old i met ptp a week ago and fuck Odie

    Song: Riot - Three Days Grace

    St. Louis- B+, B+, B+

    [​IMG] Winnipeg Jets

    1. SCARFACE959 (LW) A RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    2. Soapy412 (LW) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    3. zPxcman (LW) V RA 1S 0R $7,000,000
    4. flyers2844 (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    5. l Sakic l (C) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    6. R0tes (C) A RA 2S 1R $500,000
    7. Schwatz I83I GM (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    8. Meestah Don (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    9. SpIooosh (RW) V RA 1S 0R $6,000,000

    10. lVl e w T w 0 O (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. Landy Byng (LD) V RA 1S 0R $5,500,000
    12. ST33LRAIN0341 (LD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    13. GrizzeIite (RD) V 3S 1R $2,500,000
    14. N i n o 27x (RD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    15. Rishkoi (RD) V RA 1S 0R $3,750,000

    16. drally20 AGM (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000
    17. Endosmoke69 (G) A RA 1S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $34,250,000
    Cash: $750,000

    Mewtwo actually did a decent job for his first go around and a lot of people calling him a likely failure. I immediately notice @R0tes at 500k as a steal, good call giving him a 2 season deal. @zPxcman at 7 million after having known connection issues is a concern, but could be a gamble that pays off. The top line is looking like Pac, Flyers, and SPLOOOSH which isn't too bad but they could be outclassed at the center position. The Soapy/Meestah connection is a good duo to have for a grind line and will do well with a center like Sakic. Defensively they got @Landy Byng for a great price at 5.5 who should do well with Grizzelite slotted next to him. Rishkoi and Mewtwo as a second pair is okay at best but could be better. Can't really say much about the third pair, they don't look like a liability but if there is an issue they have the cap space to upgrade. Rally in net is fantastic, just make sure he doesn't play the puck outside of the crease. Endosmoke is a interesting backup choice, could come back to bite them.

    Seems like Mewtwo is expected to be the first owner to quit during this summer season. Hopefully he’ll wait a bit and give things a chance before doing so.

    Song: Wait - Maroon 5

    Winnipeg- B, B-, B


    1. :team75: Chicago Blackhawks
    2. :team8: Colorado Avalanche
    3. :team3: Saint Louis Blues
    4. :team30: Minnesota Wild
    5. :team9: Dallas Stars
    6. :team391: Winnipeg Jets
    7. :team77: Nashville Predators

    I think the top division really comes down to Hendry being out of town for a few weeks. It could really hurt the their points standings later in the season when it gets close. Chicago will need to capitalize those first few weeks, and with their talent they should be able to. Saint Louis is close behind and could steal the division if given the opportunity. I can't say the same about Minnesota, but they are a likely wild card team. Dallas may also be a wild card team, but I don't see both them and Minnesota in over a Pacific team. Keep an eye out on those head to head games. Winnipeg and Nashville are really out of it in my opinion. They just seem outclassed at all 3 spots on the ice compared to the rest of a stacked Central division. I thought this was supposed to be balanced?


    [​IMG] Anaheim Ducks

    1. Ya Boy Yahtzee AGM (LW) V 3S 1R $4,750,000
    2. Basful (LW) V RA 1S 0R $4,250,000
    3. MrMalice25 (LW) A RA 2S 1R $500,000
    4. CaLL Me Jakoo O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    5. SoY LoS 19 GM (C) V 1S 0R $0
    6. Neaverth (C) V RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    7. DeLong x 22 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $5,000,000
    8. No Regretzkys (RW) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    9. Wadden l32l (RW) V 2S 0R $500,000

    10. ArchambauIt (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    11. Drew x 8 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    12. xXShadillacXx (LD) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    13. Ca Na Da 4L (RD) A 2S 0R $1,000,000
    14. FireGoodellNoww (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    15. Nraimondi44 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $8,000,000

    16. GoldyIsBack (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    17. SteveB9211 (G) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000

    Spent: $34,250,000
    Cash: $750,000

    Anaheim lost some big pieces over the off-season, but they found several excellent replacements. @Soy Los comes back as a manager and become part of one of the best center lineups in the league with Jakoo and Neaverth. Delong and Yathzee also have fantastic chemistry and will work well with either center. @MrMalice25 will be a steal at 500k you can count on that. I haven't even mentioned Basful or Wadden yet, that just shows how deep this team is. On defense Mondi will be a great top pair player with ARchambault. Their depth is a bit weaker past @Drew x 8 though. It is summer season, but it seems like some of the top teams are still assembling pretty good pairings. Where they went short on defense they put out 3 million for goaltending, and they sure got a duo. SteveB is almost always top class and Goldy can be just as good on most nights. Expect them to win a few games for the Ducks.

    These Ducks are looking good. This song has nothing to do with anything but it’s in Spanish @Los.

    Song: Bailando - Enrique Iglesias

    Anaheim- A, B, A

    [​IMG] Arizona Coyotes

    1. Lehkonen x 62 O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Williams x12x (LW) V 3S 1R $1,000,000
    3. xxDups77xx (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,000,000
    4. Keith x l 2 l (C) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    5. lVlaT (C) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    6. AAli x 21 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $4,250,000
    7. dirtracer91a (RW) V 2S 0R $500,000
    8. gunass0910 (RW) V 2S 0R $2,250,000
    9. v Bonillax (RW) V RA 1S 0R $4,250,000

    10. jewbawkka AGM (LD) V 3S 1R $1,000,000
    11. mayweddaa (LD) V RA 1S 0R $7,250,000
    12. ScootsMaGoots91 (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    13. x Neal x 18 x GM (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    14. Azkika (RD) V 2S 0R $1,500,000
    15. ZuKe Zuchegno (RD) V 2S 0R $2,000,000

    16. Huddy (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    17. LEG3NDz R41Nz (G) V RA 2S 1R $1,250,000

    Spent: $33,500,000
    Cash: $1,500,000

    After a disappointing season in Tampa Lehkonen is looking to make a return to the playoffs with new managers around him. The forward core is going to be led by @xxDups77xx, who is worth every penny of his 6 million dollar contract. A combination of Dups/Aali/Gunass or Bonillax will be a great top line to work with. @dirtracer91a always seems to always be cheap for how much he can bring to a team, he would play very well in their depth lines. Their defense looks stacked with Grap, Azkika, Jewbakka, Zuke being a top 4. Neal on a bottom pair is scary, he's well deserving of a top 4 spot as well. Rainz and Huddy is also a duo that should be good enough for the defense that is in front of them.

    Any team with Williams on it is simply destined to not win the Cup.

    Song: Highway to Hell - AC/DC

    Arizona- B, A-, B-

    [​IMG] Calgary Flames

    1. Karma I2I (LW) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    2. TheGreatMP7 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $7,500,000
    3. xl HoodStaR lx (LW) V 3S 1R $500,000
    4. gregy99 (C) V RA 1S 0R $5,500,000
    5. lNylander x 29l (C) V 2S 0R $6,000,000
    6. m1st3r ped (C) V RA 2S 1R $750,000
    7. TacticalSwim (C) V RA 1S 0R $2,500,000
    8. xDubz 17 AGM (RW) V RA 3S 2R $1,000,000
    9. Mxtayer (RW) V 2S 0R $750,000

    10. Jer Dubz O (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. T03TaFarm3 (LD) A RA 1S 0R $750,000
    12. xJLucas (LD) A 2S 0R $3,500,000
    13. Yung Gren GM (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    14. BEAUPRE o (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    15. Bourque x13 (RD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000

    16. lx JoneZ xl (G) V RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    17. x Frenchy 25 x (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000

    Spent: $33,750,000
    Cash: $1,250,000

    After a heartbreaking game 7 loss last season to San Jose Jer Dubz is throwing out all this stops for this one. @TheGreatMP7 is an elite player and paired with Gregy or Nylander will be an elite duo. Their top line RW is let to be determined but it could really fill out that top line nicely. @Mxtayer is an excellent choice for a depth line and also extremely cheap. @M1ster ped finally gets the cheap contract for once and is on the right team for it. He'll do great on their third line. Dubz, Gren, Lucas is a great 3 to start a defense with. Beaupre is a great support player to any of them as well. The question is about their two amateur players who will need to step up to really put this team over the top. Jonez and Frenchy is arguably the best duo in the league, they'll be scary to face every night.

    A game 7 loss in the 2nd round isn’t good enough for Jer Dubz and his fellow frenchmen.

    Song: Something Better - Audien, Lady Antebellum

    Calgary - A, B+, A

    [​IMG] Edmonton Oilers

    1. KushNastyy (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,500,000
    2. MiDi x 39 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,250,000
    3. PIZZA ROMO (LW) V 2S 0R $500,000
    4. Capitalize x94 (C) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    5. Regs84 (C) A 2S 0R $500,000
    6. APX x 93 O (RW) V 1S 0R $0
    7. I shaun l (RW) A 2S 0R $2,000,000
    8. Kronwall x l55l (RW) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    9. Position banc (RW) V RA 2S 1R $1,250,000

    10. Dumba x 55 GM (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. APsychicTaco (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,500,000
    12. Gros Tabarnack (LD) V RA 1S 0R $3,250,000
    13. Dieu Charlo (RD) V RA 3S 2R $2,500,000
    14. Dualtz (RD) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    15. Gary Garoo (RD) V 3S 0R $2,500,000

    16. thekiller15000 (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000
    17. x-Skinner-_53_- (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,250,000

    Spent: $33,250,000
    Cash: $1,750,000

    Not going to talk about the team i'm on a whole lot. It's a good portion of the Florida team that shocked a lot of people and made the playoffs last season with a revolving door of a first line. Combined with good depth and goaltending it's a solid team, well done APX and Dumba!

    Taco didn’t write a whole lot, but I have a feeling this team will do some damage.

    Song: More Than a Feeling - Boston

    Edmonton- B+, B, B+

    [​IMG] Los Angeles Kings

    1. iGurple (LW) V RA 2S 1R $1,250,000
    2. KMcMullen12 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. BigJayAyotte AGM (C) V RA 3S 2R $6,500,000
    4. BLicK12 (C) V RA 2S 1R $3,250,000
    5. MarcoGoes5H0LE (C) V RA 1S 0R $8,000,000
    6. OK Crusty (C) V RA 2S 1R $500,000
    7. Hey GBYD (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    8. JBrodiee (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    9. x Chyzz (RW) V RA 2S 1R $6,500,000

    10. Curi0sity GM (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. DONNYWOOD (LD) V 2S 0R $1,000,000
    12. PuckinNutz (LD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    13. Redmile89 O (RD) V 1S 0R $0
    14. Amiot x 04 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    15. Lazy Pedestrian (RD) V 2S 0R $750,000

    16. IX 212 XI (G) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. Th3 l AnD 0n1y (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000

    Spent: $34,250,000
    Cash: $750,000

    Redmile and Curiosity have been around for awhile, they have been a part of and know how to make good teams. They did sink a whole lot of cap into @MarcoGoes5H0LE, who is a fantastic player but going to have to really step up to make that cap hit count. Chyzz will be a great partner for him to work with but on the left side they will likely move Blick which honestly is more suited for depth line duties. He is on a solid contract though. Speaking of solid contracts, @OK Crusty is a great choice for a 500k bid. Defensively you have curiosity and Redmile as the likely top 2 however their lack of depth may cause them to split. Aimot can handle himself but you don't have much past him. Lazy Pedestrian has been struggling for awhile now and Donny was rather average last season. And it doesn't get much better looking at PuckinNutz. Connor really fell off a cliff last season but I feel like he'll rebound this summer. Can't really say the same for 212 though.

    BigJayAyotte in 2018.

    Song: Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

    Los Angeles - B, B-, B

    [​IMG] San Jose Sharks

    1. l 17 l GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Billsmafia1186 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    3. SchroyDaddy (LW) V RA 3S 2R $2,500,000
    4. SweeT 9 LoU 84 AGM (C) V RA 1S 0R $7,250,000
    5. BlG STlCK NlCK (C) V RA 1S 0R $2,750,000
    6. CrazzyCanuck (C) V RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    7. shmurds (RW) V 3S 1R $3,750,000
    8. WelcomeToTheWeb (RW) V RA 1S 0R $750,000
    9. xDemon12x (RW) V RA 1S 0R $500,000

    10. Gwan O (LD) V 1S 0R $0
    11. Tom 0 (LD) V 3S 1R $4,500,000
    12. VK LethaLMyke (LD) V 3S 1R $1,000,000
    13. Larsbone x605 (RD) V RA 1S 0R $500,000
    14. Proud Gay Dad (RD) V 2S 0R $3,000,000
    15. SNipeSHow Inc (RD) V 2S 0R $4,000,000

    16. Jewest One (G) V 2S 0R $500,000
    17. Viktomize (G) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    Spent: $34,500,000
    Cash: $500,000

    This is a forward lineup with a lot of chemistry, talent, and good contracts. Shmurds is still on his ridiculous 3.75 million, Canuck on a cheap 2.0, and newly added SchroyDaddy on a fantastic 2.5 for 3 seasons. The only question is if their 500k choices in Billsmafia and Demon are really going to do all that well, they could really hold this team back on a few games. Defensively it's probably the best top 4 in the west with Gwan, Tom, Jake, and Snipe. Lars and VK on a third pair is also fantastic. Viktomize is finally back in net and should do well. @Jewest One glad you had a safe deployment and welcome back, enjoy your season as well you deserve a good run.

    With Scumbag Lou on the squad, who knows if they’ll actually win anything. They’ll definitely have some fun though.

    Song: Hate Bein’ Sober - Chief Keef

    San Jose- B+, A, A

    [​IMG] Vancouver Canucks

    1. JuniorHawk16 GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Cirelli x 71 (LW) V RA 1S 0R $5,250,000
    3. KSPx11 (LW) V RA 3S 2R $500,000
    4. SpenceDangles (LW) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    5. deathstwr99 O (C) V 1S 0R $0
    6. Averageboy (C) V RA 3S 2R $500,000
    7. Five 5 Hole 0 (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,750,000
    8. Go Bar South23 (C) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    9. l1l Sharp l0l (RW) V RA 1S 0R $3,250,000

    10. l FreeStyle 7 l (LD) V RA 1S 0R $6,250,000
    11. M 1 N D T R i P (LD) A RA 1S 0R $3,000,000
    12. ob r a d l eyy (LD) A RA 1S 0R $750,000
    13. Gunwoat (RD) V 2S 0R $3,750,000
    14. JOSKY84 (RD) DP RA 2S 1R $2,000,000
    15. kjm007 (RD) A 2S 0R $1,250,000

    16. I BigDMcGee I (G) A RA 2S 1R $1,000,000
    17. Z3R0CR45H (G) V RA 1S 0R $750,000

    Spent: $33,500,000
    Cash: $1,500,000

    There aren't a lot of expectations for this Nucks squad. It'll be lead on offense by a mass of 2nd line players. I can't list a real top line on this team which could really burn them against any good defense they run up against. @SpenceDangles is a nice pickup for 1.5 though. Not much else to say about the forwards. However on defense Freestyle has come back and they desperately needed that. They are going to rely on him to play alongside Gunwoat who is more of a support player on offense which should allow him to open up and help the scoring that Vancouver will need. Past them there's not a whole lot to say. BigDMcGee is easily the best gamertag in the league, that's a plus. Not to mention he's not bad in net. Zerocrash is also reliable in a starting role if needed.


    Song: 1-800-273-8255 - Logic, Alessia Cara, Khalid

    Vancouver- C+, B-, B-

    [​IMG] Vegas Golden Knights

    1. K1eetus O (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    2. Woahmack GM (LW) V 1S 0R $0
    3. rickchel (LW) V RA 1S 0R $6,000,000
    4. Daddy Padre (C) V RA 1S 0R $5,250,000
    5. McPluggles (C) V RA 1S 0R $1,500,000
    6. boonsop (RW) V RA 3S 2R $1,500,000
    7. ChrisBeezer (RW) V RA 3S 2R $1,500,000
    8. johnwaynee90 (RW) A RA 1S 0R $2,000,000
    9. SurpriseMe22 (RW) V RA 1S 0R $1,000,000

    10. BeautifulWiener (LD) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    11. JEEEEEEBS (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    12. Pure Pone (LD) V RA 1S 0R $2,250,000
    13. StealthyAdopted AGM (RD) A RA 2S 1R $500,000
    14. C4NADA (RD) V RA 1S 0R $4,500,000
    15. Landect5 (RD) A RA 1S 0R $2,750,000

    16. DenyingSnipers0 (G) A RA 1S 0R $500,000
    17. moosapotamus33 (G) V 2S 0R $500,000

    Spent: $32,500,000
    Cash: $2,500,000

    This is the best versus team ever assembled in LG. But how will they do against human defensemen? I immediately see a great combo in Boon and Beezer, once one of the best AHL duos out there who haven't had a chance to shine in awhile. Their whole forward core has thumbs, it just comes down to chemistry and dealing with the likely east coast ping one line will have to deal with. Expect @johnwaynee90 to lead a west coast line for Vegas home games. One big issue is where are their top pair defensemen? @C4NADA isn't going to cut it all on his own. Pure Pone isn't bad for a 2nd pair but he'll likely be bumped up. Maybe PSN transfer @Landect5 will surprise a lot of people, they'll need him to for Vegas to have any Cup hopes. Their goaltending is going to be lead by moosapotamus, a guy who quietly had a great season last winter.

    What’s it like playing with real humans?

    Song: Human Nature - Michael Jackson

    Vegas- B+, B-, B


    1. :team29: Calgary Flames
    2. :team15: San Jose Sharks
    3. :team31: Anaheim Ducks
    4. :team11: Edmonton Oilers
    5. :team28: Arizona Coyotes
    6. :team676: Vegas Golden Knights
    7. :team76: Los Angeles Kings
    8. :team17: Vancouver Canucks

    Man, the western conference is stacked once again. You could list 1-6 as likely playoff candidates with how they're set up. Calgary has a small edge in terms of forward depth and will likely edge out more wins with those lines to clinch the division. San Jose and Anaheim are both possible division winners and have the talent to make a run as well. Edmonton, Arizona, and Vegas are all good teams but are a step behind the top 3. Arizona specifically is really lacking in offense and goaltending compared to their peers in the order. Los Angeles is a longshot and Vancouver will have to pull off something big to make a spot.​

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    Thanks for the shoutout and thanks for the phone number. I think I’ll need it
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    Excellent write up Taco, thanks for the compliments regarding the team. Hopefully we can live up to the hype. Quack!
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    Nice write up. Mondi and myself are a pair this season tho.
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