LGNCAA - Power Rankings // Semi-Finals Preview

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    Power Rankings

    1) Oregon Ducks -
    Oregon is sitting at #1 in the power rankings with for a reason, they finished the regular season with record of 17-1 and got the 1 seed heading into play-offs. In the 2nd round of playoffs they matched up vs Kansas State, where they proved to be dominate on every end even though they has a slow 1st quarter. They ended up picking up the win by 60 points with a final score of 101-41. R2 Key Players: Its Froggy - 40pts shooting 83% | Thefives555 - 16pts, 8rebs, 5asts, 5stls, 2blks | SpotJr25 - 10pts, 23rebs, 10asts, 2stls , 2blks

    2) Duke Blue Devils - Duke finished the regular season in 2nd with a record of 16-2, as they finished right behind Oregon and got the 2 seed. In the 2nd round of playoffs they played a team no one expected to actually be around for playoffs. Michigan State Spartans did however finish off the season with a few wins showing hope of maybe upsetting someone in the playoffs. But Duke ended up prevailing with a final score of 88-48. R2 Key Players: JayyBravoo - 31pts, 6asts shooting 74% | Im Schleep - 11pts, 16rebs, 11asts | Lil Rio Vert - 10pts, 5rebs, 4asts, 7stls

    3) Marquette Golden Eagles - Marquette finished the regular season in 3rd with a 14-4 record, with some early wins costing then a top 2 seed, but they still got the 3 seed and a bye in the 1st round. In the 2nd round Marquette faced Mighigan who early in the season suck a win vs Marquette's second team. But in the end result Marquette pulled a close one of on Michigan winning 64-53 thanks to some nice point differences in the 2nd and 4th quarter. R2 Key Players: JBizzleDaKing - 17pts, 3asts shooting 75% | Clancy2113 - 12pts, 6asts, 2stls shooting 83% | LockDownJesus - 13pts, 3rebs, 5asts

    4) North Carolina Tar Heels - UNC finished the regular season in 5th with a 11-7 record, being right out of the top 4 and getting a 1st round bye. In the 1st round UNC had a forfeit win over the most inactive team in NCAA, they were the underdogs going into the 2nd round. During the 2nd round UNC matched up vs Fairfield who was a dominate team at the start of the season, UNC some how upset the 4th seed in Fairfield in the final second with a 63-57 win. R2 Key Players: Pr1me Dime - 15pts, 8asts | lx Horty xl - 11pts, 11rebs | Giggonomics - 14pts, 6rebs, 4asts

    Semi-Finals Preview

    1) North Carolina Tar Heels |vs| Oregon Ducks
    This matchup is turning out to be a good one. Even those the Ducks took both games on the regular season the Tar Heels are looking to keep the fire lit after pulling out a win over Fairfield. Both teams are known for having a strong defenses, and this 5 game series can turn into lower scoring games for both teams. But at the end of the day I think if the Tar Heels let Oregon get their high powered offense going it could get out of hand quick. Prediction: Oregon Ducks in 4

    2) Marquette Golden Eagles |vs| Duke Blue Devils
    This matchup is going to be a big one. These 2 teams have been at the top of the pack since day one and this matchup is one everyone has been waiting for. Both teams are strong on both ends of the ball and have many key players that can step up in big game situations. With these teams only playing once in the regular season and Duke coming out on top with a two point win I can say that I think these games all will end with close final scores. There's also a big opportunity that the LGNCAA witnesses its first game 5 this season. Prediction: Duke in 5
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    Thanks for the material. Good write up.
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