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    Section I : League Structure

    1.1 ~ Schedule

    1.2 ~~ Management

    1.3 ~~~ Commissioner

    1.4 ~~~~ Board of Governors

    Section II : Rosters and Transactions

    2.1 ~ Roster Size

    2.2 ~~ Transfer Window

    Section III : Pre Game

    3.1 ~ Club Setup

    3.2 ~~~ Lineup Requirement

    3.3 ~~~~ Sending Club Challenge

    Section IV : Game Time

    4.1 ~ Backing Out

    4.2 ~~ Game Play Conduct

    4.3 ~~~ Height Restriction

    4.4 ~~~~ Goalkeeper Interference

    4.5 ~~~~~ Streaming

    4.5 ~~~~~~ Gentleman's Agreement

    Section V : Post Game

    5.1 ~ Stats

    5.2 ~~ Complaints

    5.3 ~~~ Folding a Team

    Section I : League Structure

    The LGPL (LG Premier League) is a FIFA Pro Clubs league in which various teams compete in an open challenge system over a set amount of time. After that set time is complete, a set amount of teams will advance to playoffs to play in the knockout stages of the tournament

    1.1 Schedule

    The LGPL schedule will consist of two games a week on Sunday and Monday at 10:00pm and 10:30pm eastern. Game times are subject to change in the event of special days or events.

    1.2 Management

    Management is determined by the league staff prior to season start. Management consists of at least one owner and a maximum of two assistant managers. Staff reserves the right to deny teams to anyone that has a past history of poor management skills that could be a detriment to the league.

    1.3 Commissioner

    The LGPL Commissioner oversees all day to day duties. The individual will ensure that all managers are performing their duties and assisting and help needed from other staff members or management.

    1.4 Board of Governors

    The BOGs (Board of Governors) are a body of members that collectively work together in decision making for rules and processing any complaints filed.

    Section II : Rosters and Transactions

    2.1 Roster Size

    Prior to the season start, rosters must be at 16 players (including management). Teams are not allowed more than 20 players on a roster.

    2.2 Transfer Window

    Only at the mid point of the season can players leave and join other teams. This date will determined based on the length of the schedule but will try to occur at the mid point. During the transfer window, the challenge window will close to avoid any confusion of players jumping from team to team.

    Players will be able to go to their team via the website and send requests to managers to join teams. The manager will received an alert with the option to accept or decline the transfer request from the player.

    The ONLY time during the season can a player leave a roster is during the Transfer Window.

    Section III : Pre Game

    3.1 Club Setup

    Prior to creating/accepting a challenge, you must have your team set up on FIFA. You are required to use the Team Name that is displayed on the website (or close to).

    3.2 Lineup Requirement

    Each team is required to field at least 8 players on the field including a goalkeeper and an Any. If a team has 11, they’re NOT required to have someone play Any.

    3.3 Sending Club Challenge

    The home team is required to send the friendly to the opposing club at game time. If the opposing team requests additional time, up to 10 minutes may be granted. Any more than 10 minutes may result in delaying the 2nd game of the evening.

    Section IV : Game Time

    4.1 Backing Out

    Teams may only back out prior to the 10 minute mark (In Game Time) if the following occurs:

    • Goalkeeper Disconnects
    • Any Disconnects
    • Team has less than 8

    If it is apparent that a team is attempting to back out, any goals scored will not count.

    4.2 Game Play Conduct

    Any game play that is deemed as illegal by the LGPL staff will result in games being over turned, reschedules, and possible removal from the league. Including the mentions below, any act that would ruin the integrity of the league or could be deemed as glitching is not acceptable. Modified pros are also illegal.

    4.3 Height Restriction

    The max height for any field player is 6’3”. Goalkeepers do not have a restriction.

    4.4 Goalkeeper Interference

    Goalkeeper interference may only be awarded in situations where a goalie is holding a position and a player purposely directly causing interference trying to create an opportunity for scoring. If a goalie tries to challenge the ball or ball carrier, all interference calls are off.

    4.5 Streaming

    It is required that each team has one person that streams for each game. This will help ensure any violations during a game can be resolved with sufficient evidence. League staff will check teams playing to ensure that teams are streaming for their games. Streams will also auto link to a game after it's completed and logged on the website. Failure to do so may result in punishment up to league removal for management.

    4.6 Gentleman's Agreement

    We ask that everyone cooperates together and conducts themselves as gentlemen. We are all here for one common goal and that’s run a competitive and entertaining FIFA league. If a rule is broken, work together to resolve it, rather than delay the game and cause more internal issues.

    Section V : Post Game

    5.1 Stats

    It is the responsibility of the team’s management to input stats. Teams have 24 hours to input stats after the game challenge was accepted. If a team does not input those stats, they will not be accepted and that team could face future punishment.

    5.2 Complaints

    All complaints are handled through the Action Center. After an action center request is complete, the BOGs will investigate and come to a decision based on evidence that is provided. If you go directly to a staff member about a ruling, they will never give a final decision on ruling until after the action center request is complete and closed on the website.

    5.3 Folding a Team

    In the event that a team no longer becomes active and make no attempt to compete, the management of that team will be evaluated and subject to removal from the LGPL and a ban. Bans in LG are site wide and will effect competing in other leagues on the website.
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