IMPORTANT! LGHL Tournament Info

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    With the 1st ESHL tournament i want to go over some key points

    • Stat Entry is required for all games and all stats are required. Pro Points (or Player Points) get divided by everyone on your team who played a game in the tournament, so if no one has stats, no one gets points. At the time of this post there is no API, so this will have to be done manually.
    • To save you a step, you can fill your teams roster by clicking on the "Fill Signups from Roster". This will save you a step in stat entry if stats are manual. To enter stats do so via ESHL > My LG > input score
    • Games are best of 1, and the bracket will auto-advance. The next round is set to +30min from your last round. This is optional time, if both teams are ready, go ahead and play.
    • Pro Points will be handed out the next day, you will get an alert with how many points you got. Even getting knocked out 1st round will earn points.
    Any thing else, please pm me or post below